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    I just come back to this game a few days ago.

    But I found that you removed some important items from token shop.


    This 2 item are very important for kid budokai. (For example, to remove wonder's poison that have 189/2sec huge DOT damage for kid).
    In retail game, we can buy the similar medicines in npc shop (50/70/90% chance), token shop (85% chance) and cash shop (100% chance).

    But now we can't found them in game except for a small amount from low level monster dropped.

    This will cause the game's playability to be greatly reduced.

    Can you put these 2 items back in the shop?

    And I don't want the price to be too expensive.

    According to my experience, it takes about 50~150 pills in a budokai game.

    The old DBOG DB Hunt schedule is actually perfect. All players can choose according to their time zone.

    We don't need so many scramble so I just put 3 in the table. (You can put 6 if you like, but 10 is too much.) Maintain a fixed interval for each scramble to match different time zones.


    I think voting sometimes does not lead to the best decision.

    People always choose what is good for them. They don't care about the game future. The previous DBOG wipe voting is a practical example.

    Some important decisions must be made by yourself. You judge what is good for the game.

    I make the comparison table with some different major global time zones.

    For most players, 20:00~24:00 is the best game time. So I specially mark this time slot in each time zone.

    (note: a full budokai including registration takes about 2.5 hours.)


    There are some problems in the current schedule. Some types of budokai are missing certain time slot.

    Compare the 20~24 o'clock of each time zone:

    There is no kid solo budokai in the Far East and America west coast.(UTC+8, UTC-8)

    There is no kid party budokai in central Europe.(UTC+1)

    There is no adult party budokai in America east coast and Australia.(UTC-5,UTC+10)

    The only good is that every time zones all have at least one adult solo budokai.


    I rearranged a new schedule. I put each type of budokai at 02am, 06am, 10am, 02pm, 06pm, 10pm, and the order is staggered and not repeated. Every kind of same budokai has enough interval time.

    In the new schedule, all players in any time zones around the world will have the opportunity to participate in each kind of budokai between 20:00~24:00.

    This will be better than the current schedule and more convenient for global players.

    The reasons for the alteration seems a little stupid.

    1. 99% scamming occurs because player took the initiative to share their account or gears to others.

    I think players should take risks when they share their account or any item. Sharing account is against game rule.

    If a scammer really wants to steal, he will use unseal coins.

    2. +15 selling problem will be solved when OB begin with wiped.

    If DBOG team decide to bind almost all equipment. This will lead to very a terrible result:

    1. The economic will die.

    We can't sell our equipped gears in market or buy good gear what the other players don't need. According to the theory of economics, the size of the market depends on the flow of goods. No trade means that the economy will collapse.

    2.More P2W

    Acquiring good gears are more difficult to general player. They need to spend real money to get what they want .

    I am not sure unseal coin will be completely removed from cash shop at open beta starting.

    3. Player which has multiple accounts will become useless.

    The multiple accounts problem has been fully discussed before. Here I only put some point.

    If we can't trade our gears to another character. Looking party to a dungeon will become more difficult.

    For example, my party have 5 people and want to go CC dungeon, but we don't have a healer and can't find healer go with us. I have a healer in another account. If I trade some gears to my healer than I can use my healer go with my friend easily.

    Based on game design, we always need some special class (healer, tank, buffer.. ) while doing a dungeon. Bind gear make the convening of the party becomes more difficult.

    4.Players trying to play different class will be difficult because they have to prepare extra equipment.

    Players will only focus on one character. Few players are willing to invest the second class with a lot of resources. This will significantly reduce the fun of the game.

    5. DBOG will lose many players because the above reasons make this game more unplayable. Over 10 of my friends (all old player from DBO-TW) say if it's really happened, they don't want play this game anymore.

    I think DBOG team should be considered more serious about the important change.

    Bind equipment make the game worse.

    In addition, I would prefer to recommend DBOG team DO NOT set bind to gears from TMQ/UD/BID.

    I believe DBOG team want to do better than the original game, not worse.

    I think some data are not correct.

    For every 1 FOC point we will gain 5 hit rate

    For every 1 FOC point we will gain 10 hit rate


    For every 10 DEX point we will gain 1 phy.crit rate

    For every 7 DEX point we will gain 1 phy.crit rate

    For every 10 FOC point we will gain 1 energy.crit rate

    For every 7 FOC point we will gain 1 energy.crit rate


    1 STR = 2 Physical Attack point.

    1 Soul= 2 Energy Attack point.

    (May vary depending on each class / race)

    ex:1 Soul=

    Turtle Hermit->1.4 Energy Attack

    Crane Hermit->1.4 Energy Attack

    Dark Warrior->1.1 Energy Attack

    Poko Priest->1.1 Energy Attack

    Ultimate Majin->1 Energy Attack

    Karma Majin->1.2 Energy Attack

    (not the same as original DBO)


    CON Values

    Shadow Knight->105 95 LP

    Dark Warrior->105 100 LP

    Grand Chef Majin->95 85 LP


    ENG Values

    Crane Hermit->55 50 EP

    I have a question.
    How to decide the winner if both sides are alive when time is up every round?
    This quite often happened in old DBO kid budokai.

    I make some test about Thousand Slashes.

    Now thousand slashes work successfully if target have at least 1 of abdominal/poison/burn DOT.

    IF target have bleeding type DOTs only, thousand slashes don't work.

    In DBO-TW,
    UD only drop blue, green and gray stones.
    TMQ only drop red, purple and black stones.

    ty , when the skills are fixed i'm gonna try that buid for sure. just one (more) question , i understand that spirit wave needs poison damage to proc , so does the thousand slashes also need explosion damage to be procced ?

    Thousand Slashes explosion any kind of Dot(bleeding,burn,abdominal,poison)
    Explosion damage can mix maximum 5 Dot.

    Yes, you need at least LV1 Poison Bleed to trigger Spirit Wave, but I do not recommend you to do that.
    Spirit Wave skill is designed for PVP, and is not so useful.

    This PVE build can do CCBD150F or BID2~4 easily without a speed party :
    The remnant 8 SP can be free to used.
    Crane Cyclone and Solid Bleed have similar damage. You can choose either of them.

    And like @RockyRembo says, most of crane hermit's skills are not 100% working correctly right now.
    If you want to experience a fully DoT DPS class, you should wait Daneos to fix it all.

    This build has a very big problem.
    Spirit Wave need poison to trigger, but you don't have Poison Bleed in your build.
    So you just waste 5 SP !
    Do you really know how does DOT explosion work in original DBO ?