Super Saiyan Rose Black Goku's Transformation Revealed

    • I think it is a very suitable color for black goku its a very gu gu great color for him
    • but for real black goku probably chose it cause it looks terrifyingly evil
    • well it least we get the super sayian rainbow instead of that weird gt ssj4 thing
    • blue red and pink I cant wait for green oh yea broly

  • With some creativity you can supose that Black is even more evil under Towa control so but no Zamasu will control him
    This old Xenoverse model is complete ( the time ring , the potara...)
    Seems he only needs a glow removal and grey eyes.
    (sadly I cant use him in online Xenoverse because change everything except skills is permited.)

  • Well, rose is the most evil color in Japan.
    Just take a look , see Sakura and the Fairy Tail Guy.

    As you should know Bardock was save from Freezer supernova by Mira
    Years later Miira destroys Namek 2 , year 851

    Surprise Xeno 2 will be set in year 852.

    So black is involved in the history.
    Xeno is a somekind of non canon prequel of DBO.

  • I think its a separate transformation from actual SSJ ascension.Clearly Black is some unnatural bastardization of a saiyan, Goku specifically. I think that Super Saiyan Rose is probably more so a result of whatever Black naturally is combined with Goku's saiyan power.Its probably something that saiyans themselves cant actually attain and isnt comparable to a natural, anger induced, SSJ ascension. I assume that like Goku's body, its a warped and malformed remnant of what would have naturally been.

    it reminds me of the dragonball AF fan character Xicor. in a way you're right but i hope there is more dept in black because he could be much more than he is now. we dont know for sure if he is goku i mean there are a lot saiyans that look like goku.

  • Toyotaro ,the guy who draw the AF concept is now drawing the manga of Super.
    Maybe Black and something else is an inspiration.

    ¿Black is from earth of universe 6? if not then ¿what relevance had another earth?
    ¿Frost should be capable to reach golden form?
    ¿its Hit the son of Towa?
    Bardock could be hostile against his son as does Raditz?( what a beatuful family)
    ¿Nappa in ssj3 has a tree times long beard?

    tooo many questions.

    Perhaps Turles is Bardock´s Brother. (but non canon in official history)

    To see Gokú meet his father it will be a cool event even if his appereance is under evil control.

    thats why I want to do the TMQ in online.

    "Now Dragon Ball is a multicverse as DC is."

    Also. Toyotaro is in charge of Dragon Ball Heroes.

  • It was a good episode ,except for the poor animation in specific moments, and certain moment when you can see the weakness of the gods.
    but those are not the only possible points of discusion. ( In perspective it could be worst or good)

    This episode of super ,people is one of the three best at the moment ( under every condition)

  • So... watched Episode 57.

    I have to admit, I've really not followed it much.

    So my question is... HOW can SSJ Trunks withstand a Kamehameha from someone on par with or slightly more powerful than SSJ Blue Goku?

    That's like stepping on an ant, and yet the ant throws you off, isn't it?

  • The power of Trunks ssj2 was equal to a ssj3.
    then during his training with his father in a ssjb form, he just break the limits.
    A saiyan gains more power if survives. (Black Goku almost kill him ¿remember?)

    I haven't watched any other episode, thus my question.
    Also, I like that they are finally bringing that whole idea back. Because for some reason it was dropped after the Frieza saga.
    However, if they were to apply this, then wouldn't Goku and Vegeta then be further ahead of Black?
    Or has Black just been beaten over and over again, and thus why he's able to achieve this Rose?

    ...Maybe I should just watch the series....

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