Hey everyone!

  • Hello, everyone! I'm Sketch. I just signed up on the forums and made myself some DBO characters, but I decided to snoop around here for awhile since unfortunately, the servers are down. My characters are all just variations of my name with a few letters added here or there. I wasn't lucky ebough to know of the original DBO and missed it while it was online, so this is my first experience with the game.

    Anyways, a little about me- I'm a beginner artist that's still in high school, though I am fairly young at the age of sixteen. Heck, maybe I can make a little thread where I can draw up some of your characters if any of you are interested? I love to write as much as I like to draw, although I tend to procrastinate a lot, hence my interest towards video games. I''ve always been a huge fan of Dragonball, though I also enjoy franchises like Steven Universe, Attack on Titan, and anything else that reminds me I have feelings and punches me in the gut.

    I suppose that's enough about me. I look forward to playing this incredible game the staff have put so much into with you all! :thumbsup:

    EDIT: Oh snapples, the servers are back up