• Age 749 is the 2nd Time Leap Quest, if I'm not mistaken, featuring the Ox King and Kid Chi-Chi at Mt. Frypan, and it teaches you the Guard skill.

    After you get ambushed by Ox King, and defeat him, he'll send you to look for Chi-Chi. There's a path to the south that leads into a rocky, tropical area, loaded with aggressive Footsaurs. You'll need to fight your way through those until you find Chi-Chi in an open plain, where she's unconscious and about to become a Pulnasaurs's lunch.

    Defeat the Pulnasaur, and several more than show up shortly thereafter, and Chi-Chi will wake up. She'll attack you, but after defeating her some dialogue shenanigans ensue and she's taken home by Goku.

    Return to Ox King and he'll teach you the Guard skill. Once he teaches you, hold R to activate the skill and Ox King will talk to you again. After a little bit of final dialogue, the quest will be complete and you can leave via the rift you entered by.

    At what point does the quest fail?

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