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    Its not fair to wipe everything just because some morons cheats with +15 gears. They'll do it again.

    Its not only because of bugs and buggers, its also because of new systems which will be implemented. Such as:

    • No token shop, that means players who upgraded their kid gear would have huge advantage over new players, that makes it unfair for everyone.
    • New upgrade system, depends how its done getting high upgrade will be less RNG and will require hard work to get high upgrade, again it would make unfair for new players if no wipe happens.
    • If new upgrade system will be too hard or time consuming, most players who own +15 gear will just use it on 70cap.
    • Cash shop changes, such as no Wagu machines, until some events occur, so again it makes unfair for new players, because current will have huge advantage who used Wagu before update.

    right now we're asured that a new client will be out. If the DBOG team wants to have a good time to see their work being appraised and supported by a higher player base then they should advertise this new client and why it stands out more than other games.

    They made video for Open beta release, it got popular, I think it was close to 1mil views but it was taken down due to copyright issues. So if they try to advertise again it will be same outcome and NTL/Bandai might try to take down this server again.

    Got few ideas regarding budokai/pvp to make it more like old versions or better:

    • Team budokai preliminaries: Whole party spawn together, not scattered away from each other.
    • Seed system change, not sure why it wasn't made since release during POB: seed owners scattered across whole RO32.
    • Updating attribute system, so you wouldn't just loose or gain 10/5 props by either removing it (making it count as 1:1) or decreasing advantage/disadvantage.
    • Running out from arena during preliminaries should count as minus kill and knock outs should count as additional kill.

    Another thing that should be fixed is option that gets you stuck in ranked arena.

    If you accept "YES" to teleport to arena, guy who is matched with you, click fast "NO" you will get bugged.

    This one should be fixed asap and Mudosa shop added than retard gambler.

    This way you could work for stuffs you need.

    Crashing at least should be fixed for party's ranked, cuz its really annoying. But then again response from team

    Because your so called aspect its good at is no use to the class itself. You telling me the only reason Plasma was created is to have another dex buff for humans? You don't need that extra dex. Needs to be gone. Go check Plasma buffs, all trash.

    Fym, where I said the only reason Plasma was created to have another dex buff for humans? And what Plasma buffs? there was 0 made. The only reason I mentioned this buff it has some need for PvP. You won't make Plasma's damage as good as turtle for it to be DPS, its just crowd controller and with such buffs as ED, Harmonious Drumbeat it gives extra use in 5v5 matter.

    Extra soul or success rate should be given by changing its useless passive EP Control.

    Making equipment account bound? Could you expand on this?

    Because if it is locking all gear what so ever to an account - it kind of ruins the point of the AH, and might damage the economy a little?

    With bank share enabled across account's characters this could turn out pretty good

    Very good ideas. Cash shop tweak would enable good zeni sink and cashers would have less influence in games economy and making account bound equipment would make it better to not use multiclient for main characters. Keep it up!

    I am against Harmonious Drumbeat change idea, I think it is good as it is now. Because it would nerf 5v5 if your party has fighter and for fighter this buff helps a lot in terms of higher damage and CDR, so changing it to let's say SOUL would be useless since turtles already have high crit% damage and one shot potential against certain classes.

    You mean if you are crafting something and fail, you receive nothing? Or when decompensating items you will have a chance to get nothing?

    If you meant by crafting, I think its bad idea to have more RNG, because if you are crafting something its already hard to get specific stats you want and that will only just lower chances and in addition, crafting CC gear and failing would be terrible. p.s. have bad memories from failing craft in TW

    Limiting PvE content would basically mean this becomes a mobile game where you can't actually play...

    If someone only has 3 hours to play he'd want to be able to do anything he want for those 3 hours.

    Its nothing new for putting timer for dungeons cooldown after you finish. World of warcraft have these for raids so people couldnt abuse it and wouldnt get far ahead of other people.

    Remove choosing a card to upgrade or leave only one card to confirm upgrading.

    Add new item for upgrading from +9 to +15. Like upgrade stone dusts which could be created by grinding blue or red stones. So upgrading with it would be purple stone +certain amount of those dusts and purples depending on current upgrade level. Also upgrade chance should be increased since it would require more resource.

    Changing system to this succesful upgrade should only increase +1.

    P.s by grinding stones I meant using npc to get materials for crafting

    New client + Wipe out = start over again and this time without bugs, crashes and annoying freezes.
    If Daneos is wise enough then he should also remove bans from the all players who charged their money back. I'm pretty sure they did that because they realized that it's not worth to donate for this broken game..
    If Dragonball Online Global truly gets fixed after the new client gets released and gets 70 LVL cap with bids and higher cc floors then I believe this game has a proper chance to be revived.

    I would also recommend to Daneos to take a serious consideration about his DBOG Team. The way his staff behaves it disgusts the whole community. It's really unprofessional and this is one of the main factors why players actually quits this game.

    This server really needs a new fresh start, because of all mistakes made by staff members and how server has been handled. Starting from 0 again with working game (if new client really will fix most things) would bring back many players who quit because of lag/freezes and decisions made by staff. If anyone remembers why player count dropped after such successful start March 1st it's due freezes which scared most of players.

    As XeoLee stated, first we need divide PvP and PvE damage formulas, before tweaking classes damage for CC or other dungeons.

    As we see current parties of CC contain - Dende/Poko/Karma/Ultimate and mostly Turtle, which makes almost impossible to find space in party for Swordsman, Fighter, Plasma even though they are DPS classes. Even if you use full PvE builds you won't be dealing AoE damage for clearing effectively past 51F since their damage is not as fast/big as Turtles.

    So in order to make those classes viable, *not including Crane since it can perform very well past 51F with good party* damage in PvE should be increased drastically or made similar to turtles, because such skills as Plasma's Anger Explosion or Black Hole Beat, Swordsman's Burning Attack, Fighter's Big Bang Attack damage is utterly trash.

    TLDR: make skills which are worthless or only used for PvE and still bad usable/higher damage while increasing their cooldown's/cast time so it wouldn't be abused. This would enroll more different classes in PvE.