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    i did the red eye green eye mod, and now my dbog launcher wont launch,,, it says error file location not found, did this happen to anyone else?

    hm usually if you switch a wrong texture it should only effect the game not the launcher, in most cases it just messes up the graphic of the model. For example making a shape just white or black.

    About like that on the neck:


    Were you able to fix it? And to install the mod?

    If you need help to install feel free to ask, I might take a bit to answer tho, since I just casually visit here.

    For sparks there is a mod somewhere in this forum, but with that mod everyone has sparks, transformed or not transformed. Another way is not known atm

    For the kaioken:

    Atm you can change the aura, but not the red color on your character

    Here is a quick color switch to purple:

    If you want it different, try this way to change it in a few seconds:

    For the red eyes you need to know the texture of your face (which one you chose in character creation). Then you can easily repaint it. You will allways have them tho, not only when you transform (I guess, I rarely mod nameks).

    There already was a request for that dogi, it had a different base tho, so it isn't exactly like in the video (click on the picture to download):


    I repainted some before, that is no problem:



    As for switching them, you can try switching out the models in obj.pak.

    Never tried it, make sure to back up, chances are high that you crash or it doesn't work.

    I once tried to switch a pet with the kamikaze ghost attack, sadly only gave a bad graphics error tho...

    If you need the names, they should be like the texture ones but .dff


    Alright, have fun.

    A few a_hen_ dogis don't have an icon, but you can see them at the screenshot with all dogis.

    Also before you search for hours a_hen_ dogis aren't in costume they are in mesh_costume_engineer


    You can see them in the unpacked texture files


    That would also be your next step in modding. In opj.pak you learned how to switch the models.

    In tex.pak you switch how those models are painted (with the textures, they are allways named .dds).

    Most of the mods here are just repaints of the textures of dogis.

    Omg you're super genius! It worked so easily..

    Hehe yeah after you did it 2-3 times and understand the difference between obj.pak and tex.pak modding this game is a piece of cake

    If I want to know the name of a dogi I search the icons

    mostly they are named






    then you just have to know the race and gender (e.g.: "_h_m" for human male) - nameks also have their skin color in the name

    you can either download an old icon folder from my 4th post in this thread (the new dogis from lvl2 box aren't in there cause I created that folder before the time they got implemented) or you can download the dbo modding tools (also in the 4th post here) and use the unpack tool to create your own

    They are in unpacked\texture\gui\icon

    Also in the 4th post there is a list with the names (the lvl up dogis are missing there tho too)

    Yeah you mostly understood right:

    Like if you want to switch hls_cos_11 so it shows hls_cos_116 when you wear it

    You extract hls_cos_116 (the dogi you want to see)

    Rename the file as hls_cos_11 (the dogi you have)

    Open obj.pak and overwrite hls_cos_11 there with the new hls_cos_11 file you renamed (that was hls_cos_116 before you renamed it)

    (I mostly extract the hls_cos_11 too so I have a back-up and can switch back again)

    Works also with armor, back and head dogis, some weapons, hair, scouters, some vehicles, can do much with experementing


    thank you!

    You are lucky, normaly I wouldn't have the time to really take up requests, but in your case it can be done fast and easy.

    You can switch any dogi with any dogi there is.

    Here is a quick tutorial on how to install it for the guild dogi:

    Back-up your whole pack folder from your dbo folder

    1. Open resource tool as administrator

    2. Go to your dbo folder then the pack folder, then open obj.pak (without any number in the name)

    3. Search for a_dogi_01_h_m.dff



    4. Right Click and select overwrite

    5. Replace it with the file in my archive

    6. Go get a guild dogi for 7.5k zeni


    7. Enjoy your dogi notice you don't have enough zeni so you switch to another character to send you some

    8. Enjoy your dogi


    If you want to switch it with another dogi so you can use dogi balls too, just tell me which one

    Basically you just have to rename the dogi file of the dogi you want with the dogi you have (for the name there are lists/you can download the icon folder in my first 4 threads and look for it)


    Here are the files for it:

    2 new requests, since I lack the time, those will be the last I take in a while. Click on the pictures to download.

    God of Destruction male (a short description on how to swap the unreleased dogi is included)




    If you knockdown you can't crit.

    If you don't crit your dmg is not noticable.

    For knockdown your other skills with, no near a minute, cooldown are the better option.

    Please not this useless compensation

    As for a cast time increase looking at the party pvp aspect, idk, imo it would just make plasmas cc even more annoying. Although the boost a plasma gives parties in party budokai atm, helps the class beeing of good use.

    With the argument of not just firing it "willy nilly" imo it could be considered, but just if one allways has in mind that one takes away some offense of a glass cannon, so best to compensate somehow else or give more defense in exchange

    First, thanks for the first step into more transparency!

    As for changes for a turtle, I think they are mostly fine.

    Turtle is a glass cannon with one of the lowest survivabilities, therefore it should have some good dmg output. In this case you have 3 hard hitting attacks, with the stronges with almost a minute cooldown, imo that is fair.

    From my understanding, the dmg in pve is too low (I am still crying over TWs dmg), while on pvp it is too high. One shotting other hard hitters or dmg dealers imo is right, atm it is mostly one shotting everyone (buffed vs. buffed and unbuffed vs. unbuffed).

    Thats if you crit. If you don't crit, you suck, doing dmg that is almost below noticable.

    Might be a bit better with lvl70 cap, we will see...either that or it frustrates new players not having high upgraded gear and cc dungeon stuff/aura

    Things that could be changed apart from an overall adjustment of a seperated pvp and pve dmg:

    Sleeps duration doesn't decrease like some other debuffs, if you use it more than once on the same target in the same round. Might work abit against an infinite combo. Idk If it is still possible, since I don't do solo pvp, but it was like that if you time sleep, rp stun and rp disc right.

    Change Weaken Debuffs Duration back again to 20min. Idk why it ever was changed, the only thing I can think of, was ppl. at platform crying. Platform should never been taken into consideration...

    In solo pvp you allways have time to renew it during sleep. If you can't land sleep combos you either try to knockdown, to burst fast or won't survive anyways, imo.

    In party pvp you rarely have the time to apply it.

    Apart from loosing the debuff anyways when you die or the round ends.

    And in pve it is just annoying to allways renew it on those few bosses taking longer than 3 minutes.

    A little buff with benefits for all clases: Make Energy Reduction count again as a curse. In tw and the early days here, you could apply it to a party member and if a karma gives someone his Love Cursing Aroma you could trigger it with Energy Reduction to get a little base attack dmg buff for a little time.

    This gives turtle a good argument for taking into partys apart from having aoes for the mobs before the boss. Because let's be honest in this repetitive game, there will mostly allways be a karma for speedbuff in the party, because crit parties just taking too long and turtles dmg against bosses is replacable.

    very very totally awesome mods i really like most of the dogis i downloaded some of them thanks!, also you made the animation change guide i really appreciate this i was chasing something to change the human rp charge animation the human original charge animation really sucks its something simple and i didnt even though about doing that manually many thanks i hope you keep creating more dogis,aura mods etc and guides how to modify the game it really makes the game better it gives other face to the game, you rock!

    Thanks alot for the nice words!

    Can you give the half naked doji on male a try to make it cool (i think its name is guardian)

    Can you show me which one here? Maybe I get an idea

    Male Dogis

    The thing is many players don't trust the balance team to do updates without the intention of boosting their own class.

    With that many forum posts about it you can see it different but shouldn't ignore it.

    If you want to get trust you should show some transparency:

    The outcome might have been different if you said from the beginning that you will start to balance class by class and not in a post after the discussion started.

    And if you wouldn't have choosen a class that compared to others an update wasn't demanded the most maybe there woudln't be some again suspecting it was to boost their own class.

    Aaaaand Fighters are officially back to bottom-of-the-barrel at PvE

    That first update might have changed their chances to get taken in dungeons a bit higher, but Imo I am sure it wouldn't change the fact that other classes still getting prefered to the point where you still need friends to take you as fighter.

    You traded 3-5 classes for a guarantied spot for a buffer, as long as that doesn't change with that amounts you need to grind the dungeons to get something wearable players will still allways take the classes that clear the dungeons faster.

    Ofc if there are 2 spots that aren't fix in many cases the 2 fastes will be taken to the dungeons, but the chances are way, way higher to give a fighter that second spot, since it is additional damage compared to just one damage spot.

    I still see no reason how that trade was evenly. And we aren't even talking about the longer dungeon runs, where a buffer gets taken with anyways. The only argument I saw was "just accept it, it won't change"


    The formula for the skill effect "Damage increases when a critical hit is successful" has been updated. (A bit nerfed).

    My crit dmg outcome has decreased by 25%. Is that called a bit? Talk about transparency

    And I don't mean this as a flame nor do i think that you can make it right for everyone. As long as you don't work on that basic problem, you can say that all in balance team are experienced and testing it for weeks as much as you want, the outcome will always be the same.