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    you can deposit them in the bank and collect new Dragon Balls, if you pick up new balls with the ones you already have in the inventory, the new ones will come dark and unused. it is worth noting that if you do not order during the time that Shenlong appears, he will take 1 of his Dragon Ball's

    Luck Wheel

    An event in which the player collects special items (chips / coins) dropped from the mobs of 5 levels down or above (like the Dragon balls) and then use these coins to spin a "Dragon Wheel", and receive temporary and permanent prizes in the game, such as: Dogi's (permanent / temporary, Upgrade Stones, Exp Boost, consumable items)

    Access to luck wheel could be by the site itself. The player collects the "coins" that are deposited as if they were the cash, then the player will come to the site, rotate the Roulette in search of the prizes.


    with this could also add a new title "Big Luck" that could be obvios after winning a special item of the wheel.

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------

    Bonus when completing a set "x"

    When you complete in equipment set you get a bonus attribute for each added piece,

    Example: (Armor x) + (Pants x) + (Boot x) = 4% physical defense (Attribute may vary with Set)

    (Gloves x) + (sub-weapon x) = 3% En.attack or phy.Attack

    Title: when completing a certain set the player gains a title referring to the equipment used, Example: "Dragon skin" "The indestructible"


    More Titles

    Important date title event, for example: 1 year DBOG, 2 years ...


    Conquest with prizes: When accomplishing an achievement the player can receive consumable / temporary items, such as: Zeni's, accessories, automatic healing potion ...



    and finally, an event in which a special mob appears randomly, and when the player kills it has a chance to drop rings, earrings, temporary collars and also cards that can be exchanged for chests with random rewards, including titles.

    I apologize for any errors in English, I'm using a translator

    Follow these steps…boglauncher-won-t-update/

    If it doesn't work contact us by Support Ticket.


    - TMQ Quests part of main quest line as dungeons

    This should be "easy" mode that you can only do once, now question is, should we allow new players to solo this thing and decrease power or mobs and bosses there and enable normal and hard for grind only, it is debatable.

    Since you need to give excitement and trill for new players soo that they feel "special" at least when they are questing or you can leave to party with other people.

    I always say to myself, "This game needs to deepen the players in the TMQ stories."

    The tmq's are a very important part of the game's history, but the game itself does not make the new players have an interest in them, anyone can start a new character and let it high, without even knowing a TMQ, and that main point of time travel to help the Trunks save the timeline, was copied in dragon ball xenoverse.

    GAlera to com um problemaa com isso aqui esse item algum sabe coomo resolver ?

    oq esse item faz é simplesmente ao passar o mouse em cima dele o jogo fecha e crasha,

    eae mano, blz?

    Esse problema acontece com quem está usando tradução, digo isso porque já aconteceu comigo. Você terá que ir no seu launcher e mudar a linguagem do jogo para inglês, porque a ultima atualização da tradução PT-BR é de antes de lançar esse item, que é uma Capsula de Dogi aleatório que o jogo te dá ao abrir aquele presente no inventario quando você alcança o nível 2.

    Lo siento, pero tampoco sé lo correcto. me responda, eso sucedió más de una vez? me quedé pensando que tal vez él estaba usando HTB, que le deja incapaz de recibir cualquier cosa

    - Demonic World Card (DWC)

    A new dungeon system where you can kill bosses and receive cards. It still has to be decided what you can do with the cards.

    we could use these cards to exchange for specific equipment, for example: we go to UD's or TMQ's and we get a certain amount of cards (or a kind of gem) that can be used to exchange for equipments of each level, 30,40,50,60 , 70. It would be a kind of Set of each level to help players go after a goal that will result in equipment that can not be marketed. I know this is just an idea that can have its negatives ...

    no ele visto salir inmune en un jugador, el correcto ser un "miss / resistir" creo que the jugadores son imposibles de tener inmunidad total como los jefes de uD y tmq, en el máximo pueden tener mucha esquiva hasta el punto de resistir a casi todos

    it may resemble the PK system of the game Cabal Online: when the player kills someone with the Pk on, he undergoes a change in the Majin symbol, (as you yourself showed) every number of players killed in the PK will suffer a punishment which prevents you from flying, (as you suggested) accessing NPC's of buying and selling (auction) and also teleporting.

    I remember that in Cabal Online, if the player is killed with the Black Name of so much kill in PK, he has the chance to drop an item from the inventory as well, and goes to a prison that is a kind of maze practically impossible to leave.


    if it were possible I would like the group system to have a slight change

    ° Continue in the group for a while, even if it is disconnected, (it is annoying for those who do not have a very stable connection to suffer a DC and stay out of the group or even leaving the TMQ).

    this would not be so simple to do, it would have to have an expansion in the current team for this to become reality .... just see the current development ... in addition they have discussed this several times and in all threads the conclusion is the same, "this will give a lot of work, need somebody specialized, it would be difficult to balance, it is not a short-term priority, blábláblá ..."

    my opinion is that we will only see some new functions, dogis and new equipment for now

    sorry for bad english

    Eu consegui dar um jeitinho, ta bem zoado mesmo a tradução, podiam procurar outra pessoa pra tomar fè

    É verdade, apesar disso, muita gente ainda prefere jogar com o jogo em inglês, eu não ligo muito, mas tendo opção em PT-BR eu prefiro ela também. Se eu soubesse mexer com essa tradução eu poderia tentar continuar, mas mesmo assim, pelo o que eu vi, tem algumas coisas de difícil acesso nos arquivos, pois as vezes você ainda encontra algumas coisinhas na linguagem original do jogo do servidor TW, eu não manjo muito dos inglês, mas um tradutor quebra o galho kkkk é só revisar bem.

    Oi, depois que eu botei a tradução pra PT, quando eu abria o inventario e ia mexer o jogo dava crash.

    Tenta ir no launcher e botar para linguagem em inglês mesmo e vê se isso para o bug, já faz um bom tempo que a tradução em PT-BR não recebe atualização, acho que o responsável por ela largou de vez comunidade, mas de qualquer forma certifique-se de estar instalando a mais atual ( 5.6 ).

    [...] você sabe se vai ter level 70 de novo se puder me informa ficarei muito agradecido

    Sim, com certeza vai ter level 70 novamente. Mais ou menos em dezembro vai chegar um novo Cliente do jogo com algumas novidades, como por exemplo: Uma nova aba com todos atributos do personagem mais detalhado, vinculação do jogo com Discord, vai mostrar no discord que você ta online no jogo e mostrar seu nível e etc. Só não deixaram confirmado que o level 70 vem junto, mas pode ter certeza que não vai demorar muito mais, e tem mais coisas que eles não revelaram pra guardar um pouco mais pro futuro. Essa atualização de Client é importante, porquê segundo eles, o client atual não suporta bem novos conteúdos e etc.

    Fonte: [Annoucemente] New DBOG Client