Issues with quest "Noise of Truth" (NPC Habitat, Lv22)

  • Problem: Quest unexpectedly fails if you're flying towards the target location and reach its vicinity. Removing the quest and reobtaining it from the NPC doesn't reset the quest flags properly, causing it to fail immediately upon being re-taken until you relog.
    Expected Behavior: Quest should complete as you near the entrance to Ultimate Dungeon 1: Underground RP Base.

    Reproduction Steps:

    1. Obtain quest from NPC "Habitat" in Korin Forest at Cashew Watchtower
    2. Begin flying (NOTE: You must be flying, and remain flying up until step 4, vehicles and walking don't cause this bug)
    3. Approach the map marker marked "UD1" on the map in Korin Forest, just southeast of the Dragon Ball shrine
    4. Quest unexpectedly fails
    5. Return to NPC Habitat
    6. Take the quest again
    7. Quest immediately fails
    8. Steps 5-7 will occur indefinitely any time you attempt to take the quest
    9. Relog
    10. NPC Habitat no longer offers the quest, and it's back in your quest log

    Workaround: Do not fly while doing this quest. Approach the UD1 map marker on foot. If the quest fails, return to Habitat and relog, then attempt it again.

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