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    Woah, you truly gonna be a Swordsman, don't ya?

    This is one of my builds, I call it the ''I wanted to be a Spiritualist, but I like my sword more''

    (I'm 100% sure I had more SP availables in that build after that distribution, but I don't know what happened and now I can't have Kaio-Ken on it unless I sacrifice some Hit Rate, lol)

    If you don't think about those humans like they are you, me or anyone, everything can be possible.
    They are trained with a power a that simple human can't tap into by simply existing.
    Krilin and Goku were matched as kids. They had the same training, he was only left behind after the powers that came from hell's butt started being a thing. I bet he would've been a lot stronger if he kept training with Goku. I strongly believe he could've reached the lvl of a ssj1 by the end of the Cell saga (I'm being a tad generous tho)

    In the game they are as capable as anyone else, not to mention that Shenron was asked to only bring anyone capable of dealing with the story. As far as we know these humans could be from the year 10000 while the others being stronger could be from a much earlier time.

    Well, the level of a normal SSJ by the Cell saga is possible if we consider Olibu from the Other World Tournament filler arc, though I think he was training since more than 10.000 years, so that's probably the ultimate potential of a normal Human.

    It's true that they asked Shenron for this warrior, but it couldn't be from another time because it looks like Shenron can't modify time, though this could also have been changed in XV. This also makes the existance of playable full blooded Saiyans a mystery, since the last ones were Goku and Vegeta, and they are probably already dead by Age 850 if they followed the DBO backstory, and even if they didn't it's still possible, and they couldn't be from U6 because Shenron power is limited by U7. They are never stated to be Humans with Saiyan blood either.

    But I guess you are right, though I still think it's kinda unecessary to have them playable, but that's just my opinion.

    We're just going to have to agree to disagree on this. Goku was a human for all intents and purposes back in Dragon Ball. The idea of Saiyans didn't pop up till much later. The whole idea of Krillin and Tien's character goes to show that while their power is lacking, there is something to be said for the 'heart' a human fighter has. They are what kept the series grounded, and if immersion is important to you, you should be able to understand that.
    But I digress. I think their awakening is awesome, and the idea of giving the most OP race in XV, a speed AND reach upgrade with their awakening.. is amazing. Though it also now scares me thinking what they must have done to nerf them to make these buffs balanced. Anyone playing VX seriously knows, humans are OP, and any character with a staff is possibly the most dangerous thing to exist.

    Actually, I doubt Goku was ever intended to be a Human, Toriyama already alluded back in the start of Dragon Ball in a constant manner that he wasn't a Human, he still didn't thought about Saiyans, but he surely wasn't a Human. Actually, in the anime, if I remember correctly, Sergeant Metallic scanned kid Goku as having an ''alien'' look, back in the Red Ribbon saga.

    I know they can be good fighters and become really strong, but not strong enough, they are SERIOUSLY limited by their ''power cap''. Ingame they can fight Beerus, but in the series that wouldn't be possible even if they are eternally young/immortal and trained for millions of years. They can support with the help of some skills still, but after a point they just lack in power and can't be a main hero anymore.

    And yes, their ''awakening'' looks epic, I just think everyone should be able to use it, since you only need a pure heart to use it, and that makes me sad, like, that means all Nameks, Saiyans, Freeza's race members and even Majins aren't pure :dsad:
    But for some weird reason, all the perverted Humans like Roshi or Krillin are pure. :dtitter:

    You must not have played competitively. Humans are the most OP race in XV, and are more often than not the winners of tournaments.

    I never said they are irrelevant to the game, I said they are an irrelevant race, their only uniqueness are their stats and their fighting styles, and while their fighting styles are nice they could give them to any other race, and the stats are invisibile.
    They shouldn't get a transformation, they shouldn't be playable at all and give those stats to anyone else if they want, or not give them at all.

    Geez why does everyone assume Earthlings need some form of transformation? Also we need to remember that they're called "Awakening" in this game. For all we know, you're going to have to earn the big ones.

    Seriously give Dimps credit for coming with an Awakening for Earthlings that's both unique and creative. Hell it even reminds me of the Z-Soul "Transforming doesn't fix everything you know."

    I'm not saying they need a transformation, but some logical reason for them to keep the scales when fighting so strong adversaries, I'm not saying a videogame needs logic either, but just to put an explanation as to how a mere Human can compete with all the other races, or the oh-so-powerful God of Destruction Beerus, just stuff like that.

    We know Humans have a lot of limitations in this matter of power, and a Kintoün should be able to be used by anyone and it shouldn't give a big boost, making it human-exclusive and calling that an ''awakening'' sounds kinda odd too, when it could be just like Kaio-Ken (I mean, that it could be used by anyone like a Ultimate or something)

    They are (along the Freeza's race, since it's never explained how the hell they are Time Patrollers in the first place) the most pointless race to be playable in the game, and that's just because they have no visible differentiation with Saiyans, it seems almost like they just wanted to add another race and just copy-pasted the Saiyan model with different stats, when it could've been a totally different, unique and cool-looking race.

    A transformation is the only logical way to make them stronger and more unique in a POSSIBLE way though, that quote you mentioned doesn't work with them since they have a really low limit as to how strong they can get in their lives (lore-wise).

    Compared to Saiyans or Humans with Saiyan blood, it just doesn't make sense for a normal Human to be able to goe toe to toe with Whiss at anytime, no matter how hard they train, so even with a Potential Unleashed they would probably just stand against Namek saga 4th form Freeza or something like that, while Saiyans could go WAAAAY further beyond without even transforming, it's just the way the series showed them, since they aren't a warrior race.

    I'm not saying they should add the Android upgrade either, though I wouldn't dislike it, I just said it's the best idea for making them reasonable fighters inside the story.

    The fact that they are already a good race to play without transformations couldn't be less important to me in this case, since when I talk about this I focus more on their involvement with the game world they created than their stats and playability, and when you think about it, it really breaks the immersion, or at least that's my case.
    And you could also kick butts without transforming as a normal Saiyan too.

    And if you finish to read this wall of text, you have my respects.

    But the process to being turned into an Android is permanent and how would that work as a transformation skill?

    Just as I said, a simple boost. If Z-Souls can do it, when they are supposed to be just quotes of other people, transformations can too, remember that they are machines, and machines can be at low, medium, high or full power, just think about it.

    I'm agree with you, but humans could have transformations... Kind of... They could give humans a transformation that " transform " them in to Saiyaman! Or give them a technological armor made by capsule corp.

    Yeah, it would've made a lot more sense storywise if the Humans could be upgraded to Androids, being able to boost their normal skills in middle of battle doubling their Ki regeneration speed and more movement and attack speed, no more damage because that would already be too OP, since their attack is already boosted when Max Ki, and this would perdure for the rest of the match, maybe it could be deactivated with broken Stamina, but I don't know. It sounds like a good idea to me, I dunno what others think.

    Hurray for adding Great Namek! Also the Earthing "Awakening" (that's what they're calling it) is certainly interesting.

    And kinda stupid too. The game looks fine, but I think Humans are completely irrelevant and shouldn't be playable in the first place. It's just a Saiyan-copypaste with slightly different stats and no cool transformation at all, lamest and weakest race in the entire franchise, and their ''awakening'' should be able to be used by any other race from a lore-standpoint, if they removed them they could give the Kintōun to all races and everyone would be much happier.

    Hell, even Yardrats would be much cooler, who wouldn't want to fight as a blue dwarf with a giant head? I certainly would.
    Look at this little beast, if I saw him face to face I would have a heart attack in an instant.

    U never played ranked right?,
    Transforming in to SSJ on ranked aint a good idea, unless u alredy have extreme good gear, if u dont have good gear and u trasnform in to SSJ u will be prety much dead, by the time u are able to start moving.

    Besides KI Burst Skill is from vanilla skill tree

    Oh, I was referring to Duel PVP, not ranked matches, sorry.

    Those were also my feelings when I discovered and played this game for the first time some years ago, mate. So many good memories...

    Now, Turtle Hermit fills your request at it's best, though there are other classes like Plasma or Karma Majins (Wonder Majin Master Classes in general) that are really good at it too, you should also check them out.

    Sadly, I lost my builds, so I'm not sure about the skills, but here I did for you a decent (maybe?) one that could work:

    Just take in mind Adult Quest and Master Classes aren't added to the game yet, but they'll be very soon, since recently Daneos (the main developer) said it's already available in the Development server, but not in the Pre-Open Beta still, so just wait a little more.

    A lot of stuff happens at level 30, but not ''everything'', like, for example, transformations can only be used at level 40+, or Kaio-Ken at level 35+, and lots of useful skills.

    You could try to change the resolution of the game.

    And I dunno about the caps, maybe they just like to yell all the time :dlol:

    Hope I helped you, see ya!!! :dpeace:

    Oh cool there is a buff for Fighters that can reduce EP consumption? That's very nice. I guess the developers added it specifically for the Super Saiyan transformation

    I would say they added it for Fighters that wanted to take the ''energy'' route in the skill tree, but it works with SSJ too, and it's kinda OP to be honest, since if they already have a colossal amount of dodge rate, they'll increase that number even more with SSJ, reducing the EP consumption only makes them even more of a pain in PVP :dlol:

    (And let's not even talk about what happens when they get drunk, if you know what I mean)

    I think flying aura should be the same as the chest piece's upgrade level (example: +15 chest piece = purple aura with sparkles)

    But while Kaio-Ken and Super Saiya-jin, the colour of all auras (power up, dash, guard, or dash flying) should be overlapped by their respective auras, and only put sparkles in the armor pieces that have the right level to have them.

    The colour of the sparkles should be the same as the armor piece level, and the shining of these must be kept the same too.

    White colour for all races default auras seems logic to me, because all normal fighters have them in the series.

    What could also be changed is the colour of the aura that appears shortly before doing an RP attack. When default it should be blue (because it's using the max power of the user), have the same colour as the weapon level (depending on what weapon it utilises), and also be overlapped when Kaio-Ken or Super Saiya-jin are activated.

    The Dark Senzu Beans are supposed to create evil creatures, kinda like the Saibamen seeds. I'm not sure if it gives a power boost.
    Mr. Poko Poko looks like this:

    He is supposed to grant wishes to the evil namekians and parodies Mr.Popo.

    I'm not sure if he has a set of Dragon Balls, I would say he just has a time limit of some sort, because it seems he can roam free in the world, since he is working in Chocolay's tower refining Kili.

    I know nothing about Fry.

    And I don't know if this belongs to Server Discussion.

    Yeah but the thread is about speed attack buffs, not a gear.

    I know that, I was just mentioning the fact that they can already have some decent speed without an skill. If they had a skill then they would rekt everything on their path.

    I clearly stated at the start of my post "If we're talking about Dragon Ball Z", I don't take Super into the account because of all the god-tier characters and the whole Goku&Vegeta-centered story.
    And yes, I personally don't count Buu's absorbed forms as a character per se, up to that point, Gohan is still the strongest, Goku himself stated that his Mystic form was even stronger than him in his SSJ3 form.

    I know, I was only debating the fact that you said Gohan is the strongest non-fused character as a whole because you said ''of all time'', that means it doesn't matter the series, when he is only that in Z, and you can still count characters like SSJGSSJ Goku and Vegeta, Beerus and Whiss, but only the movie versions, since they are from Z too. Though that also doesn't matter too much because they are already OP in the movies, the series only made them even more OP than usual xD