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    that is fine except the part of adding 50 brown boxes at the wagu. Like Tactikill mentioned, we are tired of gambling for boxes and spending hundreds to not get anything. Just add them directly in cash shop and at the same time daneos can also lower the gold coins needed to 1 instead of 2 since this is excessive.Look at it this way, cashers should be able to obtain the stuff without farming since they are basically paying to spend less time gather items. Right now, they can't do that with brown boxes, they can attempt to get brown boxes but they are not guaranteed. See what I mean? Say that Daneos lowers the amount of boxes to 1 and makes the quest stackable, free2play will finally have a consistent way to have boxes, and I am not against that, but what about cashers? They still have to GAMBLE to obtain anything worth their money, which obviously is not fair. To sum up, Daneos should:

    1. Add boxes to cash shop for DIRECT purchase at an affordable price


    2. Make boxes 1 gold coin.


    3. Make the quests stackable


    4. Let majins appear during the boss event as well

    This will make both free2play and cashers satisfied. Now I know there will always be people targetting me directly and saying "oh if that happens you will be too op" And my response to you is, don't focus on me, focus on the other 99.999999% of the community........

    this wouldn't make sense, %crit damage are only applied to critics. It's literally in the name, "increase crit dmg by X%". Making it like you suggested would just break the class lol, they'd be 1 shotting people no crit.

    Well if only do the quest well yeah. just farm for a week use all silver coins and sell loot and buy boxes overtime with the zeni. Have fun and enjoy the grind if you get 30 boxes a day in a week u can pretty much get max earrings then what? make it hard to earn things give players reason to keep playing.

    okay 1, this is not true. I've spent hundreds of boxes on items and still havent gotten a good stat(not talking about max just something good). And 2. Boxes arent just needed for earrings, they are needed for everything now..... neckalces, jackets, pants, boots, weapons, gloves, everything...

    What 2pro is asking for will actually inadvertently benefit the game by reducing inflation.

    However what he wants as probably the biggest or one of the biggest cashers on this game is to put an even bigger gap between his already full +13 gear and the rest.

    It definitely will benefit everyone including me of course or I wouldnt be asking for it in the first place...

    P.S. why worry about me when u got 10000000 other players... (hyperbole to prove my point)

    At the very least, Daneos should revert the boxes rate and maximum amount to what it was before in the wagu machine ... I dont even know why it was nerfed. At least before you had some real chance of getting boxes and the maximum was 50, not 30. Right now you could literally spend hundreds, and cashing isnt even worth it anymore... (Ikr? This must sound weird coming from someone like me) Daneos  Tempest  Hardlock  TheProdige  Astin

    Guys im a f2p but you people are so delusional.

    You think there is something stopping him from doing everything you said ?>

    Making brown boxes will just let f2p taste a bit of them 2,via buying from them.

    He is still getting more boxes than you will ever dream,is just if they are on sale or more at the cash shop,we will get some 2.

    Stop being so self centred and hating when you are basicaly punching your own face without realising.

    Exactly I don't get some of these people, they are just like "oh cashers will get all the boxes they want and blah blah" without realizing that at the same time they can sell more boxes to everyone else, which means the prices will drop and boxes will become a lot more accessible to f2p players AND cashers who can only cash say once a month.

    I am glad that we finally agree on something :). Anyways why are these people arguing about an earring when this thread is about equipment boxes, SMH.

    Back on topic,

    I think my idea of making equipment boxes purchasable for 24hrs as an event once a month would be a good idea..

    Adding a 2nd wagu machine without dogis wouldn't be a bad idea I guess but rng on top of rng? RNG to get boxes and RNG to get good stat? If they made it it will probably be 99% chance to get potions and 1% for boxes lol. I'd rather have them implement what I stated before so you can buy them directly but only for 24hrs once a month.

    After reading most of your comments, I have come up with another possible solution. Daneos could add Brown Boxes to cash shop as an event once per month only lasting 24hrs. This will increase the amount of boxes in the server and they will be depleting again until the next event 1 month later. I think this will be a great idea since the amount of boxes only increase temporarily and decrease over time afterwards. That will also mean that the price of brown boxes will fluctuate over time and everyone will know when the best time to buy is (during the event due to the massive supply) and when the best time to sell is (3 weeks after the event or so since they are nearly depleted), and adjust accordingly.

    Well then you could always just limit the amount a single person could buy per week. Example 50 per week or something along those lines. The fact is that brown boxes are being used at a much faster rate that they are being replenished( since the wagu drops are so rare). If this keeps up, for 70 cap we will all be forced to play endlessly and do world bosses to buy each box for 2 gold coins and 500k. And then pray to jesus that you get the stat you wanted with 1 box when u couldnt not get it with 200 before....

    Okay so many of you are against my idea because of the fact that you could sell them and they would become the game’s main currency. I have the solution for that, just make the boxes you buy from cash shop binded, simple...

    Are we even talking about the same word here or do you not have a clue about what the word generous means.

    You might have taken max stats on any item you want for granted. If this world needs more brown/silver boxes, then it should be by World Boss Event. The Wagu's brown boxes are on a generous enough level to warrant donating as is.

    what? Are you serious with this statement? After the cash shop nerf, I have spent up to $400 at once in several occassions in wagu coins obtaining from 0-30 boxes. And you are telling me that’s generous? Before the nerf, the wagu was giving a good amount of boxes( up to 50) and way more frequently. Now the max is 30 and it is rare to get them. Agains it’s all rng, but the rates are very low now so this is not true.