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    Daneos said he'd be away for the weekend, so it's possible that this delay might go on until monday. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Regardless, DB Hunt is going to be everyday (except thursday) from now on and it's not going anywhere, so there's nothing to worry about.

    rly where is the DB Hunt from 12am to 4am O.o nothing showed up...

    There's currently an issue in the server and it's making DB Hunt start a few hours later, but Daneos will fix it as soon as he's back. Problem is that it might have to be as late as monday... We'll see if it keeps happening. So we apologize for the inconvenience.

    As far as I Know, there are currently no plans to add transformation pots.

    The DB Hunt event schedule isn't meant for people to participate in it everyday, but to give everyone a chance to be able to do it at least once a week. For Portugal usual working hours, there's at least 3 (maybe even 4) decent days to hunt.

    Depending on what time you get home, you first have Tuesday, which starts at 5pm and ends at 9pm. You should probably be able to get at least an hour or two from that one.

    Then you have Wednesday, starting at 9pm and ending at 1am. Hunt for however long you can and go to sleep.

    Possibly, if you're not too tired and not going out with friends on that Friday (assuming you also get the weekend off), you have 1am to 5am.

    And then of course, Sunday, with an easy time to access, from 9am to 1pm.

    You can probably expect an update on that aggro situation next week. Unfortunately, Daneos was a bit busy irl because he'll be going away for a few days (he'll be back on monday) and this is how he decided to prioritize things. Hold on just a little longer.

    Mick777 I'll pass your suggestion along.

    If we kicked innactive players, then that would be killing the Private Shop feature. If Daneos made it so that people with a Private Shop don't get kicked, then the AFK auto-kick feature would become useless too, since people would just turn into Private Shops when going AFK.

    Awesome update. :thumbup:

    But i have a question though, i always farm with my high level (45 in yahoi west) and then kill the db's with my lower lvl, can a db still drop like that even though i'm not the previous killer of the mob?

    The change that affected this was actually already applied in the previous update's DB mob spawn system and the answer is, in short, no.

    For DB mobs to spawn, they have to be killed by a character within the same level range. It's a small drawback for those who preferred doing your method, but given that we're talking about mobs around the same level as you, you should be able to kill them just fine and make those mobs belong to you, thanks to this new system. With a 20% spawn rate, I personally think it's fair. Let us know how it goes tomorrow, though.

    P.S: If you don't want that character to leave that level range, remember that you can type @resetexp to bring your EXP back to zero.


    Welcome to the first edition of our detailed patch notes! These threads will serve the purpose of giving you quick access to all past updates from now on, as well as providing you with any needed extra information. Not only that, but you're also able to comment here and leave your feedback! However, remember to keep it civil.

    Note: If you're reading this from the future, know that there have been countless updates before this one (for over 3 years since the creation of this post). If you wish to go further back and check on previous updates, you'll have to navigate through the News section and read the maintenance posts made by Daneos.



    • Nepty Token System
      • The AFK check has been removed. You can now receive tokens again by being AFK. We've listened to you guys and have come to this conclusion. This, of course, wouldn't be possible without the implementation of the new system described below.

      • The amount of tokens a player receives now depends on a character level vs level cap ratio. The max tokens a player can receive at a time is 10, while being at max level, or less points if they’re lower level. Example: If a character is level 20 while the cap is level 45, they’ll receive 4 tokens at a time.

    • Dragon Ball Hunt

      • Dragon Ball Mob Lock System has been implemented. Now, any monsters that respawn with a DB icon will only have the DB icon visible to the player that previously killed it. This allows everyone to farm peacefully without others trying to steal their precious Dragon Balls. This even works if a player has disconnected and logged back in, so have fun! A video guide for this and basic DB hunting will be released in the near future.
      • New hunting schedule! More DB hunt days! Here’s what it looks like:

        Monday: 12pm – 4pm

        Tuesday: 4pm – 8pm

        Wednesday: 8pm – 12am

        Thursday: No hunt (because there's maintenance and it might start at different times).

        Friday: 12am – 4am

        Saturday: 4am – 8am

        Sunday: 8am – 12pm

        >>Countdown Page<<

    • World Boss
      • The robot HOPE-02 was re-programmed to feel generosity and has reduced its Equipment Box price from 4x Dark Devil’s Gold Coin and 10kk Zeni to 2x Dark Devil’s Gold Coin and 500k Zeni!
      • The Dark Devil Supply Crate’s chance to give the “Universe’s Luckiest” title has been increased from 0.4% to 10%.

      • May, Jun, Jul and Aug titles removed.

      • Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr titles added.


    • Item “Huge Egg” from TMQ3 can now be discarded.
    • Item "Seal Coin" is now tradable.
    • Shenron's summoning animation.
    • Getting into Kid Budokai with a level 30 character. This was done by applying as Level 29 and then leveling up, but it has now been fixed and no longer possible to do.
    • Guild Master's pop-up announcement message. If you're a guild master, type "/c" in the guild chat, just like a party leader would do with "/z".


    Reminder that all forum rules still apply here. If you want to leave any suggestions and express your opinions, please do so in a civilized manner.

    Oh, yeah, the popo treasure boxes did have a considerable impact at first. But since everyone was starting out, I believe most of that Zeni already went into sinks, especially guild creation and upgrades. We're only at level 45 cap right now and people can already easily produce millions just from farming and selling trash to the NPC. It did help set up a high bar, though. But I think that bar has already been slowly getting close to what it should've been right now regardless, given how much Zeni you can get by farming and how the exploits were stopped.

    There's also a bunch of other factors to consider, like when those boxes were removed and people who were holding on to items or trying to resell them started desperately trying to get rid of everything at the same or higher prices, before the majority would realize that this form of income was gone. Then eventually being forced to slowly lower those prices for people to actually buy them. So whether they've already lowered to what they should've been now, it's hard to tell. Especially since it's normal for prices to increase along with level cap raises, for reasons already mentioned above.

    Either way, the economy is also divided in different markets for different kinds of items, and the kid budo gear part of it was eviscerated by those mass token farmers. They made tons of Zeni from whales and people who donated throughout POB, but eh, at least things can now slowly go back to normal.

    For example, the people who were flooding the market with these high upgraded items for kid budo were the ones who were mass afk farming tokens, and they were purposely overpricing them a lot, which was ruining that part of the game. Now the affected prices are still recovering. Other than that, exploiting the system to have such advantages over other players is also not good, so we had to do something about it.

    The thing is, I don't think we can prevent people from dual clienting. There's always a way to bypass it and I personally haven't heard of any game that people haven't been able to dual client.

    To each their own, but I still don't think there's a point in rewarding people who are AFK. Being able to receive tokens while playing, and knowing that there's rewards with fair prices (coming soon) that I really want to get by doing so, it makes me want to play more.

    In most, if not all games, it's true that the economy always keeps inflating. Prices go up, but that also makes it easier to make higher amounts with good drops, at least. The most we can do is slow down the process as much as possible and try to implement new sinks in smart ways. But deflation does happen sometimes. Also, your English is fine.


    I do understand what you meant perfectly. I know that just adding more days would've prevented (most of) the complaining about stealing dragon ball mobs, however, this was more of an attempt at fixing both issues that went wrong, albeit temporarily. I personally would prefer to have both systems in the game (this one and the random spawn for people who like flying around), which I'll try to pitch, but I don't currently have an answer as to whether that'll happen.

    As for the team testing it, yes, I've farmed them on both systems and I'm getting around the same results right now (around a full set in a day), despite the current state being harder without the db mob lock system implemented yet, meaning I'll probably get more dragon balls once that's done (assuming my luck doesn't change much next time). As a second example, another member of the staff got even more dragon balls than that.

    I understand that the recent hunts, especially the last one, did unfortunately suck for a lot of people, but what matters now is that it's being permanently (and hopefully) fixed soon.

    As for the aggro system, I agree. I hope it goes it goes back to normal and that we don't have messy situations like these happening out of nowhere again, regardless of these results not having been intended.

    And kudos for good discussion.

    Positive feedback? What?
    The actual system is bugged, just read what i said up there.
    There was nothing wrong with the old aggro system, DW and SK could keep the aggro. This was a useless change just to make it worst.
    Why you guys changed the aggro system since nobody complains about it? The only people that complain about the original aggro system was SK players that couldn't hold aggro because they didn't get skills to hold it!
    Just turn the aggro system back how it was in official servers (and here at the open beta start) and it will work perfectly.

    I wasn't talking about the update that completely broke the aggro system, that obviously didn't have positive feedback. I meant solely from a tank aggro fix that came afterwards, as I actually saw some reports from DW saying it improved it, so I'm just passing along what I know. But again, like I said, if it's still broken, then it won't be left like that. As you probably know, I can't really force Daneos to change it back to the same exact old system, but with all the proof that there's still problems, then he'll either revert back or manage to fix the current one. He's not going to ignore the issue, so don't worry.

    I was going to add your points but since you did I just quoted you, but I disagree on the tourny part. There are a lot of problem with ranked right now.

    - Players can just quit and not lose points, you won't get any as well

    - Parties can still farm, get 3 times as much mudosa, all members will get em as well and each member will participate in solo budokai

    - Players that shouldn't participate can still register and get called, but they will crash inside, either way those players still deny entry to those that have the rights to enter.

    - The tournament time restrictions make it so some players can not participate which is unfair.

    Daneos will probably read this, but I'll pass your report of these issues along to him, just in case. Thank you.

    Kaioshin Vall DB Hunt: Yes, I do know that. That was the whole point of me mentioning more days, both in my previous post and on another one I've made a few days ago stating plans for that. However, you haven't really been paying attention since the start of OB, because most of the complaints have indeed been about people stealing mobs. Before that, a lot people had no problems getting around full sets in a single day (a lot of them still managed to do just fine in OB's conditions too), so other than some being unlucky, the actual drop rate has always been fine as it is. Many even repeated this recently in other threads.

    Schedule only having one day has been poorly accepted and been common knowledge for quite a while now, and again, it was already stated that there will be more days. And yes, it will help in this current system because then people won't be forced to all flock together to that specific unique day of the week at those exact times. That change, along with the db mob lock system that I mentioned, will solve both those issues in the dragon ball hunt event.

    Token Shop: Actually, it will. People are rewarded for playing, so having prices reduced (to less than half imo) would balance things out. Adding more items to it will make the game even more f2p-friendly. It's a win-win. There's no point in rewarding someone afk, that makes zero sense. This way, we kill two major issues that the old token system was causing + people get rewarded more. The only problem was indeed the one I stated about not having all of it done at the same time. However, the issues caused by mass farmers were getting very out of hand, so it was more of an emergency to prevent permanent damage to the economy and the game, if you think about it. This aftermath issue, however, is merely temporary.

    All the other stuff doesn't really say much else, it's either just a repeat or conflicting subjective statements between us, while also ignoring some of the possible consequences I mentioned earlier, so I'll leave it at that. We'll try to do better on the mistakes that did happen, though.

    Lamao i don't know if Moddo's are reading what most of us wanna or they just don't understand u wanna change the token shop to make us get as much fun as possible so why u don't increase the amount of tokens we get know ? why u don't decrease the token shop prices ...

    Make it 2 tokens for each 1 minute or just make the token shop prices /2 to make it fair ..

    Sounds like you didn't read, in this case though lol

    Check back on Page 1 again.

    I'm making this post to express my personal opinion on these matters, mixed in with some useful factual information. Even though all of what was posted above has already been talked about multiple times before and everyone is aware of it.

    I will give you points on the following:

    - Not enough detailed information in the update posts;

    - Two of the recent changes only being applied halfway, while waiting for the final implementations a week or two later.

    Now, tackling each topic individually.

    • Dragon Ball Hunt changes

    Not like this one needed a detailed explanation, given the amount of threads prior to this change, complaining about how there were not enough db mobs for this many players in the server. Sure, removing the random db spawns on pre-living monsters upset some people, mostly the ones who don't read the forums and updates to know how the new system works, but a 20% spawn rate is really high, meaning you don't even need to be an AOE class. I know you're bound to find scumbags who'll do anything steal your db mobs if you try to farm out in the open, but that's what brings me to my next point.

    As previously mentioned, this is one of the changes that was delivered in an incomplete manner and it would've been fine with everyone (except the lazy db mob campers) if it wasn't. The two changes that are missing and that will be coming soon are: More hunt days with different times to fit everyone's schedules and a db mob lock system that Daneos is working on, which will protect your db mobs.

    It was either: wait another week without changing anything (meaning everyone would still keep raging about "not enough db mobs"); or try this part of the new changes to see how it goes. However, we apologize for any minor inconvenience this might have caused you last Saturday.

    • Token Point changes

    The people using dual client to afk farm weren't really ruining server stability that much. It seems you might have not been paying much attention to this subject, but the biggest issues regarding this were the clear advantage that mass farmers were getting from upgrading pre-30 gear (to use in kid budo or to sell) and the impact it was having on the economy.

    Again, it is the other case in which you got a point, because it was also an incomplete change. There will be adjustments to the Token Shop prices and possibly new items added as well. It's painfully obvious that the new system isn't meant to work with the old prices and that we wouldn't just leave it like that.

    • Tank aggro changes

    I see a lot of assumptions on this one. First of all, the update that ruined tanks' aggro wasn't even intended to do that, and no, it wasn't because people "love SK". Plus, there's already been a fix implemented that we've been getting some positive feedback from, and if anything needs to be further adjusted, it will be.

    • Class balance changes

    I don't really see the point of this topic in the middle of all this. Just seems a bit random, but sure, I'll share my 2 cents. I understand there's people who have that opinion, however, I don't believe that "balance" in this genre of games should be like Pokémon. I think every class should have a chance to succeed in either PvE or PvP, with one thing deciding which one of those paths they can master: their build.

    • Tournament changes

    When I first heard of this change (before it was implemented), I was also a bit skeptical and worried, but that was because I hadn't thought everything through and didn't have all the information yet. A few minutes later, I was okay with it.

    Also, "copy and paste the code 5 more times"? First of all, that's clearly not how it works, and secondly, what would you even do with that many tournaments if the amount of players applying wouldn't even be able to come close to filling two of them? "Drama"..? Anyway, here's a few factors to consider:

    - It's a priority system, not a requirement.

    - You don't have to do Ranked Battles to participate because not all ~400 players will be no-lifing them.

    - People who prefer/are into PvP will have more of a chance to participate, which they deserve. Again, the rest can still easily join.

    - Ranked points reset every week, so every one has a chance, no matter how late they start getting into PvP.

    - Having more tournaments right now wouldn't work, because only having a portion joining the other one would be unfair for the ones in the main instance. Not to mention how the system also gives priority to levels, the second instance would just be easy wins and easy auras/titles, so your idea would actually make people complain even more.

    Can't tell if the minimum level question is a serious one, but you should probably know the answer now.

    • Crafting system changes

    Last but not least. Yes, the crafting prices are high. Yes, farming Zeni for it becomes easier and easier with each cap raise. The limitations added to the crafting system were to prevent flooding the game with a bunch of strong gear that's much higher than the current level cap. Yes, there should've been more detailed information explaining this in the update post.

    Finally, to point out a few things from the ending there, these are called "testing phases" for a reason. Sure, some more controversial ideas can use a poll and discussion from time to time, but I personally don't think that Daneos should have to ask the community for permission for every single thing before he updates. The community already fights between itself enough as it is. We always take the community's feedback into consideration, that's how a lot of the in-staff discussions are started, not just by suggestions made by staff members, and it's also how a lot of decisions are reached - there's been serveral cases of community influence on decisions. We all pitch in with our different opinions to try to counter each other and reach the best possible solution (that includes you too), but a lot things sometimes "sound better on paper" and then end up not being executed so well. That's why we also need mass-population testing and feedback for some of the changes, after they've been tried - which can easily be re-adjusted the next week or two, an amount of time that's not really hard to wait, at all.

    Anyway, going back to the lack of explanations part, I would like to mention that I have felt the same way and that's why I've pitched an idea to Daneos that he seems to agree with so far. Instead of having Daneos sacrifice an easy-to-read listing of the changes, which some people might prefer, we will possibly start including a link to a detailed patch notes thread, which (as it suggests) will give more info on these important changes, with some images and everything. Not only that, but you'll also be able to comment and post your opinions in that thread.