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    Just wondering if this time (Log-In issues on 04.07.2018) will there be any sort of compensation for those who can't log, and are losing hours of farm/db hunt. For months now there have been all sorts of issues, and I've never seen any form of compensation to the players. In every MMO I've played, when stuff like this happened, there always would be some sort of gift, like an apology, and yet, I haven't seen one here. It could ok during the "open-beta" phase, but I believe we are not there anymore. And please don't comment the obvious and usual answers, like it's a one man job, Daneos it's doing this alone, etc etc, we all know this and we give credit where credit is due. But the players also deserve some credit, even if its a single wagu, dogiball, auto pot, for some would make a difference. Just throwing it out there, now I'll watch you run with it.


    Hello mussolini,

    You did receive a great compensation for the recent log in outage.


    A more stable game.

    In every issue we encounter, Daneos is making sure that he fix it entirely for it not to occur again. He's not doing it for himself but for the players to have a great Dragon Ball Online Experience. I hope it's enough. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and the team is working hard to make sure that we can provide each and every players with a great and stable gaming experience.

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    Try reinstalling the game without your antivirus software, also make sure to have the latest frame work. Base on what i can see, you have an old launcher. Make sure to have the latest one installed as well.



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    I would also like to have an animated Saiyan Tail as accessory.

    And Aru: Who cares if that's not lore friendly ?
    You're playing a game where you can have an aureol as accessory when you're alive...

    And where there are thousands of Dragon Balls in circulation and where Shenron is summoned dozens of times a day...
    Are these points lore-friendly ?

    I think you're forgetting that the game you're playing is a MMORPG game wherein everyone has their own story and quests. There's hundreds thousands of players playing the game at once, Of course there will be repetitions such as summoning Shenron. And as Aru stated, It is possible to add these things through MODS, and maybe later it'll get implemented as an accessory.

    What about the Guild creation prices? They were at 200kk to prevent bigger guilds to create secondary ones and own Dojos. I haven't seen any changes about it yet, so what if I wanna create a guild with my friends at the very beginning? How much will it cost?

    The prices will be reduced and set as it fits, it was made this way in pob because the prices were too low for the current economy.

    what about ticket upgrade? in ob working or dissabled too?

    Upgrade tickets are now available for equipment that does not bind.

    Will Founder Pack or something every be thing again limited time for people who do want to reserve there character names?

    Founders will have their privileges in accordance to their respective Founder type.

    Will and if yes, when will poko pets be fixed?

    It will be fixed hopefully before open beta.


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    Hello Mikkles,

    Yes and no. There are 3 types of Dragon Balls.

    • Tier 1 - These Dragon Balls can be acquired throughout the beginner quests. Level 1-20 (keep in mind, these balls can only be acquired once.)
    • Tier 2 - These Dragon Balls can be acquired during the Dragon Ball hunt every saturday by killing Dragon Ball mobs all through out the world.
    • Tier 3 - These Dragon Balls can be acquired by participating in the Dragon Ball Scramble event. It is a pvp event wherein you kill players to obtain their Dragon balls.

    The events schedules can be seen here.



    Ciao Laxden,

    Le Sfere del Drago di Livello 1 possono essere acquisite attraverso le missioni. Per quanto riguarda le Sfere del Drago di Livello 2 Dovresti ottenere lo scouter che ha la funzione Radar di Dragon Ball, quindi una volta che l'evento Dragon Ball Hunt è attivo, i Mob di Dragon Ball appariranno nella tua Mini-mappa. I mob di Dragon Ball sono mostrati come una palla con una stella nella mini-mappa. Dovrai uccidere quella folla e sperare in una possibilità che una palla possa cadere. La Sfera del Drago nel mondo sembra un globo di vetro trasparente.

    Puoi anche raccogliere le Sfere del Drago Tier 3 quando partecipi all'evento Scramble.

    Programma degli eventi - Elenco degli eventi


    Hello bruceleekungfu,

    Yes, I advice you to hunt the dragon balls as soon as possible. That way it will lessen up the trouble in finding them when you reach Lv 40. In my opinion the lower your level is the faster it is to hunt. In my case, I manage to get a whole set of Tier 2 Dragon Balls at the level of 2.

    You should get the scouter that has the Dragon Ball Radar function, then once the Dragon Ball Hunt event is active, Dragon Ball mobs will appear in your Mini-map. The Dragon Ball mobs are shown as a ball with one star in it in the mini-map.
    Schedule of Events - List of events



    For beginners you can learn crafting and by selling crafted gears to players.

    If you're strong enough, you could try to farm items such as (level 70 legendary items, upgrade stones) in papaya island.

    You can also try doing some powerleveling services.



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