[EN] Patch Notes - 2023-12-07 - Shop Rotations/Bug Fixes/CCBD QoL Changes!

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    Hey Everyone,

    We're back with a small 1.0 patch for shop rotations, bug fixes, and some QoL changes. See below for more info!


    • Halloween cosmetics have been replaced with Christmas cosmetics for reduced prices in the GP, Token, and Mudosa Shops.
    • Bulma, Gohan, Goku, Gogeta, Vegeta, Videl, and Yamcha chibis have been added to the GP Shop.
    • All CCBD titles now require CC Blessed Azure, and the CCBD F150 capsule gives CC Blessed Azure.
    • All CC F150 Blessed Gems are now sellable for 10 million zeni.
    • The Reklz vendor in West City now sells Silver Boxes and Stat/CCBD/Shield potions for CCBD Yellow Coins + zeni.
    • Silver Boxes now cost 50 tokens instead of 1k in the Token Shop.
    • Added option to trade 50 Event Coins for 150 Silver Boxes on the Event vendor.
    • Changed the default option for CCBD to challenge instead of exit.
    • Reduced mail cooldown to 15 seconds.
    • Reduced level requirement for sending mail and using the auction house to level 5.
    • Rarity of CCBD Materials changed to Rare.
    • Rarity of Dragon Balls changed to Legendary.


    • Fixed a bug causing the anticheat to incorrectly flag flying players.
    • Fixed a bug causing the anticheat to incorrectly use base movespeed during stat calculations.
    • Fixed a bug causing teleporting in Classic CCBD to disconnect players.
    • Fixed a bug causing disconnecting in Classic CCBD to sometimes fail the dungeon.
    • Fixed a bug causing the CCBD reconnect system to work on players who don't disconnect.
    • Fixed a bug causing CCBD to deliver rewards to players who don't select rewards.

    We hope you enjoy this quick little patch! Up next is more work on 2.0, Christmas, and a few more bug fixes/QoL changes. Thank you so much for playing and supporting us!

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