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    DBO is my favorite MMORPG, besides it was the first one I played, I'm very sad that it ended up this way and just having to wait for a project to work. My dream is to launch a Dragon Ball MMOROPG as good as DBO

    (by google translator)

    much of the community agrees that with the arrival of the new client and the new changes that are under way is the perfect time to reset the server and bring a fair reboot for everyone, otherwise the only thing that would be happening is the arrival of the lvl 70... this does not mean that the game will reset every time a problem appears ... the point is that now is a favorable time for this.

    I want to know how to deliver the lvl up 30, as I believe that many players will want to create another class, for example: a Turtle now wants to be Fighter. Will he have to abandon Turtle with lvl up?

    LvL Up 30 will have active trading?


    please, I need a build for PvP and I can not find anything current after the changes made in this class ;(

    on pvp, focus gloves, hitrate sub-weapon , and Con set, do they work in general?

    I know there are better classes for PvP, but I did not want to use my Grand Chef solely for PvE, I think you understand me.

    This map is unfinished, I find it difficult to do something like this in the short term. The island Tortuga in papaya is more likely to be edited to have some quests. Sorry, but I think things like that will not be added soon, just see how things are developing right now.

    Here are some ideas

    It would be cool if the game notified in system chat when one player defeated the other in the arena example: Player1 defeated Player2.

    or when the player wins the Duel, in addition to showing in the system chat, a notification balloon of Winner appears on top of the character.

    Notices around the arena showing that someone is defeating many people in the arena, for example: Player1 has defeated "number x of players" and is dominating.

    It would also be interesting to gain points by participating in the arena, the number of points won could be based on the level of the player, if the adversary defeated is very low level beyond yours, you will not receive points, and so there is no free kill, could have a negative effect on dying.

    I liked this Idea without thinking lmao. Still good but why Cell Ring? As Gekori wrote, the Cell Ring is used for some quests.

    So how about using the Budkai Platform right next to Cell Ring? It's already set up and ready to be used...

    yea! I did not express myself correctly, the idea was to use the Budokai platform, I think that Cell ring is the reference of the place. The Budokai platform is much better to become pvp as it has more space and places to sit on the side. I just think the arena is a bit high to climb, it would be good to make the stairs a little better, because you have to keep jumping to climb, it kind of shows the opponent that you want to enter, in case the player is off the ladder in a low part. Without doubt it is a great place for pvp.

    Sorry for any errors, I use an xD translator.

    Turn the Cell Ring into another PvP platform.

    Daneos once opened a vote on the subject and people liked the idea, but then no one else talked about it. If the Arena Cell is transformed into a pvp area, Daneos must change something in the quests that are nearby, because players who have nothing to do, could get in the way of level 47 people to kill the monsters that appear after accepting some missions, but thinking better, maybe this would happen in more isolated cases, but anyway, I think with the old client it was not possible to transform there into pvp area, we will now see with the new client.

    I would like to see a statement from the team about speculation regarding a possible reset on the server! I know that so far this subject is only debated between players who agree and disagree. I do not want keep playing knowing that the time invested in the character will be thrown away.

    Ainda não tem nenhuma previsão para o nivel 70 e nem para o novo client, mas pelo o que eu sei, TALVEZ seja ainda esse mês.

    To com um problema na quest de adulto. eu estava fazendo ela ja tinha praticamente terminado eu estava indo pra torre de karin pra poder fazer a ultima parte, dai o servidor resetou,e quando voltou a quest não tava la e qnd eu uso o item fala que deu quest failed. alguma ajuda?

    Oi, já tive um problema parecido.

    1) Aperte " J " e remova todas a missões, depois troque de canal e suba na torre Karin e veja se tem alguma missão.

    2) Se você já completou todas as missões que o Mestre Karin te deu em cima da torre e só tem que fazer a quest do item para buscar a sub-classe, abandone a quest falhada e tente ativar o item de novo.

    3) Se você já saiu do jogo, trocou de canal, abandonou todas as quests e mesmo assim a sua missão fica dando falha quando você tenta aceitar-la, entre em contato com a equipe DBOG, pois assim como aconteceu comigo, sua missão de sub-classe bugou, porque você tomou desconexão em um momento muito especifico e deu esse erro no seu personagem.

    4) Entre em contato com a equipe através do Ticket-Support , abra um novo ticket explicando sua situação, quanto mais detalhes é melhor, se possível envie print's em sequencia mostrando que a missão não pode seguir adiante e eles vão tomar as medidas possíveis.

    5) Recomendo que você não faça quest's para subir de nível enquanto estiver com esse problema, pois pode ser que você tenha que iniciar um novo personagem, mas espere a conclusão do ADM.

    Espero ter ajudado :thumbup: