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    please fix the no lifer title idea should be NO LIFE* I've always want it that title as a goal.

    For the rest of the event let me see hm

    - Z Warrior

    - God Amongst Man

    - Goku disciple (etc, for other z warriors)

    - Roshi voyeur lover

    - True Master of gaming

    - Unbeatable force

    - Unlimited Potential

    - Hero

    - Maximum Power

    - God of potions/ God of eating

    - Hero for fun

    - Dragon Slayer Warrior

    - Dende believer

    - Freak of nature

    - Sleepless

    - Afk/ God of Afk

    - God of Enlightenment

    - Gynu Force Dancer

    - Frieza Trooper

    - Vegeta's Bastard son

    - God of flight

    - God of walking

    - God of running

    - God of activeness

    - God of Shopping

    - God of driving

    - God of CC

    - God of tmqs

    - God of dungeons

    - God of leveling

    - God of Tatami

    - Unbeatable Hero

    - Z Sage Warrior

    - God of panties

    - Otaku


    - Verdant disciple/ God of Verdant di..

    - God of food

    - Majin Athelete/ Fighter Athelete etc

    - Unlimited

    - Unlocked power


    - Event groupie

    - God of sensu bean

    - Workaholic

    - KAKAROOOOOT! ( broly yelling at goku)

    - Legendary Sayain

    - Texting maniac

    - You worm!

    - You Insect!

    - That which u feared most! ( vegeta meme on frieza)

    - I'm your whitemage/ Can't kill your Whitemage

    - I need more!

    - Hero complex

    - Waiting for you / Waiting for lvl cap/ waiting for lvl 70/ Waiting for 2.0

    - Patience is a virtue

    - Dragon Ball Z



    Hello, i would like to ask one of you superheroes to mod me ssj4 goku, doesn have to be a complete set, i would just mainly liked the tail the open chest with the red fur and the ssj4 hairstyle, when turn super if it can look like ssj4 gogeta. THANKS IN LOVE YOU FOREVER no homo


    You can play dbog from mobile, You can use remote desktop to control that pc or laptop from your phone.

    The only prob. Is i dont have any at the moment thats why explicitly said that ^^. SSomething like liquidsky on android.

    OK make league of legenda for mobile too

    is already out lol. Vainglory and if u want virtual controlers Mobile Legends x.x

    Hello guys i know ther has been alot of youtube vds lately about how to play console games on android and some from pc. So i was wondering if we have in the mist some savy dbog lover who would share away to play dbog on android for those who dont have much time to play on pc or are usually on the go....(sorry if it may sound stupid to most but i know it has been on alot of ppl s mind). Even if is only to be able to walk to the auction and sit ther >< lol. Thanks in advance who ever can pull it off or if danoes has future plans for it XD.:thumbup:

    try running the launcher on an older version of windows example: right click dbo launcher, hit troubleshoot compatibility....then run it....should fix ur prob. ^^ .....Also another way is download razer cortex , is a game booster which may jump start ur fps on most games.....i use it for high graphic games and it works wonders ^^.....i play at 10-20fps normal and with gamebooster 40+fps.

    no status effect on focus gear i just stays the the pic u can see with all the armor on it shows 24 focus........without all 23......and taking out chest armor and pants armor which have 2 focus each still dont take any affect......pls help ^^

    So i started playing the game afew hrs earlier everything was great no bugs no lag no nothing well the audio but everything else was A okay.....but i wanted to tweak around with the trouble shooter of the game exe since i got low fps on the game.....nothing worked just shows a blank white screen ....i reset everything how it was.....i even deleted and reinstalled the game and still nothing......pls help me ><

    This are all great ideas plus to show something new. But coming from my experience back in the day, I use to play so many hrs just to get those tokens and in the process I lv up plus met great friends who were in the same track....well I understand ther are some ppl who decided to get the easy way to the goku dogi but even so there are times when u don't have to add something to the game that will annoy half of the players in the long run....I suggest leave it with no afk-kick....after game population rise to the top ask again

    k fixed it for all u grammer nazi out ther i was using a phone plus pls use more common sense nuh? if u are so great in english you'd had a great idea of what i said and the massage im trying to give to all others. Instead of putting bad comments read the whole thing nuh? XD :thumbsup: