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    Well, i worked a bit with rpg-maker 2000, since it had an english patch(later even german) and it worked very good with SNES tiles since it could work with 16bit colors - although it only could show 8bit at the same time. Ripping tiles/grafics from SNES games worked too.

    But i only worked a short time with this, because i didn't have much free time at this point. I needed to focus on school and girlfriend.. ;)

    I don't think anybody is working at something like a sequel atm, maybe some guys of the brasilian community - they loved that game, but i really doubt it..

    yaeh, played it.. alot! I made a german translation for it back in the days..

    Sequel? Well you can try RPG Maker, or you need an ASM-Hacker that could replace all graphic tiles/sprites in the rom itself.

    I know there was a guy who tried making a sequel, but i think he stopped.

    And stealing DB's is still possible! I do it to people that trying to f*ck me. If they try to steal my spot i let them do the work and then i kill the resprawned mobs and take the DB's! It is still possible to do that. The only thing is now DB "hunt" is f*cking boring! Its just another grind and not a hunt anymore. Droprate is ok, i dropped 21 balls in 3 hours the last time i hunted(2 months ago), but i liked the old system better, it was more fun but the droprate was to high - 30 DB's in 2 hours was to much.

    Ok, last comment on this because off topic.. you say boting is no big problem? It destroys in game economy and some players abuse bots to get items and zeni is no problem..? DBOG won't generate new players when every item costs 1kkk zeni like it was in TW server 1 and no new players means - "game over", because no new money in longtherms.

    Don't get me wrong Card31 is good, but NGW is not because they don't give a shit what they sell - as long as they sell!

    Atleast ban the guys who bought boted zeni.. some of them left their ingame name in the comments there!

    Okay peace out!

    I do not recall me promoting it. It's Card31 that is in contact with website and not US, we have nothing to make off this. It's just to stick to the 'donation through paypal thing'. And whichever issue you've told Daneos about, worry not. It's history once the newer client drops. ✌️

    This site sells card31 -> good for you and all paypal users! However it also sells boted money for dbog and sometimes boted accounts for dbog -> very bad for you! If you can make them stop that ok, but i doubt they give a shit about dbo, because they never did! And trust me, boters always find a way.. they did when "gameguard" was on and they will do with new client on.. - hope im wrong tho..

    Promoting a site that kills the game by selling zeni collected by bots and boted accounts? Clever move!

    I told Daneos before and i say it again.. NGW was one nail in the coffin for original DBO(the final one for me) and it will be one for DBOG aswell!

    You should really get away from it!

    letzte Quest kommt erst wenn du den "Erwachsen-werden" Quest gemacht hast und deine Subklasse gewählt hast und diese Quests dann auch erledigt sind.

    das ruckeln soll ja mit dem großen patch im winter und dem neuen launcher verschwinden

    Ja und das Game sollte zur Beta frei von Bugs und Fehlern sein - siehst ja wie gut das geklappt hat, von daher - abwarten!

    Doch schon, aber erst ab höheren Lvl.. je höher dein Level, desto höher die Punkte! Max 10 Punkte ala 15 Minuten..

    I used to play every day for 2 to 4 hours, since i first logged into DB TW, on weekends even longer(10 to 15 hours)..

    When Daneos started with his work on Ragezone i tested all his releases and i played all stress tests and all closed tests.

    These days i only log in once or twice a week(mostly weekends).. why? They lost me when they made "Dragonball hunt" a "dragonball-grind" - its so boring to grind for every single shit and now even to get DB's? Boring!

    Next thing is that stupid idea to remove buffs if enter UD/TMQ/TLQ/korin tower.. i could understand if you loose them if u kick buffer out of party, but the way it is now just sux @ss! And why remove buffs on TLQ and korin tower?

    Also that nonsens with AH lvl 29 and mailsystems(yes, yes i know scam bla bla bla) and free 1kkk shop aswell as PVP only on 1 channel and DC in CC and the SOUL and STR nerf and FOC/DEX and speed buff, brought me to the point where i said - not much enjoyment for me anymore! Only play for nostalgic or if weather is bad.. :)

    There are other ways to archive that!

    Anti-bot/hack systems, active GM's,

    24h "non resell bind" on items that have been bought from AH, raise AH fee to 10%(end free 1kkk shop madness)

    mail systems that doesn't allow you to send more then 5 mails to same person in 1 hour, don't allow to send more then 5 mails with ask for money in 24h, no more multi-client, possibility for players to turn "ask for money" mails completely off in options, script that shows GM's players that always send mails with zeni claim and so on..

    AH is a huge zeni sink we are not using here and everybody is crying because there is to much zeni these days..

    Also why does the game have to think for us? Are players these days really so stupid that they get scammed? I never got scammed in any online game i played - and alot of guys tried! If u use your brain u never get scammed - period!

    +15 was very rare in old times comprared to now where half of server is +14/+15 in old times the "cap" was +12 it was already god tier and +15 was like illuminati or you bough it from gm, when you had +8 you was happy already.

    and + 8 was better too than in DBOG.. Did way more damage with +8 than now, and im not talking about turtle.. DW/Crane/Plasma and most important Poko did more damage too - i miss my +10 farming poko from HK... SOUL and STR nerf sux @ss! FOC is overpowered now -> bad desisions in my opion..