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    You can't really balance PVE in this game without creating an impact on PVP and vice-versa. So from a PVPer point of view this nerf isn't good, and from a PVEer point of view ya'll need to stop thinking that a speed parties are the only way to get CC done, traditional tanks can still tank CC, less practical but still doable. People will always find an easier way to beat instances.

    Actually there is a way,its called class restrictions and can be applied on instances,as budokai being an instance, it can be done,although as a private server it can be harsh due to emulation,which might be transferred as lag.

    I disagree with the whole thread nerf,but i agree in the role part,classes are there to make the change and not to be all the same,well almost the same,gear is the most enigmatic aspect of the game,which in a common way,they should enhance class abilities and not the base stats of it,base stats should be standard for every different class and untouchable,transformations and buffs should be the only way to increase those.

    Upgrade should increase ability stats,attributes and properties,not base defense and attack,at least not that much.

    Everyone should have at least 2 characters to fully enjoy the game and not having 1 main with 3 or more different gear sets to have fun.

    Anyways,hope life is treating everyone well,enjoy life,thanks for reading,cya around...cheers

    The way i see it fair,is from the way we have to deal with the failure,as both sides,as long the gap for both sides its fair as well,1 hour gameplay x amount of stones,while x + x0.5 or more gain on p2p,the gap provides competition and resources to the players and also sustains income...

    What i'm saying is that to increase the success rate at least to a fair rate. I'm not saying anything like remove the broken or make it 2 cards. I'm trying to just increase the success rate. I know the upgrade requires luck, time and all that. BUT, the p2p can buy the stones easily and they can upgrade and get their gear to a good +. while f2p have to suffer on farming. and they have to at least have a good set of gear which they don't since they can't upgrade like the p2p. I'm saying just increase the success rate where they can at least get to +8 at least. and any farming that f2p do will be a waste if all their stones that they got will just give them broken fails which will downgrade their gear. I'm doing this thread to try and get the f2p to catch up to the p2p when lvl 60 and when lvl 70 comes as well.

    I can see where you coming from,but again there should be a gap between 2 factions and under that we both using the same chances,if anything needs to be tweaked,that should be the drop rate,but again not in huge way,the upgrade system its fine atm its fair for both factions, since its rng based,if you increase or decrease anything on that system,the rng aspect fades and it is not fair anymore...

    p2p would find the upgrade system fine because they can be rich from the cashing and get the stones easily. so they can spam the upgrade with their stones so they probably won't understand the problem. while we f2p won't have that kind of luck. At least increase the success rate to get f2p a chance to catch up.

    You saying it yourself,by increasing the chances,p2p will get ++ ,p2p loosing real money,while we lose time and effort,its fair...we both loosing,otherwise if we both win the p2p will win x2 of what we f2p get and its unfair for both sides...

    The game requires effort, time and luck,if you got a better recipe,please provide details,all mmorpgs are based on that though.


    yes we will, however, we will also see people with cc150 armor, auras, kraken, cell x sets and all those are perminante. this should not happen in the firt few weeks of lvl70 but it will be a reality, youll see

    We will definitely see that,but it comes along with the start of OB,mistakes happened and they will keep happening,i was saying that through the PA.

    Anyone that plays the game should already has that knowledge,but if that helps to take measures for a new clean start,i am with it...If not well sh!t,i am still going to play,but for the reason of i just like Dragon ball and the fact that there is a game online for that...

    But anyways,even that some of those people get those gears and auras etc,what stops you get them aswell,you will take them with your skills,while others just took advantage on an exploited system...

    With not trying to agree or disagree with anyone here,i just have a humble or naive question,after the tickets get sold and being worn and expire,arent we going to be as we should? Rybo said they taking them down already on next run,so lets say they are 100 or 1000 of them out,after some time on 70 level cap,arent there going to be stability again?Are you guys just going mad on who will be the first?I am sure there was a reason for that,lets say he can trace few movements now...

    Hate to Be Rude or unGreatful or anything but , all these Dogis are actually in game files? why are you Releaseing 1 by 1 ? to make it more hype ? i don't see anyone actually wearing that pot , or wearing that dogi , ( for real now) , also let's talk about % & how it works , simple as Ultra said , a party that is full Speed , can basicly do anything in this game , but a Crit party will suffer specialy in ccbd , idk why not use the Old Forumla we had back in POB , it was looking good both in pve & pvp , i guess some ButtHurt players change the Game Hoster Mind, lol i find it quite funny how , this shit is still wrong , like if u can take 1 month to make 1 thing right , dbog fighting system should've been done since 2017. but who am i kidding , at this point , player's that have advantage in this game ( popular Douchebags ) can actually change the "mods" idea's & get their shit applied , when actual messed up shit from almost every player wanting in this game , basicly get's called as " Fan Service "

    I like your post honestly,but i cant say that i agree with everything,yeah the dogi part,is a milking process not a hype wannabe,for me the entire game needs rework,stats,classes,end game content...Indeed players with high rep will make the changes,as the popularity always attracts and weaker personalities try to adapt same behaviors and manners.

    For me you sound as a victim of your own desperation,for change of things,i agree with you,but you shouldnt loose your temper,as nothing good will come out of it,sooner or later,there will be a realization or a total failure.

    Now the ''fan service'' you referring,was a bad move on GM's side,she tried to be sarcastic,but failed miserably and had another outcome,that is just a mistake,as the team should keep their personal beliefs,opinions and personalities,out of their roles,it is absurd to see users arguing with Moderators,even insulting each other,where is this taking us?

    I can only see,that move as an urge to flame from the GM's part, as a previous GM has announced that the change the user was asking was on the immediate plans of the upcoming updates,a warning or a put on his place for his arrogant behavior,privately,would just calm down things.

    We are in a stage,that everyone has an attitude and tries to prove something,no matter how well or not so well,people handling their experience from the game,none has the CONTROL of the game and ''everyone'' seems to be fighting over to get it.

    In fact, i have reported 7 incidents so far on OB i never sended a screen,neither a video,described my view,the actions i did and gave persons details,actions where always immediate...

    It always there is a % that you might have got something wrong,again its not your decision,you just report...

    It is affected there are many video proofs showing this.

    I am not saying if it should or shouldnt,just the reason its not being calculated as one now(logic),despite if skills where working either way in retail,that hasnt have to be a must or a rule for now on,again i do not like the damage that dots doing now,i would definitely like more damage,cranes are one of the classes that suffer from retail,requires skill and time investing to learn it,could say the smartest class in game and being pooped over and over...

    I guess 2 / 4 button combo suits everyone else.which is fine for an arcade game,but this is an MMORPG,wonder why this game can not be balanced...

    ..................... The passive should increase the base dmgs of that spell, and that's what we're talking about here.

    118% bonus damage on a 206% base dmg should turn it into 449% dmgs, giving much moe than just 1k additional dmgs.

    The physical damage is not DOT,so its not being affected,but funny part,passive description says, by 96% not plus,so it should be 114k damage every 2 secs :D

    well, Daneos and other staff would have to develop new code for include those items, they are working and work is money. Those items aren't necessary for play, dbo will continue for free. Free-to-play doesn't imply that you can have all the content, only what is necessary to play.

    You know that this is a private server, right?

    You also know that there isnt any ''development'', right?

    You should also know that there is only one person that works on this server, right?

    All the rest is voluntary work,i guess you also know that,right?

    The prices must be candy to f2p,so eventually they cash...ending up supporting all this effort and having it alive, to play.

    Also buying the items with ingame currency,helps people,who cant afford or cash in general for any particular reason and by their action,they actually supporting the server,as cashers buying items like those to sell them for ingame curency,keeps the support and income for the ''developer'' coming.

    Break the chain and you will have the reaction...

    I'm sorry, I do not want to offend, but are you trying to balance or break all classes?

    I am trying to give specific roles,on classes,make something different of what we use to...breaking some classes of what people used them to,maybe will be a collateral damage,if that is what you mean,yes,not trying though,it just happens...