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    I did what Spark did, except I did it at the end of one of the starter map dungeons (several Supers and a Boss). Unlike the dino area, there weren't a bunch of people trying to farm there, so I could switch channels for multiplied results and, since the monsters were all grouped together (at least in the namek dungeon), one AOE skill wiped them clean pretty fast (in my case, using a turtle hermit character).

    Thing is, it was said on the FB announcement that we'd be able to play after they finish taking a break. The missing dbog.exe file was probably intended and will most likely be added through a download from the launcher, once they're back.

    So, even if most of those Like removals are of those who made bot accounts just to get to 8k faster or whatever, if there's people actually overreacting because of this file being missing and didn't even try to use common sense, then they just can't be taken seriously.

    That's not what he ment , remember the Gifts we get in Wazabi DBO website ?

    I know that's what he meant, I'm just saying it's probably already possible to do that, since you said you didn't know if they could link the game with the website, which they have.

    As for actually receiving gifts like that, I'm sure it'll be happening after Open Beta (kinda pointless to receive anything before that due to wipe anyway). It just depends if they'll have other things that they must highly prioritize first, before creating a daily free item giveaway plan for the players. Might not even be daily, I wouldn't mind if it were weekly or something.

    To commemorate the start of the Closed Alpha Test, our first testing phase, Saito decided to create a DBOG teaser trailer.

    Since he's too tired and lazy to post this on the forums right now, I'll be sharing this here, in case there's some of you who don't follow on Facebook that often.


    I just gotta say one thing about this video: That test31 is way too sexy.

    Until someone knowledgeable enough from the team says the "engine does not allow it", then there's no reason to believe so.

    Any game with multiple appearance choices allows for characters to change them, be it with a certain GM command, or whatever. When you create a character and you choose Hairstyle 1, 2, 3 or 4, and skin tone 1, 2 or 3, for example, that data is stored in the server with your character. There is no reason to believe that that data can't be changed.

    I think the simple fact that we can change between adult and kid form is already enough to show that this is also possible. Just because the game, at the moment, doesn't have a proper item/feature to do this yet, doesn't mean it can't be done. It would have to be by changing the data info related to your character by switching around a few numbers, but I do see the possibility of such a feature being added as an item later on.


    I've always agreed that an easy game is a boring game, and that's one of the reasons why I don't really like those private servers (from any game) that decide to make things super easy to obtain. But making dogis unbreakable isn't going to take away any of the fun. Dogi balls were already hard to get (for non-cashers), so even if those balls are made obtainable through tokens or whatever, having your super rare dogi break doesn't really make sense. Just like gear breaking when upgrading: there's games that do that, and games that don't. The ones that don't are actually more fun and considered less p2w, while simultaneously, doesn't feel like it's an easy ride either.

    It was already mentioned by someone in the staff that DBOG doesn't plan on keeping that system where people have their gear breaking, I think, and there's even less reason for costume items to do so. There's current successful MMORPGs that don't do that, so DBO will simply be fitting in with them. You can already be just as proud of getting it this way, since getting a tiny thing, like 1 or 2 more stat points on your dogi isn't really a reason to be so "proud" of, since it's just based on RNG. If it was based on hard work, then yeah.

    Removing the breaking chance just eliminates an annoyance that shouldn't really be there, other than a greedy money-grabber. So, having it there, doesn't really make things more "fun" for the sake of being rare, it just leads the game to the p2w concept. I'm sure no one here would like to see DBOG heading that way.

    If dogis wouldn't break there will be too much dogis and with the time they are nothing worth...

    That's why some are rarer than others. Not to mention, I play/played other MMORPGs where costumes don't break and that problem you mentioned never really happened. In fact, if they did break, they would be pretty overpriced, and if you look back, dogis were kinda overpriced for what they were.

    Besides, there's also the people who quit and, most of the times, leave their items and dogis in their inventory.