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    So yo guys here is something i been thinking that simply wont be fix or can be fix but it takes time for daneos to decide when to do it but basically this is a idea for future fix or update...

    lets see where to start eh lets start with option settings

    Well all know the new change to the

    Basically when you put it on Off nobody can scan your stuff but your dogi's will also vanish some makes you be seen with the quest item and the armor/weapons from that point on you can also see if they are on +9 or higher

    i like that idea of hiding your information from people specially when you are a pvp player where you don't want to share your stuff to people!

    but here is what i think should been fix on basically with this you should let people wear the dogi be seen with the dogi and yet not be able to scan them like make a code where you decide to turn it on or off like you did with this that would basically help most people's issue who trying their best to hide their + on weapons or gear from others without showing any dash/powerup/shield

    now to the real issue with what this game been having that MUST be fix cause its important for most people who wear combo between dogi's

    some dogi's like Saiyanman helmet and sunglasses makes you look like wtf even with the bunny head you see the glasses poking abit outside of the head...

    basically all i wish is that either this get fix or make options for all

    basically making the same coding you did with the costumes make a option where you can turn these different part of dogi's on and off so people can decide how they want to show them self infront of others instead of going with some combo that makes you look weird..



    Accessories 1

    Accessories 2

    Accessories 3

    now for something i heard that cannot be fix cause of some coding issue or something daneos cant deal with yet but for future update please...

    on nameks you see them wear some gloves that show 2 different skin colors... cause of the gloves they cant have the original skin color soo they have to keep it green...

    meanwhile for majins when you wear Vegito dogi your dogi color is off..

    it would be nice if there wasnt any issue with the dogis or the gloves or whatever we are wearing that should 100% not effect with your skin color...

    hope these get fixed out soon as possible

    i heard there is some bug with kaioshin dogi i think it was the shoe color is off from the retail version soo yeah hope daneos get his time to consider to fix these issues for us people who like to use dogis and not been scanned and such or we who likes to show everything but want to look nice and not look like a random person who combine everything in once...

    Tbh i agree with this

    for starter tickets like +15 should not be inside a event where people can farm easy fast and save them for future...

    also even with the binds on the crafted - ccbd - tmq - ud gears do not change the fact there is legendary gear that drop outside and have like huge def with good stats ... basically boosting those with the +15 you are asking that sk can tank 10 fighters without losing 20% of the lp..

    getting ticket from popo gift box is fine cause of 48 hrs of +12 then rip

    the idea daneos had back before he started to work and make the server where it is at now .. i wish he kept his promies and remove the tickets from the game even tho he made use to put binds on usefull stuff but the fact with the ticket is still broken

    you are wrong...a screenshot and some details where you find this bot user and what he did at that certain time its enough..moderators can see what he did,they can check everything about him...i reported one yesterday and he get perma ban..all i sent was a screenshot and i described what he did.

    here is what you dont get...

    what do you see in those 2 picture??? tell me everything..

    - you dont see anything except the field the player the mobs the item drops

    how can you make a report from that... its basically missing the chat skill bar log chat trade chat ....

    each time i report my bug with screenshot i make sure to bring everything soo they can find the issue...

    its basically blaming someone for what they didnt do without any good proof to go for those picture is 0 proof to blame...

    you expect daneos to go to data base of that guy's profile just to see what he been up to ??? pls i crash on every single time on platform i reported the dbog log to daneos and he dosent seem to find the issue and yet even with his power he cant find the issue what triggeres the crash...

    these crash i got never happend to me in pob just in ob and its annoying asf but yeah even showing screenshot you need to think that there is a staff who trying to help you but they cant find the issue without any good proof and all you do is make story about it

    no need a video..just send a ticket and a screenshot.

    screenshot like that wont prove much anyways since you can make a story and make people believe in that but yet this 2 picture here says basically nothing,..

    ~ who cares if you bring alt lvl 1 or whatever lvl to high lvl places

    ~ and who knows if those low lvls are his maybe someone's else basically

    i recommend ya just record for 3 min or 2 min of the main character and try to talk try to get him say anything if not then he is like most other random players they wont reply back in english cause they suck at it soo you have to guess where they come from and basically google translator...

    tbh i did that to a paradise member 3 days ago smh just to get 1 simple reply for yes or no for the deal trade...

    A guild who dont win anything and just help some other guild with members is a support guild.

    so tell me back in tw days paradise was under those support guild to call it like that hiding behinde kaio and end up being enemies with them and with other big guild remaning basically a dead guild who believes they going to become big in this version ?

    this will be last you hear from me so listen carefully

    you guys thinks your guild is big and win allot

    wow gz winning 3 times scramble who got the wish ?? accessories??

    wow gz winning KID budokai make a huge brag about it in forum (meanwhile having hard time in Adult cant even get far...)

    wow gz keeping your dojo and still fails in budokai LOGIC

    the fact you guys talking too much about your guild is prove that you have not meet other guild who are a threat for you guys .. except Ryosai basically you guys with help of other guild cant kill 3-4 members makes huge sense.. (go stand in line waste htb to kill 1 player after wasting 5 or more from each guild)

    call us plat warriors we will rape whatever guild who wish to become enemies.

    you guys talking so big in these 2 lvl cap that has been out yet in lvl 70 cap you guys regret everything basically don't overreact too much about stuff happening now...

    Attack us with ryosai, undisputed and public combined, hell even throw a 4th one if u want. You will still lose.

    the nerve you bringing that up is like asking us PE ally with Undisputed and Ryosai some makes it unbeatable guild basically you guys are asking us to get bored fighting weak guild who having hard time in scramble and in plat wars smh also you ask us to get bored watching the same guild get spam killed..

    tbh reading more of this thread is just bs calling PE a support guild and cant even handle 4-6 members wtf where is the sense

    the fact you dont seem to get is that you saying PE is support guild meanwhile your guild enter plats and get raped by 6-8 members of PE and yet you belive PE guild is pure joke for dojo and what else budokai scramble ???

    tbh before talking stuff about PE prove PE they are wrong and thus far Paradise keep losing to them so i dont seem to see what you are trying to get at tho

    Oh wait, you got help. 3-5 guilds vs 1.

    i see a hater over here smh

    soo tell me you said 3-5 guild to help undisputed to attack faze soo whats the name of the 3-5 guild you said ???

    all i can say its like 10 people from public went over to undisputed for this war...

    Long time ago? A month ago...what a long time ;)

    And I still wait 4 your arguments. But this time, I just give you just one: Call me ONE! succesful mmorpg where multiaccount is allowed?! :)


    1. We are playing PRIVATE SERVER all types of PRIVATE SERVER gives access to Multi Clients its up to the dev..

    2. Usually Multi Clients is not allowed to use in mmorpg but do the dev's from those games care??? NO cause people already using Multi Clients on games with a third party software and its basically possible i have done that in tera - blade and soul - and some other mmorpg games the dev's wont do a shit since they can't track people who use it instantly...

    3. for starter kid like yourself should know that WE ARE PLAYING ON PRIVATE SERVER whatever you been playing before dbog says 0 meaning here

    The fact he is lazy wont change at all

    1. he decide whenever he want to work hard on fixing bugs or not after all he fix small bugs that isn't important that much but yeah at least he fix 1% of the bug out of 100% from the game for each update he does..

    2. most of us don't care if he didn't bring the game back after all its private server it can be shutted down whenever daneos feels like it.. Also we are only playing just to have fun with the game we are not here watching people abuse bugs like in POB .. thats why daneos wont bother to take care of the maps even new content until he fix all the bugs that been out since tw/pob/ob

    3. all the decisions daneos made he needed like half year just to think about it before putting on progress... specially founder pack nice scam

    tbh I feel like Daneos is working for Epic with the fortnite dev's.. same day with update and when there is server issue its reminds us 100% to dbog

    The main problem is just that Daneos does not have the client source code so he can't add new content.

    Also he won't bother since he is lazy to do that.. say if he do that it will increase more bugs to the server... Its basically daneos is wishing for nothing to change just to get rid of bugs - he did promise us that he gets rid of everybug he finds or hear from us but he dont get to work to get rid of them he put some of the bugs behinde for some weeks until he feel like to get rid of it... soo for daneos to add new map any soon won't happen not even in 10 years if this server survive that long pretty sure most people quit at lvl 70 cap

    Yo , i will explain u why we need that multi account to grind in this game " correctly " u need and alt buffer or healer or poko . + a AOE damage char or a tank ..

    Grinding is by far the best solution to make zenie's (at least for mee ) cuz u can get items / stones / sell to marchands ... give mee one just one answer to this question , why auto pot's shouldn't bee an ugly item ? all classe's should have auto popo's ..

    i'am an actif player i made my poko 3 days after OB started i'am online like at least 6 h day i still need one z24 how is this even possible ?

    note : all tokens i got have gone in z24

    no need to explain it to him basically that been told long time ago and he still against it soo yeah let him enjoy a game where multi clients is possible :V

    good that i wont be needing this when my monitor got gaming mode that makes all type of games i play look better without doing changes to the game files ^^ but yeah for those who really want's this i would say its kinda recommended kinda not too cause of your eyes safety

    even for me who use game mode on monitor i use it when i play fortnite and sometimes overwatch but recommend ya to take care of ya eyes ^^

    also ofc its depends on how much you game but yeah if you game 24-7 prepare for future if not then enjoy that graphic :V even tho the current graphic ingame is good enough for me to enjoy from this game :V

    Mark my words, people gonna cry about CC150 aura too, because "it causes lag".

    Exception is, dragon aura has no advantages stat wise, while CC150 aura is by far the best title in the entire game.

    Oh I know the answer!!! Let's make CC150 aura last only for 24 hours. (: /s

    very funny smh

    budokai is taken under as a event for each week basically soo having timer on the aura would be usefull

    meanwhile ccbd is just 24-7 spam if you are up to the challenge but yeah also pretty sure most people who get easy aura from budokai wont get aura from ccbd ^^ without pay their way to get carried some wont happend lol

    well here is what you dont seem to get the class wont be balanced at all

    to begin with

    Nameks got the highest def armors

    Majin got second highest def armors

    Human got lowest soo say the noob def xD

    anyways since the class wont be balanced at all fighter class is broken with the secondary needle skill some makes them easy to 1 shot most people even tanks without good armor and anti crit ..

    basically easier said is that if you are namek or majin you can use HTB 1 skill on Humans they dies to it... - HTB 2 makes nameks and majin to get close to death or can die to it too ofc depends on your dmg

    basically all nameks are not tanks.. poko and dende are not meant to be tank but they got high def and people believes they are tank but they are not

    dw pve class where is known as weak dmg dealer can be fixed to op one if you upgrade high but yeah rip that class tbh

    sk pvp and pve class known as bold strike - life stealer class where people asking it to be nerf but it dont need ... just try to become strong against them smh

    basically a bold strike from SK can soo say kill humans fast cause humans lack energy def.. and HP

    human based of dps race

    majin is based of buff and support race

    namek is based of tank and support race..

    well he do ask for wich class to make as his first class

    i would say turtle easy pve farming and pvp

    karma is soo say usefull in speed party cause of skill lock (debuff) and attack speed (buff) - karma pvp is based of timing on using skill and perfection also the class is known as the best 1 v 1 class soo yeah you need to wait with this class until you become rich ingame to buy good stuff for this class tho

    but yeah i rather go for turtle for easy pve farming solo after all you can enjoy your cancer kamehameha skill <3

    well i kinda agree with this its no point having soo many kids running around with the aura that can give lag to people.. its basically hard for some people who have trash pc...

    also i would say that the rank system of getting budokai aura should be like:

    say you got first place (or second or third place any dosent matter just get the aura) it last 7 days if you win again the first day next week's budokai then your 7 days increase to 14 days and keep increasing until the player stop playing the budokai and lose it after the timer of it runs out

    it will basically prove people that they do want to show that they work hard to keep the aura this long and not get the aura easy from kid budokai or whatever budokai issue there was or server issue to give people crashes.. then talk crap ingame about how good they are meanwhile are weak and do not deserve aura to begin with...