Searching English Translators

  • Daneos say that he looking for translators who speak Chinese and English, not spanish, germany or other gay language.
    Also other ** talking here about alpha errors and problems come on...
    If you don't speak Chinese and English you don't have voice here and you not helping them for sure with your pretty words.
    Idk why moderators don't see this shit, but they see my *spam* and *offtopic*

    I'm with BadPicollo here! They have enough English speakers! They need Chinease and English speakers.. Don't spam if you guys only speak English.. Everyone speaks English..

    Me fail english? That's unpossible!

  • I can speak/type fluent english, and help correct automatic translators such as google but I can't translate other languages to english by themselves. :D

  • Alright guys, that's enough.

    I'll explain things crystal clear so that people won't have to keep going on in circles about this.

    What we asked for:

    • People to help translate from Chinese to English.

    What we required:

    • People who speak fluent English. They do not need to be or know chinese, as long as they have common sense to be able to re-arrange the translated phrases. However, as we have plenty already, do not count on being brought into the team so soon.

    What would get you more easily in the translation team:

    • People who speak fluent chinese. It is not a requirement, but it will most likely get you in the team much faster, since we already have several translators who do not speak chinese.

    Also, if there's people who we see that are clearly not qualified for the job by not being fluent, we won't take them in and let them damage the game's localization. Don't worry.

    I've gone ahead deleted the recent posts. I didn't give out warnings/points to anyone this time, so let's keep the thread clean and no more flaming from now on. Thank you!

  • Both sides had valid points, since chinese speakers are always appreciated and will help us even more. It's just that it isn't a requirement, that's all.

    Also, since Daneos was asking for applications via PM, I'll be locking this thread for now.

    And again, don't worry. Our translation team is doing a good job and will deliver you a fully translated DBO like we never had before. So let's just let them do their thing and focus on something else. :thumbsup:

  • Hello everyone!

    We're currently focusing on our server development.
    And with the upcoming open beta next few months.
    We are also pushing the client to get translated to English.
    As you all may know, were going to use the Chinese client and that really needs to be translated to English as soon as possible.

    Don't worry about other languages, we have those considered.
    What this means is that, in future, we will also be requiring help from the community to translate our client to several local languages.
    Our priority for now is to translate the client from Simplified Chinese to Full English.

    Send your applications directly to Daneos or post it here.
    The more translators we have, the faster the client going to get translated.