[EN] Patch Notes - 2024-05-06 - Summer Adventure Pass/Summer Event!

  • Hey Everyone,

    Another month has passed, and we're here with a new patch! There's nothing groundbreaking going on. Just the Summer event, some new cosmetics, and a new Summer Adventure Pass! See below for details.

    Summer Adventure Pass (1k Global Points)

    1Advanced Adventure, Z20 x4
    10Potion Set, Wagu Coin, Event Coin, HETAP x5, Pet Food, 200% XP x3, Aloha Capsule
    20Wagu Coin, Event Coin, z24 x4, Neon Fuel, Swimsuit Capsule, Chili Dog x5
    30Potion Set, Wagu Coin, Event Coin, Pet Food, 200% XP x3, Roshi Swimsuit Capsule, Borgor x5
    40Wagu Coin, Event Coin, z28 x4, Krypton Fuel, Swimming Outfit, Muscle Beach Outfit, Beachwatch Outfit, HETAP x10
    50Wagu Coin, Event Coin, Pet Food, Go Surfboard, Cell Surfboard, Chili Dog x10
    60Potion Set, Wagu Coin x5, Event Coin x5, z32 x4, Xenon Fuel, 200% XP x3, Majin Surfboard, Frieza Force Surfboard, Goggles, Lifesaver, Straw Hat Navigator Outfit, Straw Hat Backpack
    70Hyperbolic Stopwatch, Wagu Coin x10, Event Coin x10, Pet Food, Snorkel, CC Surfboard, RP Surfboard, Beachwatch Buoy, Straw Hat Pirate Outfit, Straw Hat

    Shop Rotations

    • Postboy Outfit/Hat, Bulma Beach Outfit/Hat, Bulma Orange Vest Outfit, Goku Driving Outfit, Chocolate Donut/Sprinked Donut Backpacks, and Summer Adventure Pass have been added to the GP Shop.
    • All previous Summer cosmetics have been discounted in the GP Shop and added to WP, Token, and Mudosa Shops.
    • Chocolate Donut and Sprinkled Donut backpacks have been added to the Fuuba vendor in Korin Village.

    Summer Event

    The Summer Event is back! Fight off the Beach Balls and hunt for Beach Coolers for great food and drinks. Trade the spoils to Fuuba in Korin Village for Summer cosmetics!

    • Advanced Adventure now works at any level, but only gives title points to level 70 characters.
    • Removed the ability for players to have multiple Adventure Passes in inventory at once.
    • Removed the ability for players to trade Adventure Passes.
    • Fixed a bug allowing players to trade Adventure Passes purchased in Token, WP, and Mudosa shops.
    • Fixed a bug allowing players to put Adventure Passes in account shared bank slots.
    • Fixed a bug causing Advanced Adventure to give title points to players under level 70.
    • Fixed a bug preventing effects from displaying on Eagle and CC Jet helmets.
    • Fixed a bug causing the launcher to display all network traffic, instead of only launcher traffic.
    • Fixed a bug causing the launcher to crash when closing the settings menu.
    • Fixed a bug preventing arc/fan targeting from correctly calculating targets.
    • Fixed a bug causing mob autoattacks to interrupt skill casting animations.

    Work on the new client is progressing slowly, but now that we're past the Adventure Passes and most of those bugs, we should be able to progress more quickly with it. The dev team has had a lot of IRL work come up, but we're through with most of it now and the rest of the summer looks better for new client development than the winter/spring did. We'll continue to work hard to support the game and bring you more bug fixes, and better updates. Stay tuned for more summer content over the next couple of months, and as always, thank you so much for playing and supporting us. Have fun, and we'll see you in game!

  • I told you that Verdant had killed the game and no one wanted to see it, just look at it now

    Not sure what you're talking about buddy, the game is fine.


    We're working on it!

    How long was the summer event supposed to last? There's no dates to show how long it's supposed to run.

    One week. We may run it again next month though, we're going all in on summer this year.

  • One week. We may run it again next month though, we're going all in on summer this year.

    Thanks kindly.

    Looks like my GF and I joined the server on the tail end of the event, unfortunate. I wouldn't mind seeing it run again, now that I'm a bit further along and can take better advantage of it.

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