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    they not even could make ther own source code back in 2016 so dont expect much from dbour.

    they use daneos code now with all its bugs and steal db super sound themes in that game xD

    Just tested it. I laugh so hard xD
    Take reward from quest and take another one. RIP EARS

    You can get there in this client too. Almost every one can actually without any hack, you just need to get creative a bit...

    Or just make an alternative account with a low lvl character with a pet with party summon and ask around for a player to port you there.

    If not hacks than exploits…

    Way to new faming grounds should be easy for everyone. :)

    Can u make the yadrat suit be like goku yadrat suit? plz

    There is in the game already.
    You get it from blue box on 2 level (Yardat goku, or Kid Gohan piccolo dogi, fused zamasu or tournament commentator) - RANDOM
    Or from Mystery Dogi capsule (or whatever it is named) it drop on TMQ if im not wrong. People sell it on AH for like 3 mln.

    Hello I would like to suggest that the damage be more balanced, at the moment the majin are very disadvantaged:)

    Mighty Majins are strong in def and buffs. Wonders are good in stuns. Every class got their "+" and "-"

    Btw. Top1 PvP is Ultimate Majin :P

    I don't know if its possible on 1.0 client but I would add unlock map where gohan trained in anime (when piccolo left him on) alone, and Island where Goku and Kuririn trained as kids before their first tournament.

    PS: I know that hackers could get there only. Screenshoots are from Hong Kong version of DBO. Me and my mate were teleported in party here to explore by guy from china.

    Just visited 2.0 after like half of year and game still crash when alt + tab, no sounds in game + sometimes crash when taking exp boost from cash shop.
    Good work rotating camera with mouse work.

    O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

    is server 2.0 online and ready to play?

    2.0 bugged as hell… played like 20 minutes.

    - I got crash sometimes in cash shop

    - Very often crash when alt + tab

    - Weird camera rotating

    - Sometimes crash when jump

    + No fps cap, smooth running over 200 fps during fight.

    Long time ago i saw on Youtube this sound. You could use any online "youtube to mp3" converter and download it.

    All i found for now is this

    but there's also play music of map zone.

    If You're desperate, You could turn off music in DBO, turn ON only effects, dragon ball drop, wait for event and record Your gameplay until You drop db.