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    After the last update I'm no longer able to craft items higher than my character level.

    Let me explain my situation, I first created a spiritualist that is stuck at lv 25 because I no longer wanted to play with that class since I created a ultimate majin(lv 42 now).

    So there I was, happily crafting some gears for my majin on my spiritualist since I had already spent some zeni on his craft(craft lv 14) and now I have to level him up if I don't want to start craft all over on another character, that kinda sucks.

    It's okay, not that much zeni, I know, but I don't see a reason for it, for me it's just a pointless change that will cost me extra zeni, well, maybe someone could explain me the why of this change, anyway, I'd like to leave here the suggestion of changing it back.

    I'd vote for Saturday and Sunday same schedule(4 hours a day split in 2 occasions) and keeping the drop rate(even though it can make me almost give up the hunt sometimes I think it's the right way to go).

    That is, if I had a vote(I couldn't vote on the poll, don't know why).