Hallo everyone!

  • I recently wanted to try Dragon Ball Online, a game I dreamed to play since the first time I, as a teenager, saw one of the first trailer of the game but never ever did. Long story short I made an account on this game some years ago and then dropped almost immediately without trying the game aside from testing the creation part.

    The principal reason I joined this place and wanted to introduce is because I want to know if I can and how I can change my username of choice (and if it makes sense to do it). At first I thought about asking in the help section but not sure if that was a good reason to open a thread for, so I thought about maybe opening a ticket but then asking myself if that wasn't too selfish from my part just to ask for a change of username... So here I am now!

    What was the best course of action in the end?

    P.S: I'm still downloading the game. I'm (almost) sure characters of my creation should have their own name (?). Joking aside, I hope it isn't too much of an issue my willing to change my username (which I could remember).

  • Verdant

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  • Alright, I could just use my email in case I forgot again in the future. Thanks anyway!


    There are items to change character names in the Token, Mudosa, WP, and GP shops though.

    That's good to know, thanks!

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