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    2.Implement autopots in the Goods Mercheant and people will start sinking zeni again.

    3.Add atleast medium pet feed in the pet shop so that it doesent take months to make a lv 4 pet. Again people will sink zenis . I personaly would .

    these 2 points are really good and should be implemented as for ur firsr point its the people putting insane prices for brownboxes so u are basically asking people to lower its price which i doubt many will listen.

    U have a point but u see the same poor people will have benefit of the fallen AH prices their farming zeni will be of a more value they can purchase things for lower price and if the farmed item is worth something u shouldnt be afraid to list it cuz u will probably sell it

    you are requiring alot of changes tbh and that will have a low impact on those who are already rich.this is not the way especialy that later on boxes will become new currency and the zeni that already have no value will drop more because of the AH fee.. i really wanna solve this problem like you but this is not the way .id prefer no lagg over high prices anytime

    Im suggesting and i dont think this is alot of changes really to solve or attempt to solve a big problem.

    U have got one thing wrong this will make zeni of more value rather than decreasing it actually aside from zeni sink this is a main advantage of this let me explain

    With this no one would dare to put imaginary prices cuz if they don't sell they lose 10% of their zeni so they will put a reasonable price say u farm zeni for 1 hour and farm somewhere from 200-300k and the said item with 10kk will be cheaper because of the 10% risk it might be lowered to 7or5kk u see how the zeni u farmed for 1hr become more valuable?

    The lag issue can be solved by capping private shop zeni cap and lowered to somewhere about 1kk and people will have to use AH i mean surely they will AH as 1kk isnt enough

    taxes killing economy like brown boxes, let everyone selling for what price they want, idk why you are interesed for what price i will register something in market place, rich player will stay rich but the poor one will be faked with taxes.
    more taxes = less items in market, poor player will be more poor.

    Economy balance?

    Rich plauers wont stay rich with overpriced items just ignore the over priced items and soon its price will drop and be more affordable

    Umm...maybe the item that i wanna sell happens to be worth 1kkk? The f*ck kinda reason is this lmao. If i happen to get my hands on some good weapong/glove/equipment which i manage to upgrade to +10 or more, then i for sure want at least something between 800kk-1kkk or even more (depending on AH prices). Zeni value drops thx to brown boxes lol. In POB ppl wanted to be paid in boxes only for the good stuff. Will happen here too for sure.

    As i said if its worth 1kkk go ahead u still get 900kk

    If this happens stones will be cheaper or atleast npt overpriced so getting an item to +12 wont be as expensive and so ur item wont be worth 1kkk as old time cuz u didnt spend as much as u used to

    All has to be careful no matter how rich u are u know why? Cuz all people have to do now if they see overpriced item is just ignore it and dont buy it eventually he has to lower its price to a reasonable value because he cant affor to lose 10% everytime and not get it sold.

    and this actually helps farmers because that little zeni they get farming will now actually be valuable.

    Maybe if its just temporary but not for high level caps because then when your trying to sell something for 1kkk you will be charged 100kk just for posting it

    thats the point why should anything cost 1kkk? This means zeni value has dropped.

    this way u are telling players to wisely set their price because u have a risk of losing 10% ur zeni if u are sure u are going to sell for 1kkk then go ahead u still make 900kk

    im not sure if this was suggested before here but i read it somewhere from someone i dont remember so sorry for not being able to give credit

    Zeni tax should increase in my opinion too so it will keep people from selling for insane amount of zeni and if they do they will be risking 10% of their zeni

    And private shop zeni cap should be decreased in order for this to work to 1kk-5kk something along the line.

    kid buu should and must be able to dash no reasonable reason for their inability to dash and decreased movement speed they infact should get even faster if u look at it based on anime not to get slower?

    its a nice feature since sometimes u sell a dozen of stuff at auction house for different prices when u get the mails tomorrow for the sold items u just receive the zeni not knowing which price is for which item , so this way u will have a better understanding what items are selling for better price..etc

    just showing the sold item in the mail (same as when the sale ends and u havent sold it ) with the zeni would be cool.

    It is like i wrote in the other thread..

    It actually is one of the best items in the old funny sence of DB. A tribute to DB if you want..

    If you want RP Points just use the "2xRP balls pot". Or play as a girl - is that really that bad? I mean it is just a game, it is not like your own d*ck is falling off in RL just because you play a girl char in a game.. again just my opinion..

    From budo it should be banned tho..

    funny, say that to this guy misteryaya

    is that really that bad? it is actually, not for u maybe but for me and many others its illogical especially the second effect is trash compared to full RP balls it would have been understandable if the 2nd effect was of a more value, its just a game that we like to give our opinions about tell me if thats wrong?

    budo and ranked are why this is bad since the 2xRP ball pot is banned from these two, i dont think anyone would've considered this a big problem if we could use RP pots in the budokai and ranked anyway.