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    u have no idea what the community did to get that free reset every week that doesnt make the game boring infact it makes it more interesting as u will be motivated and not afraid to test a random skill why should u pay just to test a skill ?! oh comon now , and i completely agree with ur first point

    Some chashers need to pull their crap together and change some mentality

    First if u donating to get praised and brag about it all the time and say i cashed i keep the server alive IM MORE THAN YOU then get the hell outta here server doesnt need someone with this mentality to live.

    Know whats definition of donation is u pay with ur own will expecting nothing in return, u expect something then dont u ever say i have donated.

    U are working u dont have time to farm we get it then i guess community wont mind u with ur donation to keep up with the farmers But not be above them cuz u have #donated only and getting to keep with the farmers is only a gift with everyone's approval u dont derserve it just because u donated its a gift.

    " i have paid alot X,000€ or whatever and u expect me to be on the same level with farmers?" This isnt even a question as i said to be allowed to be on the same level as a farmer without farming with ur #donation is only a gift u dont get to question it whatsoever period. If so why not buy budokai aura for 100k €? Its not fair to pay that much and not look like a budokai winner right? Its this type of argument some chashers talk about.

    "The server wont live without cashers" do u think the game it self will live without players? Its like u better give us what we want or we wont cash and the server will die kind of threat.

    Refunding cp and removing all whats bought is a decent solution for the upcoming crisis in my opinion.

    Last thing its not non casher vs casher war we want a game that is f2p why? So it will live longer ,and thanks to the all the donaters who has donated even a single penny without braging about it non cashers arent ur enemy and non casher can become casher any day thanks again and respect to u all.

    guess i read in one of the updates where daneos made bosses immune to stuns remember im saying stuns* not paralysis or freeze im not sure if that got changed tho.

    i think having timer for events or a clock will be useful on the forum it will solve the different confusing time zones so u dont have to check everytime for which or what time is what

    a timer will be really good hope this gets added.

    take me seriously or not like i care, and im not really a random person crying for rework this class needs a direct CC we will see in OP.

    well said.

    You do realize one person's opinion wont cancle other's right? Or do u consider yourself to be more than human than them?

    U can say ur opinion about a class u think u have mastered just like anyone,

    but are u sure u should say that u have mastered it? Won budokai with it right ,and did u pass prelims or got dojo seed? The latar i guess.

    not to forget in POB phase where am sure u havent faced many veterens who are waiting for OB and its only 1budokai win.

    U were a very good crane no one can deny that and in my opinion u were the best but to say that u have mastered this class(to the point where others opinion shouldnt be considered other than yours) in this early stage of game with one achievment only is too early

    Cranes need a rework period.

    more precisely it needs a direct form of CC

    It is fair in my opinion. Because kaio-ken drains a lot of health and ep the more you reactivate the skill the more it drains. It puts a toll on the character so it would me normal in my opinion for them to change kaio-ken so that you get 5% movement speed for every activation of kaio-ken from 1x to 5x

    I mean think about it being in kaio-ken 5x you cant last for a long time and it is not usefull at all. If it had something like a movement speed increase it would be more usefull to use kaio-ken full power. Apart from that flying faster because of the kaio-ken should be there! But it is not. Yes it does increase the movement speed a little but that is nothing. In my opinion kaio-ken is not balanced at all I dont see the point of kaio-ken 5x if it doesnt give you a major power up.


    why not make the book have a setting

    (like skills do for setting rp ability) to choose one of the 2 effects like holding right click on the book and giving u option to choose either effect then make it default for next time use ~ this in my opinion solves it all since it keeps both effects too.

    And RIP cranes.....

    once U sleep someone its over doesnt necessarily apply to anyone else just like the TW turtle guy made turtles look OP which it wasnt same goes here i dont think its IMPOSSIBLE to balance this class nor any other class

    just as u said having a stun to sleep ur target is a necessity cause cranes pretty much cant do anything if u cant sleep ur target then again u shouldnt be taken as a reference for cranes just like the TW turtle wasnt taken as a reference for turtles

    u wining budokai as DW doesnt mean all DW suddenly became OP