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    Yeah I've leveled few chars on one spot with 40 level mobs, and if db appear only one mob got it, always in the same place. That was weird.

    To feel more progress I thought to add something like buff or mechanic that with every level we get like 0.5% movement speed (so +35% on 70). 1% would be probably too op.

    Ofc. This buff would be disabled on PvP, Rankeds PvP, Budokai, maybe Scramble channel, all these PvP competitions. We all know why.

    What do You think Guys? It would give boost to PvE, speed runs, farming. :thumbup:

    Same thing could happen to boosted Flying.

    I dont know why so many times players ask for day/night mode (as often as for new transforms). I like when its day only and night when shenron is summoned, but its only my opinion. I dont like night in games so much. Also i like that there's night in specific places like "Dark Namek" map. Makes unique atmosphere.

    Okay but why? do you mean transparant or invisible? if by invisible, then why? they give no stats and are purely cosmetic items so there's no reason for them to be invisible, and as for transparent again, why?

    Dogi balls that add stats to every cosmetic gear (hat, mask, dogi etc.) Dogi Balls Effects [GUIDE] - Player Guides - DBOG Forum (

    (Currently we cannot get any dogi ball in game)

    Well if You want bonuses from dogi balls like attack speed in hat, energy crit = u need to use wings, wear gohan mask to get cd reduction etc... You're forced to wear them

    at the end u going like christmas tree. There are people that would like to have all benefits without that.

    If "Not busy" with short orange bar hurt ur eyes, its better to decrease players cap on every channel. I don't care if its "Not busy" or "Full" channel. I visited yesterday 3 other DBO servers and Global is most crowded, especially in korin on main channel. Making one channel to show it as "Full" is lying and trying to show that server is popular. Now its easy to find farming spot, if need team or something i just go to ch0 (usually this one is most crowded) to korin or use trade. Have fun!

    As for invisible dogi iam up. There're some mmo that got "invisible" gear. I would love to use invisible halo/wings/mask to not looks like christmas tree, and got bonuses from dogi balls.

    Billboards could show a small spoil what comming in future of DBOG.

    Also I would like to see some lore dogi, that match to rest one. Today i logged in to different dbo server and when i saw all these ppl in SSJ4 fur dogi made in paint, i turned off game, thanks god DBOG is normal for now.

    Post Ur ideas here for new wishes

    - Silver Boxes / Brown Boxes bound to character (avoid farming db + sell boxes, it would destroy ecomony)

    - Reset character appearance, its kick us to menu and let us change look of our character

    - Special mount like Saiyan capsule or something

    - Special Dogi

    - Some low floor CC tickets

    Cool. Sometimes i need 1-2 brown boxes to change skill. No need to reset whole tree, put skills on skill bar and change RP thing on every skill. I was just about to ask about it too.

    That's a silver box, it rerolls one stat on a piece of equipment. You can choose the stat you want to receive, and you'll get a random amount of that stat.

    Sorry for non-topic. I heard You plan to change somehow silver boxes? Just asking becouse I collect them.

    I only got the coins I had back, which was one coin I had left over after buying the car. Also seen issues with characters not having starting items, not that big of an issue, save for the fact they don't have the leveled gifts either.

    I had no starting items on character older than on newer character. I asked Verdant for blue box. I got one more character that dont have blue box but i dont use him.