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    I thought everyone could do 2.0 now. I swear I saw a news update saying daneos opened 2.0 for everyone. Maybe I am wrong because all these people are asking if they can do 2.0.

    I invested a lot in the game. Cash points will get returned and its for the betterment of the game. I at first was not for the wipe, but the team said they would increase security, fix that annoying lag, and never wipe again. So I am for it. I don't really care for security because I don't pvp much. I think pvp in the game is not balanced and neither is the pve, but pve is less unbalanced. I wish cc and dungeons dropped bind on account items so players can play other classes and gear them without having to pay a group for cc or wait hours for a party, but what can you do.

    Also, this wipe thing is slowing game progress, but I can't argue about the benefits so.

    There is no other good db game like this. Xenoverse is basically a roller coaster ride with loading times every time you want to play for 5 min. I like open world.

    How do i get into discord? Been waiting weeks and I still can't get in. Its a test server. People can exploit bugs wipe should still be on the table for test client.

    There is a crafting guide, but crafting takes place at hoi poi machine, usually in the second beginner village you visit.

    Test client graphics are better?

    If that is the case, then I am for wipe. But honestly, fix the win 10 lag freeze.

    I think the people who charged back should or shouldn't come back depending on how severe the chargeback was. I think those who charged back when daneos changed the stones in your bags was unfair. I could see why people would have in that case but not any others that I am aware of. If its a known troll, don't forgive. We already have enough of those as it is.

    Well, you guys like to pretend there won't be exploiters and cheaters somehow in this client. I want to see this 100% proof there won't be a cheater client.

    Truth is there will always be exploiters much like irl. You guys also don't see that level 70+ content was possible too, so at least with 70, we could have played while a wipe vote went in. We would still have the 70+ content much later on.

    I just hope that when 70 rolls out, we don't find some other excuse for a wipe vote, since you guys have crystal balls and can see the future already. A perfect client? Please don't set yourselves up again. No more wipes.

    I just hope client fixes win 10, and I will be happy.

    I know the vote was made, but next time when someone decides to do something, think about the consequences at least. We could have been close to having 70 out already by now. Now, we don't even know what is happening.

    In b4 told you so. I was not here when the wipe bs was around or I would have shut that crap down. It is obvious daneos had his hands full already. Pushing for a wipe then, as now, was a retarted idea. Anyone with a good iq could see adding more work for daneos = a terrible idea. The wipe just pushed whatever goal line we had for finishing the server so far, we can't even see it anymore.

    Here we are now. I refuse to play if it doesn't matter, so I guess I have to wait a year to play.

    Recommendations for those who started wipe vote: before you do anything, sit and think about the consequences. Only then, can you decide to do something because this was an obvious consequence.

    Tip: If I want a wipe that bad, let me consider others on the server and daneos. Let's have the wipe vote, but only after the server is done.

    Problem is we want the game out already. The wipe was going to slow it down further. I am sorry that I was not here to tell the idiots, but its too late now. We got an unknown eta and there is no point in playing if a wipe is coming. I thought it was obvious that we would slow the project down with the wipe, but trump is president ans smart people don't do stupid shit like this. Guess obvious is not so obvious in 2019.

    Too late for that now. Maybe think about what happens when you make real decisions with real consequences. Everyone with a brain would have seen that a wipe would only slow everything up even more. Now, we have nothing because of that. Next time use that brain god gave you.

    My issue with wipe is that the project is going to take even longer to release. It should have been finish project, thrn vote for wipe.

    I play this because its free. Play Dragon ball Legends. You have to pay out the ass to get good toons and then pay again and again for a bad game. At least here you can play for free and have a lot of different races and classes to try.

    Easy fix. Make attack speed a group buff. You need 5 people to get max speed buff and change the buffs from those classes, poko and karma, so that they get good buffs that make them equal to other classes. Or you can make this buff only in cc and bid for groups. Also, have some item in dungeons heal the party. Like a special heal pot that heals both ep and hp as good as a dende. The main idea is to be able to do the dungeon without a dende but make it challenging. It has to be challenging enough that having a dende will make it a lot easier but not impossible to complete.