Issues with Quest "Set Reptile Tranquilizer" (Lv19, Ba Leixin)

  • NPC: Ba Leixin, Porunga Rocks North, Dragon Nose (Approx. Coordinates X: 4675, Y: -57, Z: 1859)

    Issue: Upon interacting with the Food Box, the Food Box displays the icon that NPCs use when you have a completed quest to turn in. However, since the Food Box is not an NPC and is still an interactable object, you cannot turn in the quest or start the next quest.

    Expected/Intended Behavior: The Food Box should despawn, being replaced by an identical-looking "NPC" version of the Food Box which you can use to turn in the quest and take the next one in the series.

    Reproduction Steps:

    1. Go to Ba Leixin and accept the quest
    2. Go to the Food Box at approximate coordinates X: 4473 Y: -83 Z: -1576
    3. Interact with the Food Box
    4. The Food Box will display the smiling orange circle icon that an NPC with a completed quest shows.
    5. Attempt to turn in the quest at the Food Box
    6. You cannot do anything except fail to interact with the Food Box, as it's still an interactable object and not an NPC

    Notes: Forfeiting the quest and re-taking it does nothing to solve this issue.

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