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    Welcome back, Ish. I remember you, but you probably knew me under a different name. I will now proceed to slide into those DMs.

    Whats even the point of not letting majins pick up items whilst spinning?

    Apparently, there was a bug where, if you picked up items with the mouse while spinning, it could cause you stop spinning and become stuck in place (although the spin would continue server-side and still deal damage). Something similar also happened with the transformation ball, where it would just change to the spinning animation instead.


    Daneos is still working on the coding for the launcher's new patching. It's quite a bit of work, but it'll be done as soon as possible.


    • PvP
      • Second Adult Solo Tournament every thursday at 11PM CEST!


    • Dungeons
      • LP/EP of CCBD monsters is now increased/decreased depending on level.

    • New Costume
      • Frieza Head (Final Form)
      • Frieza Dogi (Final Form)


    • Miscellaneous
      • When canceling dice rolls, it no longer shows the number "0" above your head.
      • No longer possible to use portals while doing a spinning attack or rolling attack (to prevent a bug).
      • Picking up items/Zeni while doing a spinning attack or rolling attack is no longer possible (to prevent a bug).
      • Enable/disable which skills can be used by your Poko Priest's pets.


    • (CCBD) Some monsters did not spawn together with the Ultra monsters.
    • (CCBD) Some monsters did not respawn.
    • Skill "Charging Fist" Knockdown ability did not work.
    • Immunity against skills after getting knocked down during transformation.


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    Version en Français

    I've suggested this myself to Daneos some time ago, but unfortunately, due to how NTL set up the character customization coding-wise (specifically, something they messed up with namekians), it's currently only possible to add new human hair colors and nothing else.

    Still, sometime in the future though? Perhaps.

    Y'know, skipping the tutorial and getting to lvl2 is even easier than sitting through the tutorial on it's own. Looks like you guys have another reason to bind mystery capsules like I suggested....

    Both the capsule that was in the tutorial and the one that's in the gift box already bind.

    Without new content but not bad update , hope the next one will be better, thanks for it.

    Anyway i didn t underdtand your last saying , when u talk about farming dungeons u mean the stuff on UD and Stones ?

    Items in general have higher drop rates.

    Could you patch the problem of new dogi? some players do not see the dogis

    Daneos is already working on a patch to fix that now.

    Is the extra 25% dmg added to the back damage calculated before or after the crit ?

    After the crit. Back dmg bonus turns into 75% instead of 50% if it's a crit.


    I know some of you were hoping for new dogis drops to be added this week, but Daneos needs to first work on a new patching method that will make things easier and also prevent some of those bugs, where some people couldn't see new dogis. This will be taken care of as soon as possible.


    • Balance
      • Damage from behind x1.5 (If crit is successful 25% of weapon damage is added as bonus).

    • Miscellaneous
      • Fused Zamasu Outfit icon and dogi textures have been updated.
      • Kid Gohan Gi dogi textures have been updated.
      • Blue, Red and Yellow Tie Business Man Suit dogis should be now fixed on all races.
      • Mystery Dogi Capsule no longer dropped from Tutorial. It can now be received from "Popo Gift Box LV2"!
      • Player mute no longer ends at a fixed time. It now ends when player has been online for the whole mute's duration.
      • Ranking now only works on Channel 0.


    • Majin recovered LP/EP% instead of the victim (that wears that stat) during a spin attack.
    • Removing buffs from CCBD bosses.
    • "Recover X% LP/EP from damage taken" buff now works correctly.
    • An issue within drop rate. It should be easier to farm in dungeons now (higher drop rates).


    Reminder that all forum rules still apply here. If you want to leave any suggestions and express your opinions, please do so in a civilized manner.

    Versión en Español

    Versão em Português
    Version en Français

    Daneos wanted to give the Tutorial more purpose, and this will help newbies learn the basics by motivating them to do it. Like I said, we're going to add a visible message to the warning. However, it's not really our fault if people still decide to skip it.

    Besides, you're giving the item too much value. This capsule will be a pretty common item to have, as long as you run TMQ, and soon other dungeons as well.

    Is this already applied? Cause the skill in-game still reads "increases movement spd by x". And I don't want to reset now if it isn't already applied. And if it is would you mind telling by how much?

    Edit: I also used it now and it didn't do anything in that regard.

    Here you go. It starts at Level 3 as 20, then 25 and 30.
    Edit: Not %, my bad for the typo.


    The dogis make my character naked and is it only 1 drop per account on a new character? i tried making a second character and it got the lp thing

    Hmm, there might've been an issue when your launcher tried patching.

    It's all cool man, I agree, now I just need some friends to farm TMQ1.

    Well, they bind so that each person works for the dogi, in order for them to get to wear it and keep it, not to sell it/hand it to someone else. Everyone gets to make dungeons more active by working for their own dogi. And since they're free dogis that drop (not to mention 10% drop rate for a capsule is a lot), it's normal that it would be like this, otherwise the whole game would be flooded with those dogis in the market.

    I got a question, does everyone in the party get a dogi capsule from tmq hero and boss or can only one person get it?

    It drops like any other item, so you have to roll for it.

    Does the Mystery Dogi Capsule drop in any TMQ? On any difficulty?

    Btw all characters already created should receive one.

    Yes, they should drop in any TMQ.

    Unfortunately, already created characters aren't receiving one. You'll have to and farm them, which shouldn't be too difficult anyway.

    Also, Daneos says the tutorial drop issue has been fixed.

    Okay, so the ones from TMQ won't be binded?

    Lol I'm broke anyway so I gotta get it on my own.

    They're all binded.

    I think the problem here is that dbog doesn't log all your progress so they can't just give you a +14 fan because you said you lost it. So no way to trace it back -> gone = gone

    It's also the fact that we don't have a command to spawn that specific item back, or even a copy with that specific set and amount of stats. Regardless, nowhere in our policies do we claim that we'll recover items lost by the player's own hands (be it trashed, disassembled, sacrificed, etc). It was just their wishful thinking.

    lol did you play any other mmorpg? I can make video right now how i drop my weapon in black desert and after 48h i will have it back, come on i lost my weapon because the system was broken it should not let me destory upgraded item, like you cant sell upgraded item to npc.

    Yes, and they're never obligated to get something back for you when it's your own fault. You're lucky that they do this in Black Desert, but most other games, including this one, aren't like that.

    Anyways, when you try to trash an item, you always get a warning:


    So, therefore, it was your own fault. Besides, if you couldn't destroy upgrade items at all, that would be annoying for everyone who wouldn't be able to get rid of those items forever, unless they bother getting enough downgrade stones.

    However, if you still think you'd like your idea implemented, feel free to create a thread in the Suggestions section and continue there.

    Quote from Frey123

    Stop talking shit , u are wrong .

    I can make video to , on aoin dropping all my stuff , and contacing xena (moderator on aoin ) or any memeber in the staff , i will have all my items back in 58 hr maximum. Happens to me , i dropped 5 stones value 1 kkk in aoin , got them back in the week.

    This isn't "aoin".

    Back on topic now.