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    I think the cash shop should stay the same way as the original one. Anyway, I'd like to change a few things:
    1. Remove brown boxes from cash shop or let non-cash players get it. Otherwise, it will be too easy to get max stats gear and too much advantage amongst non-cash players. We don't want 'pay2win'.
    2. Increase the price of upgrade stones or remove it from gamble machine. We have upgrade tickets removed so there will be a big difference between cashers and non-cashers.
    3. Silver/golden keys should be added to the token shop. Without it we will not be able to unlock the treasure chests.

    I tried to upgrade my weapons and here are the results:
    Success - 25/123
    Failed - 79/123
    Broken - 19/123

    Item / Pattern

    My suggestion:
    1. Goku (Europe)
    2. Vegeta (South America)
    3. Trunks (North America)
    4. Gohan (Asia)

    I came up with the "Universe #X" as name because we would like to do Server vs Server events. And it would sound cool "universe X vs universe X"

    this should be fine too

    Original DB names should be banned: Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Gohan, Piccolo, Dende, Kami, Buu, Broly, Bulma, Chichi, Videl, Pan, Krillin, Bardock, Gogeta, Vegetto, Gotenks...

    Remove upgrade stones and bronze/silver boxes, so you won't be able to make +15 items with max stats. If you really want something, you should earn it yourself through hard work and effort, not by cashing.

    Anti-afk check every 3 hours:
    if you are afk then you will be kicked from server.

    Second option (afk system): when player joins the server - afk-system start checking the player's X, Y and the Z pos, if for the specific time the X, Y and the Z pos is the same, player will be warned "Please respond within 10 seconds or you will be kicked".

    Every class has their advantages and weaknesses.

    Turtles have plenty of tools to win fights against all classes without this item.

    You can't rely on luck and let's try not to speculate. I'd like to see you match up against a SK with real high defense, high anti crit, cc150 effects, high LP%, high property and massive amounts of LP. It won't easily be broken.

    Turtle Book & Dodge Pot should be disabled from Ranked PVP / Budokais imo.

    There was a reason for turtle book. Turtle can't beat good SK without good combo and turtle book. The duration of "Sudden Stun" (paralysis) is too short, so you don't have time to use hypnosis on SK if he has anti-paralysis. That's why you should use an RP ability (then you'll have ~3sec to use "Hypnosis").

    Turtle book is the only reason why most people make female turtles. I hope they will do the same effect for male book.