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    well normally if more than one channel is offline they all are. fixes are coming and are being implemented, and since it is still in pre open beta there is still a lot of bugs and stuff that needs to be worked on. but the game is still fun to play you just have to wait till the server goes up and you shouldnt have a problem getting in

    Community is getting bigger and popular everyday, it's normal to see those kind of bots in forums. There just need an group of active moderators that can be active and keep forum clean and organized. Honestly right now it's kinda messed up. I do understand actual staff it's busy but it wouldn't hurt to recruit some more just to focus on forum task.

    and i wouldnt mind being one of those people who help with forum tasks like removing spam like that

    i have no idea why all these bot/spamming is a problem now...though i wouldn't mind having the power to go and remove them....since i cant do that i go into the thread dislike it it and report it as spam....dunno if it will help but id like to see these forums remain nice and not spammed with stupid shit.

    well if you are in the testing group and you got an invite for the testing it should run and you should be able to play.....however....if you didnt receive an invite it wont do anything....but i am curious as to what the purpose of downloading it from that other site would be...the site where the free download button takes you....does anyone have an answer

    yea the two biggest things i would want changed have prolly already been said are the flight system being changed and the cool down on transformations need to be changed. i feel in a dragonball universe where basically everyone has learned to use ki abilities....flight wouldnt be draining on the body....o therefore it shouldn't have a limit in game....if that makes sense to anyone. and as far as transformations id would love to see them reduced to 5-10 minutes....i mean an hour is the longest cooldown in a game i think i ever waited(for a skill mind you)....and i dont remember correctly...but i think there was only one dragonball hunting session per day on the last server to shut like that to possibly increase

    had a question...earlier today 3/23 i was trying to get onto the site and a page kept popping up this account has been suspended....every link to dbo global sent me to that page.....can someone explain...and if it has been answered already can someone send me a link thanks =3

    well if you guys are still making the dragonball hunting the same like a designated time like it was on retail....maybe you could put a few in the same mob that the dragonballs drop from*

    i dont know if i like that.....i just hope the server wont be depending on the cash shop to stay up...i mean i know it will help...but i just hope it wont be depending on it...because then it has the potential to go offline again. just hoping that doesn't happen because i have high hopes for this project and faith it will succeed :thumbsup:

    thats pretty cool...i know there isnt much of a chance ill get into the alpha but i hope i get picked XD i loved playing the game even in a different language i couldnt read haha.....i cant imagine how fun it will be once it is in english

    hello im Kradin and i had played on the Korean server until it went down....which was a sad day....but im glad to see this team is being responsible and bringing it back.....pardon all the typo's...anyway just had a few questions if they have been answered before im sorry.

    1. will the game be translated to English
    2. will the game be free to play like it was
    3. will they still have a marketplace to buy items with real money

    again if these are already answered im sorry or if there is a thread that covers these i do apologize

    well i remember i was playing on the very last server to go down i think it was the korean...anyway i was in a guild called misfits and i was always getting all the time i had a set before i turned lvl 40 just so i could get super saiyan....not sure the lvl requirment but i know i had a pair just so i could get the transformation.....i would always get a guild member to come and get a a ball when they dropped...they were always mad at me tellin me i had a lucky horse shoe hidden somewhere...i would always get like half a set a day....was incredible luck :thumbsup: