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    I can see why daneos wont. Can you imagine the amount of people who will cry and claim a rigged event? All the issues it can bring to the server... this is because of you "Veterans" that force him to limit gm's ability to do anything item wise and for the sake of the server its best he doesn't allow so people cant throw around accusations that are potentially harmful because they didnt get what they wanted from the event.

    You now answer for Daneos?

    Stop being such a naive guy, Daneos does not empower the GMs to make invocations of items because he does not trust anyone in any GM.

    So there has been so much controversy recently involving the name of Daneos with one of the members of his team. Because he does not trust his Gm's.

    I say this we deserve more than that, but the Gm's have limited power to do things inside the game, and Daneos is a person who does not listen to his team and does what he wants at the time he wants, I bet with you that neither this post he read.

    I say again that the problem is not in the Gm's but in the Game Administrator who does not care about the players who financed the DBOG project.

    The GM's make a tremendous effort to keep the players active and Daneos does not care and does not contribute to the GM's to improve the game, does not listen to the opinion of the community, THERE IS NO GAME THAT THE DEVELOPERS DO NOT LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY but Daneos is neither there .

    The game is delivered the cockroache

    HardLock I understand your effort to do something different, I see that this is a quality of yours. The problem is that we veteran players are fed up with Daneos' lack of interest in us. He could give authority to you to change some awards from event, after so many controversies and money that we spend to keep the server and Daneos is not even there for the players that keep his server alive. Daneos does not have the courage to comment something here in the forum this is a lack of respect for me and to the veteran players, and what will happen going forward are people becoming more unmotivated because the Game Administrator never takes a consistent position just keeps hiding and leaving more responsibility for the Gms that has limited powers within the game.

    Daneos be brave and take a stand, listen more to the opinions of the players open your mind, and stop ignoring the players that keep your server alive.

    I understand and I agree that maybe the Stones are not a good prize, but maybe you had to do the "suggestion" in another way. Not only "demand" things and argue that we deserve them.

    As for level 30 rewards, I do not see the need for better rewards. Since that boss will be a lot easier to beat than the level 70. :thumbup:

    Do not require items, just demand the right to be respected, because he put stones as reward I found ridiculous with so many items in the game. And I gave some as a suggestion.

    Again I found a lack of respect to glue items that have no use whatsoever

    We spent most of our time playing DBOG.

    We help this server stay alive every day, the end of the year comes and watch our reward.

    Items of no use, this is a lack of consideration for the DBOG players, we deserve more than that Daneos and his team should have a little regard for us.

    Sugestoes de prêmios:

    Silver box ~~>

    Reset Book~~>

    Brown Reset Book ~~>

    Chests ~~>

    Circuits ~~>

    Rare Dogiball ~~>

    Pet Rise ~~>

    CC Cupouns 36/41/51/71/91 ~~>

    There are so many awards that Daneos can replace, we deserve more recognition and respect

    if you hate this game so much go away

    At no point did I mention that I hated the game, I just brought my opinion about what is happening. And who are you to tell me to quit the game?

    If you are a player with no critical sense this is your problem

    Are you willing to teach me how to do a CCDG?

    Spare me!

    You are the type of player who does not fill a hand in front of you.

    As I said I came to expose what I witness inside the game, an unbalanced CCDG.

    Options of equipment that do not work correctly, finally if you do not have plausible arguments is a particular your

    "Yes, google translate sucks when translating"

    Nothing new, nothing new Daneos can not understand that the game is delivered to the cockroaches, we want to see something that makes a difference in the game.

    The CC dungeon is ridiculous, he wanted to hinder the CC and practically deleted the possibilities of playing the CC dungeon, I am practicamnete full + 15 and this ridiculous to make the CC with 6800 of physical defense the c BOSS still has a very high life and an absurd damage, Daneos wakes up to expensive life you are killing the server, ending the players' will to play your server.

    It's time to end this Bread and Circus policy "

    Dude you are dreaming too much, the DBO team is usually managing to solve basic problems like the bloody defense of the bugged game, when you have 7000 defense and this does not mean nad apra a CC BOSS dungeon. You think they are going to add something new, he can not even set up the Pet of the POKO class right, do you think they can compete to add new things, and the old ones are still badly solved?

    Sorry man you're just a dreamer, this is not within reach of Daneos and his team

    I hope Daneos and his team are working hard to fix hundreds of bugs, one of them is regenration when you're beating, this option does not work at all, we should recover our life when we attack and nothing happens.

    Or fix the damn Grand Chief's EP reduction skil, it's simple stuff plus the Danoes team can not solve it either, the Poko reflect does not server, so if you get videos from CC Dungoen the blessed POKO is who held all the damages of the DC BOSS, here you can be FULL +100 and poko carry HK of the DC BOSS, this is ridiculous.

    I am venting here as the spokesman of the BRS of my guild, I know more than 50 people of my guild who stopped playing the game because of the neglect of Daneos.

    What White boxes to rotate the attributes?

    Nothing new in the game, just respect our opinion and make these and other changes or the game will eventually die in a few months.

    I don't find it bad what daneos did, with the inactivity thing. Its just, that it should be this way from the beginning of the game.

    There are already quite a few players in the game with +15 weapon/armor only due to token farming. So right now, the game is already unbalanced due to players that already took advantage of this process, and players that didn't. I would like to see an action taken, which would somehow balance it again and make it fair.

    It is expensive, no argument at all in his commentary, did not bring the solution.

    Unlike you, the solution that I brought was who level maximum in the game, it would be fair to receive the tokens daily or it could be to keep the tokens, because he these players show that they are active in the game.

    Or only players at the maximum level could receive a portion of these tokens when they were afk.

    Is it so ridiculous what Daneos did with the token system, that is, we do not study or work?

    Do we have to stay in the game all the time, playing to get tokens points?

    Daneos wakes up to expensive life, this is going overboard.

    It would be fair to win tokens away from keybord players with characters at lvl 45 (maximum), in case you wanted to filter fake accounts, but what you did is ridiculous. Not to mention the dragon ball drop, man you totally lost the notion of stuff.

    Have more respect with the players and rethink your attitudes Daneos and his team.


    Im not really a fan of doing events to sell cash points cheaper. In my opinion only money-hungry companies do that. So I don't really wanna do it.


    I respect your opinion, but the reason for post would be just so we can get some discounts for example in riding vehicles, many people are willing to have a riding vehicle but the prices are not so convenient.

    Or discounts on 32-slot inventories

    Discounts on capsules containing exp booster and autopot

    Discounts on wagu wagu coins pack

    Ticket discounts on floor 51/71/91

    Please reconsider this post

    I am creating this topic to ask the support of the players to happen great deals in the cash shop.

    Since everyone is expecting BlackFriday, hoping to get discounts and most of the games put discounts on their cash store I hope that the team of DBOG do not stop attending BlackFriday.

    We want special discounts at the cash shop.

    Who supports this short topic and leave your comment as follows:




    I'm angry

    It is very clear who is nervous here, see the terms that you used to answer my young comment.

    The truth is that you have no good arguments to present here in this topic.

    It's no good to keep bringing examples of other games to compare with DBOG.

    The logic of the game is totally different, do you think I am not a veteran in this game?

    I played the korean server my dear, and neither in the korean server that was the pioneer there was not 100% linked items.

    And to bring down your argument from other games, no MMO server is 100% linked items, open your young mind you're still thinking so small.

    I found your comment plausible.

    I just wanted to talk about a part of him, about his opinion of putting to sell the stones u70 by tokens, this will not be possible, they never made this kind of implentation because the server is 100% PAY2WIN.

    The only thing that Daneos and his team made a point of keeping from the original server was the prices of the cash store, high for a game that is in tests.

    The prices of the cash shop they do not diminish, I will look later here in my files, a picture of how much was the cash at the beginning of the server and how much is the cash now.

    Trust me i know alot of people who have no huge issue with the reconsidering needed

    Trust in you?

    Where are these people who do not speak up here?

    This is not how things work here young.

    Most here is against this update is clear as water, and you come telling me that you know several pessaos who are in favor of this update, the topic is already reaching almost 20 pages take the initial to the end and see how many people are the favor and how many are against.

    We are seeing facts, we do not work on theories and words spoken by someone we do not know as you, saying "trust me" how much hypocrisy.

    Simply the best update we ever had Fairness is coming next week buddies i can't wait

    Do not have equipment +15?

    Do I borrow equipment?

    I think you did not pay attention to what I wrote, I'm full +15 my dear.

    I do not borrow equipment with anyone.

    What I want to show you is, DBOG is a private server, and it's obvious that the game has always been P2WIN only you do not fill it.

    The players who can cashpoint are the ones who are really complaining here, because we are the "DONATORS" that keep the server alive.

    Because if you depend on players who can not cashpoint the server would not last for a year.

    Regarding the update of bind items, it is so clear that he put bind up in accessories I found an EXAGERO.

    It's clear the Daneos appointments in with this update, make the server even more in P2WIN.

    I am making it clear that the Latin Americans who are the majority on this server and who keeps the server alive are dissatisfied with this update and that the number of Latinos who have withdrawn from the server after knowing that this update is coming is quite high.

    I find a lack of respect with the players, get imposing this update without even opening a vote. For this reason I say again that this update is 100% DICTATORSHIP.

    Simply the best update we ever had Fairness is coming next week buddies i can't wait