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    mate mate mate.... if there trying to revive it like old DBO.. there NOT gonna nerf swordsman hitrate... we swordsman should have base (at the VERYYYY least) 1900+... it would be ridicules to nerf a classes MAIN thing... that's like nerfing a fighters dodge rate so other classes can hit them... its NOT gonna happen... if u equipped yourself with dex mayb youd have a higher chance of critting while attacking behind so 1.5x more damage + crit = almost to insta 1 shotting humans.. (assuming they factor in dex's phys crit rate so don't quote me on this)

    I would like to slim a part of your text, ridicules to nerf MAIN thing of a class, it can not be so much ridicoulus but ,unfortunately, it happens with crane right now

    From what I know, Daneos knows how much the Thousand Slahes dealed in the tw version and he said that the damage will still be different like tw, but, wasnt the goal of dbog to be like tw? As Megamankix20 said, all clases has their own weapons to win like kames, stun and hit, etc. He is totally right, crane has lost his main weapon that is the 1000slashes so the right thing to fix was to decrease the damage of bleed. Sendoku said that we need a new strategy and that he beats sk, however ranked is not all in dbo. Dojo war, ccbd, and even tatami are an important part of the game and the rol of crane in those things are destroyed. Even more, crane is the hardest class to play and now it is harder. Cranes were the counter of sk, and now they are trash again them. Finally, the one that should be nerf is the SK. Actually they are a tanky class and that is right, but doing that amount of damage is extremely broken. I know that in tw was like that, BUT CRANE 1000SLASHES WAS LIKE BEFORE THE NERF AND THE THING IS THAT IT WONT BE FIXED, so if we talk about balanced and justice in-game, what should be done? I am really disappointed now.

    But the thing is that all updates are making the fighters more and more OP, fighters deal 45k damage to nameks, what the hell is that? I mean a lvl 50 can oneshot a lvl 70 human. Errors like resistance rate ,dodge or things like those are fixed quickly, whereas fighters continues making that amount of damage, and that makes people dont want to play.

    I suppose that is a kind of mistake, beacause it cannot be possible, the damage have to increase if weapons are uprgaded. The only thing that is working fine, is that we have to make the same damage for all lvl and all classes. Thousand works fine but when we it is in lvl 5 it doesnt. Btw, finally we got that skill :D