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    You can play dbog from mobile, You can use remote desktop to control that pc or laptop from your phone.

    The only prob. Is i dont have any at the moment thats why explicitly said that ^^. SSomething like liquidsky on android.

    OK make league of legenda for mobile too

    is already out lol. Vainglory and if u want virtual controlers Mobile Legends x.x

    Hello guys i know ther has been alot of youtube vds lately about how to play console games on android and some from pc. So i was wondering if we have in the mist some savy dbog lover who would share away to play dbog on android for those who dont have much time to play on pc or are usually on the go....(sorry if it may sound stupid to most but i know it has been on alot of ppl s mind). Even if is only to be able to walk to the auction and sit ther >< lol. Thanks in advance who ever can pull it off or if danoes has future plans for it XD.:thumbup:

    try running the launcher on an older version of windows example: right click dbo launcher, hit troubleshoot compatibility....then run it....should fix ur prob. ^^ .....Also another way is download razer cortex , is a game booster which may jump start ur fps on most games.....i use it for high graphic games and it works wonders ^^.....i play at 10-20fps normal and with gamebooster 40+fps.

    This are all great ideas plus to show something new. But coming from my experience back in the day, I use to play so many hrs just to get those tokens and in the process I lv up plus met great friends who were in the same track....well I understand ther are some ppl who decided to get the easy way to the goku dogi but even so there are times when u don't have to add something to the game that will annoy half of the players in the long run....I suggest leave it with no afk-kick....after game population rise to the top ask again

    k fixed it for all u grammer nazi out ther i was using a phone plus pls use more common sense nuh? if u are so great in english you'd had a great idea of what i said and the massage im trying to give to all others. Instead of putting bad comments read the whole thing nuh? XD :thumbsup:

    ENGLISH:back when i use to play dbo taiwan whn u couldn even fly with the ap......i started like most you do see the ad or site, go to it and ofc play the game, no reading, nothing just play for the hell of it......for that everything was fun at first starting proccess but then when you get into that first point in game where the language is different and of all else you dont know the firt thing you have to do or are in need of insight in the game.....ofc you'd tried asking ppl for help, but whn i use to do that back then i always was asked for zeni in return wich i didn have plus i sorta got ignored most of the time......but ofc like all games have ther down side they always have ther good side, i was lvl 15 already and was getting the hang of it but still i was lost in some sort of parts of the game "remmember i was totally new at the time". Out of no where some player shows up just saying "hey" at first i was like ("oh would u look at that"), the first person to ever say hello in the game even though i was 30 lvls under we talked and talked the guy who then i found out was a girl at the end was so nice to me to explain every little detailed questions i had about the game plus insights i needed for higher lvl to be aware of, i was even wanting to pay back that person. When i reached i higher lvl, when i had enough money to pay back for all that help she gave me, in return all i got was a "as long as your enjoying the game thats what makes me happy keep up the good work and have fun you" i was like okay wtf end this theard, Ther is always kind ppl out ther even though you'll be etheir ignored or be charged for the help like in my place from other ppl.......thank god its all going to be possible to change it to your native language, plus the community will be larger than back in taiwan .......thnx the guys that made this happen dont ever forget to keep supporting them, their love for dbo will never die, same goes for us ^^

    cuando empece a jugar dbo online taiwan que incluso no se podia volar con el ap ...... empecé como la mayoría lo hace ver el complemento o sitio van a la misma descargar y claro jugar el juego sin leer ninguna cosa simplemente jugar por el placer de hacerlo ...... por eso todo era divertido al principio registro arrow-10x10.png empezando Proceso pero luego, cuando te metes en ese primer momento de juego donde el lenguage es diferente y de todo lo demás que no sabes que tienes que hacer o está en necesidad de una guia/visión en el juego ..... claro hubieses pidiendo personas ayuda pero siempre pidieron zeni a cambio o te ignoraban. conseguí pasar por alto la mayor parte del tiempo ...... pero claro como todos los juegos tienen de inconveniente que siempre tienen buena parte y mala. ya era lvl 15, pero aún estaba perdido en algún tipo de partes del juego "recuerden yo era totalmente nuevo en el momento". Fuera de la nada un jugador aparece decir "hey" Al principio estaba como wow, la primera persona para decir hola en el juego incluso aunque yo estaba 30 lvl bajo él ..... como nosotros hablabamos y hablabamos el chico que luego me enteré era una chica al final fue tan amable conmigo para explicar cada pequeño preguntas detalladas que tenía sobre el juego más conocimientos que necesitaba para un mayor lvl que ser conscientes de que era incluso querer pagar esa persona, cuando alcanse nivel mas alto tuve suficiente dinero para pagar por eso q esa persona hizo por mi cuando era lvl 15..... pero a cambio todo lo que conseguí fue un "siempre y cuando su disfrutando del juego eso es lo que me hace feliz siga con el buen trabajo y diviertase lo mas q puedas "yo me quede mas o menos en chock porq no esperaba eso lol..... a poner fin a esta Theard, hallaran siempre amable personas en el juego aunque le pase como ami, ignorado o cobrará por la ayuda como en mi lugar en el taiwan....... gracias a Dios todo va a ser posible cambiarlo a su lengue nativo más la comunidad será más grande que la de en taiwan ....... gracias los chicos que hicieron que esto suceda no te olvides de mantener apoyandolos a ellos para mantener el amor por dbo vivo ^^