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    For Dogis i don't know any mod.

    I can only provide you with this:

    Those are 2 textures that are making the hail wings and silver glasses invisible.


    If you don't want to see a helmet, you can exchange the helmet model with a hair model too (i am doing so too in this screenshot)

    PS: I know that hackers could get there only. Screenshoots are from Hong Kong version of DBO. Me and my mate were teleported in party here to explore by guy from china.

    You can get there in this client too. Almost every one can actually without any hack, you just need to get creative a bit...

    Or just make an alternative account with a low lvl character with a pet with party summon and ask around for a player to port you there. That's how most player farming there. Not that it helps, the farming spots are also taken most of the times anyways.

    For Stone drops I don't think much will be added in the old client anymore anyways. Or shouldn't be, full focus on the new client so it doesn't get Winter 2025.

    But i wouldn't mind much, pvp is about 2-3 classes now with all that high upgraded gear around anyways.

    Here is a tutorial for human female. The logic is the same for all, you need to look for the files of your class and gender and if you are using a child character, the files you need maybe named different (e.g. ..._ch_...)

    Hmm, almost thought so, that it will change everything :(.

    Best is to experiment a bit or use a ssj hairstyle you like as a dogi/as your no ssj hairstyle, they only have 1 base.

    You can do so by switching in obj.pak - you need the right name tho, iirc there child characters have different names there


    ssj are those ending with _s, you want those without.

    Those without _s you can try, idk how your base haircolor influences it, i allways just used ssj hairstyles as dogi with different colors. And ssj has no base color apart from the texture i guess.

    Yours should be a_hum_m_head01.dss (the last one in the screenshot).

    Either it works with your green one, or if not maybe try to make the original a bit darker79bc15c35c27f9cf20ef407d68718975.png

    theres a bit of blue in the badge but apart from that, looks great dude, if possible i would add a black trim on the boots, like gokus if possible just to make it stand out that little more. but apart from that its great

    (noticed it looks great on namekians also)

    Alright, fixed the blue on the badge and the position a bit. I also took some time to add the details to the boots (at least as good as i can do with my level of skill). Pants are untouched.

    Please let me see the result, i didn't install it to check.

    Release Piccolo instead of Craft Armor lvl70 (click on the picture to download):


    For the jacket file ..._j_... the S1 to S5 stands for the skin color you choose when creating the character. E.G. in this Screenshot it was the 5th skin color, so i have to overwrite a_bs_10_j_n_o_s5.dff

    Path for the .dffs in obj.pak is item\mesh_battlesuit

    Since you have a gearglow like this when upgrading:


    You can also mod the glow to a little white stripe or to nothing, or to a mixture. (Click on one of the gifs to download both versions)

    447d46bacbbaa411f8baf560978c9110.gif 928f1d4db9d767b50ce861f72866ab4e.gif

    (if you look at the files in the original folder there, you can see which file overwrites which upgrade ranges)

    New releases:

    SSJ Blue incl. effect edit (click on the picture to download):


    Thanks to dreamer for giving me a quick tutorial on how the code works.

    You need to replace the 2 objxy.pak files in your pak folder, otherwise it will just have too much yellow in it, like all auras released before. E.g.:


    Transparent Face and Back Dogi (click on the picture to download):

    Sometimes something as simple as just drawing 1 pixel works


    Small Face Pack for Female Face 04 (click on the picture to download):

    You can either use SSJ normal or SSJ blue, both are in the archive.


    Buu Dogi (click on the picture to download):


    turtle male, and if u could that would be great dude!

    Here are the files, if you sent me a screenshot I will release it like my other dogis. Couldn't test it, but the propotions should work fine.

    turtle male, and if u could that would be great dude!

    alright, i will do during the next week

    you can watch

    If you want to switch the .dds files --> the look of the dogi/the colors.

    (If you want to switch models itself you need the .dff files --> e.g. seeing gotenks dogi while wearing kokkara dogi. Step by step install is at the beginning of page 7)

    The ressource tool you can find at post 4 in this thread

    Fighter & Human(Female or both), but I know someone made one before, but it wasn't possible to find the texture lol

    Now that you say it, Brad did make one. Never used it tho, so I forgotten^^

    Looking at the pictures he overprinted the faces for the mask, not using a dogi, tho. Gohans Mask might work better, idk, depending on how the masks ears can be edited.

    Time Breaker Bardock Armour And Mask Mod

    File is 1.2 GB so i didn't download. I guess he uploaded the whole pak files.

    He is showing a many pictures of it here too

    All mods i ever made

    Maybe is there any way to get Masked Man texture? I'm looking for one.

    This one?


    The mask might work replacing it from this:


    For the dogi C16 is the closest i see.


    The only thing I could do for the skin parts would be fake skin color tho, or what I prefer keeping it black.

    Too bad that the models of npcs and enemies in this game are not separated since they already made that one.

    What class and gender you want it?

    Haha thanks! I've been through your posts a few times and that's where I got some knowledge from. In this case, it was mainly where I learned about the animation exchange. I didn't know that I could do these mixes, so I got to use teleportation animation in the Popo skill and changed the fly one too. And in that, my Swordman knows how to teleport. Haha ha

    Thank you very much for your help with your knowledge passed on to people.

    Anyone who wants something I did, just ask. ;)

    DBOG 2020-02-15 12-21-36-047 [320i].gif

    Awesome, I love when someone adapts and do his experimenting with it.

    In case of the popo skill animation, it looks awesome. Can you tell me which of the animation parts of the skill you switched, or the names of the files? I want to add that to my client too^^