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    As good as it would have been, if the game isn't massively popular in their respective region, it's usually dead for them to be released outside of Asia.
    Near the end you would barely encounter 10 peoples in the korean version, just goes to show how the popularity of the game went dramatically down.
    But I must admit that their stupid account creation didn't made it better.

    Enough talk about the popularity, the game itself.
    The game was just bad. The content wasn't that big, you barely had anything to do end game but pvp (tournament, ranked, tatami and dojo).
    If the end game content is poor, any game is most likely not to survive, especially when seeing how big of a p2w DBO was.
    And honestly, the graphics from DBO could have been improved a lot more.

    I started it today (finished FSN like a week ago or something) and god that design, everything is done so well, it's flawless (that was to be expected, it's Ufotable after all).
    From what i've seen so far, i'm gonna go with a 8/10, and will probably edit it once i've finished it.

    (Tohsaka is so cute ...)

    I tought that it could be cool to have a graphics section, few peoples here are using the likes of photoshop, photofiltre and all the stuff that goes in this category, and would probably like to share what they do with us, and eventually take requests if they feel the need to.

    About the "Fan Art" section (that could as well, be a topic on the Graphics section), I do dowload a lot of various things, it goes from landscape to anime characters, basically a whole bunch of stuff , and I think that sharing them wouldn't be that bad, I personnaly like to share what I have, either wallpaper, painting, drawing, etc etc, you get my point.

    That's pretty much all I had to say ? Hope you like it and if that's the case, please be supportive!

    This game is definitely going to be p2w depending on what's gonna be buyable. If they are going for the old DBO way, then yes this is going to be a pay2win game.
    But I guess it's not surprising anyone, just looking at the Founder Pack give you a good idea on what could happen next, let's hope that they handle it well enough so that we can still enjoy the game, unlike what happened in DBO TW.

    This is getting ridiculous, it honestly sound super stupid to blacklist anime just because of a few elements.
    For exemple, the bones from Death Gun are the reason on why SAO 2 is getting black listed (see more about this here

    The same thing happened with Karthus from League of Legends, they had to re-do his splash art in order to fit the chinese culture.
    Well, not much that can be done about it anyway.

    The people who put either DBZ or Naruto #1 probably hasn't seen many animes.
    For Naruto EVENTUALLY I could understand, but DBZ was pretty bad, it just got popular because it's old but as the anime / manga world is right now, there is MUCH MUCH better.
    It's not the best manga, not the worst one, it's a classic.

    1. Code Geass
    2. Steins;Gate
    3. Guilty Crown
    4. Monogatari Series
    5. SNAFU

    Honorable mentions to 5 centimeters per second, that movie was just awesome, if you haven't seen it yet do so, you won't regret.
    Oh also Golden Time was pretty fucking good too.