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    that option is no good then why the hell did you farmed 24/7 in world, TMQ or CCBD for your gears to get broken and bumm delete your item?

    who upgrades without white?

    There is a lot of white stones on ah xd

    Bind stones? Are you serious guys?! What the hell. So who play this game without spend real money, how can should make some zenis? Idk what is wrong with you all. The upgrade system is okay right now. Maybe should be a little more easiest like 4%/5% successful added in every upgrade

    this will make game less p2w

    I know people who just cash, sell cash items by zeni, and use zeni to buy stones... There is a lot of people who never farmed a single stone and have full +15 gears.

    - Reduce success rate over +10 as retail

    - Make success of green/purple +2-3

    - White stone broken back to +0

    - Broken with no white = delete item

    (Oh shit i miss DBO TW)

    - Possibility of get stones from cc/boss event/bid

    - Upgrade stack: use idk 20-30 blue/red stones and get +10 item.

    Make bind all stones.

    People will not can buy stones from zeni generated by cash (less p2w) This will make everyone should play to get his upgrade.

    That's a bold and misleading claim with not much to back it up. I wouldn't say that it's easier to upgrade now. There are pros and cons to both upgrade systems for why A is worse than B and vice versa. There's also a higher drop rate(not always the case, as sometimes it can be really shit) aka more upgrading attempts. The fail/break rate now is also extraordinarily high now when compared to what it was compared to Retail. I can guarantee you 90% of the players you see with plus 15 are buggers. I doubt as many players farmed back then due to just how unrewarding it was, spending hours and hours of your life span just to get nothing out of it. Most players were too busy trying to figure out how the game worked due to the language barrier to focus on going higher than plus 11. Maybe I'm wrong and that upgrade right now is much easier now, although it's completely based on luck, nothing to do with difficulty. The fail/break to success rate ratio definitely makes up for the higher drop rate, and since Adv stones give 1-3(not 2-3 like it was in retail) it makes up for the less severe upgrade level decrease from break. From what I can understand the white stones being a drop, and with the language barrier gone's probably the reason why you see so many more players with "high" upgrades. Although you also have to take into consideration that most players who still play DBO probably play this game quite frequently/cash a decent amount.

    That has nothing to do with the upgrade system, that's strictly tied to the damage calculations.

    I got a friend full +15, not bugger, just full cash

    you dont understand.

    People who already have finished all their crafts, just go there to help friends or get blue coins for exchange into brown boxes.

    But continue to gain circuits, and cannot be used for anything.

    This is why i suggest to make tickets, use circuits.

    i understand, but how many people have already finished cc90/100? 20 people?

    Better idea for circuits would be:

    10x alpha = 1 beta and continuing....

    Hello players, is a honor for me make this thread, because I'm pretty sure almost everyone think same about me.

    Honestly I think difficult of CCBD is pretty good now, just need a OP party with nice props and nice upgrade to reach 100F easy!

    The problem is: TICKETS

    Tickets are pretty expensive right now.

    No one is using Wagu Machines, coz no new dogi inside untill 4 weeks. That elevate prices of Wagu items (box, tickets, dogi balls, etc)


    - For egg reward from CC55-80 add probability of get a 51F or 71F Ticket

    - For egg reward from CC80-100 add probability of get a 51F 71F or 91F Ticket

    (Obviously if u reach X floor, can't get higher floor ticket)

    Probabilities :

    1 of 250 eggs from CC100 get 91F

    1 of 150 eggs from CC80-100 get 71F

    1 of 100 eggs from CC55-100 get 51F


    Additional, tickets could be added to CC merchant with a logical price of blue coins (example)

    21F 01 blue coins

    31F 05 blue coins

    51F 12 blue coins

    71F 15 blue coins

    91F 20 blue coins