Turtle Guide.

  • Thanks for the contribution, it will help me a lot in my journey with my spiritualist

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  • PvE build for 60 cap : https://tools.dboglobal.to/?to…3010012233011333104432300

    PvP build for 60 cap : https://tools.dboglobal.to/?to…0010012233011333104432400

    Hybrid build for 60 cap : https://tools.dboglobal.to/?to…0010012231011333104432100

    You can put the 5 remaining SP on whatever you like

  • You have Spirit Rod on 4 on the PvP build, which isn't possible this cap. Also for PvP and Hybrid, why 3 on Scatter Shot?

  • hypnosis is usefull early on till lvl 42 when you get super kame, after i personaly never used it for anything but trolling,

    why do you still have it for late PvE

    its useless in attack speed parties,maybe for interuption but you can do that with other skills or effects better and faster,

    and turtle hermit is a class that is supposed to deal with the little mobs that are in big groups so why go anything but crit on them,

    you got other dps (karma,fighter,sm) for bosses,and criting a boss for 50k with good items in 2 seconds is i think more damage than autoattacks can pull of in the same time,unless some idiot put anticrit on bosses


    i always used this build,and the damage output was off the charts,pure aoe crit damage build, with spirit ball and rapid shot for the off chance that

    kamehamehas didnt kill a super or ultra mobs to finish them in next few seconds

  • Could somebody explain why the guide states I need to stack CON for PVE? Isn't SOL and FOC better? I'm new, just asking.

    I'll be lvl 50 very soon so I'll be changing all my gear, what stats would you guys recommend to stack for solo leveling?

    Turtles are glass cannons and thus don't have a lot of health to work with. Stacking CON is vital, especially when you're doing dungeons like CC. FOC isn't kinda needed because mobs have low dodge plus you have your own Hit Rate buff. SOL just flat out sucks.


    PvE build - SUPPORT VERSION : https://tools.dboglobal.to/?to…0010012251011333304432530

    ^ Reason : Cell-X dungeon relies on energy attacks, so being able to cut the damage by 20% is very useful for the tank, physical version for bacterian / kraken still applies. Attack speed shackle is useful, because lower attack speed means less attacks from the boss, weaken defense and turtle slow reduces defense, which essentially boosts the overall party damage.

    Weapon recommendation for PvE turtles :

    23+23 MINIMUM attack speed gloves, the better energy damage base you can the better it is.

    28%+ ecrit% gloves and wand, only to make the mobs get out of the way to fight the boss faster. Considering most parties have karma and pokos, you dont need a single ecirtrate or focus anymore, you can just boom boom them.

    Armor recommendation :

    24-28 focus jacket, preferably +8 or higher, for the extra energy damage.

    24-28 con pants..

    24-28 con boots.

    Accessory recommendation :

    Atleast 9+9 props (Increases attack and defense properties) earrings.

    Focus pair rings from CC50 or higher.

    Necklace you can go with successrate or attack% according to your weapons.

    "But why not 26+26?"

    Because the attack speed is capped at 97% for 1100 gloves, 98 for 1160, 99 for 1220, 100 for 1400 (staff).

    SSJ gives you 10%, Poko+Karma buffs give you 40, and the 23+23 already hits you glove enough to 96. I picked 23+23 instead of 23+24, because 23 can be in lv60 weapon, which is considerably cheaper than 24 (lv65 or 70)

    ALSO Male turtles can use turtle book to get extra 10% attack speed, so for males you can save even more money.



    PVP : Build : https://tools.dboglobal.to/?to…0010012253211333304432530

    Weapon recommendation :

    28 or more Focus gloves, preferably +12 or higher to maximize damage.

    30% or more ecrit% wand, preferably +12 or higher.

    Both attributes should be honest or elegant.

    Armor recommendation :

    24 or more Focus jacket, preferably Physical defense from TMQ7, +13 or higher.

    25 or more Con pants, crafted lv60-70 works fine, +11 or higher.

    25 or more con boots, you need two of this, physical and energy, depending on the opponent team setup you can swap them to gain more defense .

    Jacket attribute should be Strange to nullify the prop advantage of fighter over you, as turtle is AAALWAYS the first target of a fighter.

    Accessory recommendation :

    9+ props earring

    20+ cooldown earring

    Depending on your opponents I'd suggest having multiple sets of necklace, having as high confusion duration or bleeding duration is strongly suggested. If you face a team which has SK AND a karma / plasma, you might want to go with anti confusion, as the healer can save you from dying to bleeding, but getting confused is a bigger issue.

    Rings : Also dependant on the opponents you face, having paralysis/fear/confusion duration decreasing rings is very strong recommended.

  • god bless you for this

  • Nice one!

    For pvp tho rather go with "Increase Persited Damage Time" than (/or with) "Spiritual Damage Boost" since it is passive and you rarelly have time in the deciding matches to buff eng damage.

    Other differences in Skill Tree is what one personally preferes (like full rapid shot, spirit ball, increase agility, scatter shot just at 1,...)

    Rings you can also have 2x 13 Focus, 7% wild attack property Rings and your weapons attributes according to that.

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