bad english, and or erroneous coding.

  • I am thankful for all that you have done and are doing so this is not an attack but a post to help, if needed I can help with rewording a lot of the english translations so they arent as rough as well with giving characters there own speech cadence and word usage.

    this is the start of my list of bugs and mostly it seems to be just text coding or misspelling.

    human creation unnecessary break separating the explanation, the break should be used on earth so it looks like

    (the humans live on planet ~break~

    Earth. They are speculated ~break~

    to be Jacks of all trades and ~break~

    fit any role.)

    when creating human spiritualist you should have the break at (use) it would make the sentence flow better

    (Mystics who specialize in ~break~

    spiritual techniques. like ~break~

    Chiaotzu and Tien who ~break~

    use powerful energy attacks.)

    when creating a majin, the errors are the period (skills.) on might majin is breaked from it so it looks like



    under wonder majin have extra letters on resembles (\n)

    I am playing a priest namek dende so these are what i have seen on its side

    conversation 1 & 2 hazim have error codes bringing up (loc_0096) or similar

    i haved 37 other conversations of this but will replay it to verify what quests i got too involved in playing an didnt write all the info

    of course if its not needed just say so.

    i beta'd this with a bought social i didn't have a clue what i was reading but i played it till server closed. so thank you again and any help i can help0 with just shout!

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