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  • All Credits to Nady93
    Translated by Sforza

    The crafting Tutorial

    This is a crafting system to create items with different ingredients.
    Upgrading your crafting lvl is easy, you only need to find the right materials that can be obtained from items.

    To start crafting you will need recipes, They look like this:

    We learn them by right click (Warning: You will need the specific level from the recipe, in order to learn it)

    This recipes can be purchased from the NPC:

    You can find the NPC on this specific locations:


    The numbers from the image, shows the lvl craft that you need to read the recipes from the NPC, so we start in our main city and when you reach lvl 10 of crafting, we need to go to Karin City.

    You can check your level crafting by pressing the "C" letter from your keyboard, then go to the third tab, as the image show:

    1.- Our current lvl
    2.- Our current exp / exp needed for the next lvl

    You will probably asking what experience you recieve for each craft.
    The Amount of exp received, will be decreasing the more level you have, the exp will reset every 5 level you reach, for example:

    Level 1 = 20 exp for each craft
    Level 2 = 15 exp for each craft
    Level 3 = 10 exp for each craft
    Level 4 = 5 exp for each craft

    This is a table with the total of experience that you need for each level:

    Is logic that the more level craft you have, better items you will get by crafting.

    --Now lets move to the crafting--

    Once you have learned the correct recipe, you will need to go to the hoi poi mix machine:

    Or You can open this Hoi Poix Mix Machine, by pressing the WP icon:


    This is the crafting window with the correct explanation:

    1.- List of the recipes learned
    2.- The ingredients that you need to craft
    3.- Here you can enter the number of times that you want to craft
    4.- You can view the item and the possible effects
    5.- Craft Button
    6.- List of the recently crafted items

    Select from the list the recipe, put the correct ingredients, give the number of items to craft, and press the craft button

    As result, we will get a random item from the list (Number 4 on image), The recipes from NPC will give us a 80% chance to get Excellent item, and 20% to get Rare item. with random effects.

    You will also get experience for every craft, but sometimes you will get 0 exp craft.

    How do i get materials for craft?

    You will get materials by breaking items from your inventory (Such as Gloves, Weapons, armor, etc..) , every time you break an item, you will recieve material depending on the level that your item have.

    When you have the items to break, go to this NPC:

    in order to smash items, select the second option, then select the anvil icon, go to your inventory and start to break items.
    WARNING: Be careful to not break any valuable item from your inventory.

    Here is a guide made by RaditzRoom on how breaking the items

    We will get three types of materials: Brown, Yellow and blue.
    21oq7g9.png15zffgj.png9pop5u.png -> No1 -> Level 1 recipes

    280ijao.png2ir5ao8.png9pop5u.png -> No2 -> Level 5 recipes (You can get a small fail, blue ingredient can be No1 instead of 2)

    2k58ig.pngf50x1e.png9pop5u.png -> No3 -> Level 10 recipes

    egeo37.png141saif.png9pop5u.png -> No4 -> Level 15 recipes

    kdjzfc.png14o4n6q.png9pop5u.png -> No5 -> Level 20 recipes

    3agrp.png4tpkyu.png9pop5u.png -> No6 -> Level 25 recipes

    sfjm2r.png99f1vc.png9pop5u.png -> No7 -> Level 30 recipes

    You will gain ingredients by breaking different lvl items, respectively:
    No1 -> 1lvl
    No2 -> 11lvl
    No3 -> 21lvl
    No4 -> 34lvl
    No5 -> 42lvl
    No6 -> 53lvl
    No7 -> 65lvl~70lvl

    (I do not know the exact intervals, I entered the ones that I bought from NPC for crafting lvl Pile)

    For every break we get a blue No1 ~ 7 (depending on item lv) + optional yellow / brown No1 ~ 7

    It's logic that you will have excess of items blue and yellow, so it is possible to convert blue to yellow. To do this, we go to the NPC that we bought the recipe

    (the best in the west city) and buy the first tab egg L10/L20/L30/L40/L50/L60/L70:

    The eggs get a random number of yellow item and rarely brown.
    Small table:

    Price -----------> Drop

    20x No1 -> 1 ~ 3x yellow No. 1/1 ~ 2 bronze No1
    25x No2 -> 2 ~ 3x yellow No2 / 1 ~ 2 bronze No2
    35x No4 -> 3 ~ 4x yellow No4 / 1 ~ 2 bronze No4
    40x No5 -> 3 ~ 5x yellow No5 / 1 ~ 2 bronze No5
    45x No6 -> 4 ~ 5x yellow No6 / 1 ~ 2 bronze No6
    50x No7 -> 4 ~ 6x yellow No7 / 1 ~ 2 bronze No7

    Now you know how to learn recipes, you know where and how to collect items craft, now a few comments at the end. (From Nady93)

    Is it worth it?

    This is a screenshot with everyting that you can craft on 30lvl level crafting, judge it yourself.

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  • Well I craft too but mate, you will lose cash and cash on craft, and time ofc but once in week you will get OP gear and kinda get rich heh.

  • I spent over 300k Zeni on recipes and noticed...I cant level up.

    yeah thats a known bug iirc you have to log out and log back for stuff that increases your crafting lvl to take effect i could be wrong though

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