It's time to reveal my true nature.

  • I was born on a planet without a name. Everybody called it "Home". Growing up was not easy as I had to train and test my skills every day. My brothers and sisters weren't easy on me. We had to prepare ourselves. Prepare and be strong. Be strong in order to protect the part of the world that the elders were watching before us.
    After many years, that day came. The day that the Elders bid us farewell and left us with only one order, to keep this part of the world safe from destruction. Our more experienced and strongest of all of us, our eldest brother, seperated us and sent us to the 4 corners of the world. Our mission was to defend it.
    The years were passing by without any big threats to our cause.

    Everyone was living a happy life, until the first true test came along. We had no real experience in battle and nobody was able to match this monster. It was called Majin Buu.
    It wasn't human, it didn't even have a mind of its own. The monster was controlled by a wizard named Bibidi in order to do his bidding. It was the greatest threat this world has ever known. By the order of our eldest brother, we all assembled to defeat him. Unfortunately, only I survived.
    As the sole survivor of our family. I took it upon myself to protect the whole world.

    But the years pass fast don't they? A new threat was lurking in the shadows. But it wasn't "new" at all. Bibidi's son, Babidi, was on Earth and with him, he had an old nightmare, Majin Buu. I rushed there to try and prevent any destruction but I failed. Majin Buu was released from his ball. I was lucky enough to find some survivors of the Saiyan race, who were truly powerful, more powerful that I could ever imagine. They had achieved a power called Super Saiyan, which I only had read in old books that our elders were reading to younglings. With their help and with the help of the Dragon Balls, we were able to defeat Majin Buu and seal this threat forever. Thus closes the chapter of my past.

    Now, I've descended onto the Earth.
    I currently live in Greece and I'm 24 years old. I've played on KR and TW2 servers. My aliases were Vall, Vallor, Ceased and Valled.
    All these years I've been hiding, watching and waiting for the threats to reveal themselves before I struck them down, but now I realised that it's better to let the world know of my existance. It's better for the people of this Earth to know that they have a watcher and a protector. But I won't be doing this myself. I've got people who've been training with me since I came here. The Kaioshins Guild !

  • I shall now disregard Jesus and accept you has the one and only, the mighty savior.



  • What the hell Eskimboio! You are Saiyan right or a human ? Saiyans dont hail anyone XD but Kaioshins have cool hairs, this i must admit.

    I'm in between. :thumbsup: