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    The brown boxes: I really think you should wait until level 70 cap to see if this 10kk zeni + 4 coin for 1 box is a big issue or not. Right now it is because we are level 45. I don't understand why I have to say this. You guys should think about why its that high in the first place. I don't know how bad it is, but at level 45, you can farm and make 1kk zeni in about an hour. At level 70, it should be even more zeni.

    I agree. I try to keep at least 1 fighter or swords in my group, but I have seen end game groups. They only accept poko, karma, buffer, tank, and healer. So, if you think this is bad, just wait until end game. Unless you have +12-15, you won't be able to do CC.

    What you can do is be a dende and have fighters in your group, but it will suck. This is why I said, a long time ago, that Daneos should make CC items trade able to your accounts or account. This way you can play a dende, buffer, or whatever and still get gear for your human. Without this, humans won't really participate in end game and people will stop playing the game. Dendes and buffers will become rare in end game. You will be waiting for days instead of a day to find a group as a human fighter.

    A lot of people will feel like you and quit. The same thing should happen in high level dungeons like Cell-X and others. You won't be able to join the group as human. Maybe the seal coin system will work for the item drops here, which is great. All we need now is CC.

    Oh btw you should just make a buffer or dende and get the items you need for your fighter. Or join a guild that is willing to take your fighter.


    It is OB. Give the game a chance. Changes are expected now not later. If the changes don't work out, then I'm sure the support team will make changes again. But I do agree in that they need to say such changes are being implemented at least a day before they implement them. DB event sucked more than it should have because this was not done before the change. The change was done the moment the db event started. No one knew what was going on or whether the event was working.

    Announcement at least a day before implementation is fine. Why short time span? Because I want OB stage to end faster so the game comes out faster officially.


    Sometimes tmq don't give exp and don't teleport you out. Also, tanks are irrelevant for tmq and uds. DB event imo should be at least 2 days on the weekend. 4 hour event like we have now on Saturday and again on Sunday same time.

    Besides that thanks DBOG team.

    Alienware. Why? Because they give you a warranty and will fix it for up to 4 years. Razer gives you 1 year. Good luck with that. American products usually suck and break, hence Alienware is better.

    Each of you and everyone should be ashamed of themselves by the state of this economy, including me. Shame on me.

    I think less players are playing so prices are retarted expensive. Why you don't see a lot of people selling kid clocks. Hopefully, beta will have more peeps.

    No, bro. I'm just saying if you give reasons other than tw did it we should too mentality. If we have the same TW from back then, there was a ton of bugs at the end of TW. Not only that but at the end of TW, there was almost a full year with no updates. I don't know what TW that guy was playing above your response.

    I want to understand your point, but if you come to the table with nothing no reasons or facts, what do you want me to say? Yeah bro your right it is stupid because you said it is?

    If you and I know almost everyone will play humans, then you know there's going to be a serious lack of dendes. Again, I'm just making sure Daneos is aware. I don't want to waste time talking to you very smart peeps. lol

    I'm done talking about this though. I was not going to respond, but you all being rude so.

    Bro I wish I could rant as much as you or any 5 year old who can say stuff is stupid because it just is. Take some classes in English for those coherent thoughts and sentences.

    You mad bro? If you read, I already said I've played TW.

    Since we are making accusations and quick conclusions, then I should have the right to do the same. Like I said I will put it in quotes and change the font color for you since you obviously can't read. ""This is a suggestion and a problem I saw in old TW."" I did all end game back then and a recurrent problem was the lack of dendes. ""I also said I could careless.""

    Just hoping Daneos is aware of this. At the end of the day, it is his call to make, and I respect that.

    Your wrong again. I am suggesting to make the end-game more efficient than it was in TW. More parties for more dungeons for more people is more fun for all than just a select few people can go into the dungeon.

    I know all this bro. I already played in TW. Working together? I've seen people go in there with 2 to 4 accounts at the same time.

    Point of it being tradeable is for more dendes to come knowing they will be able to send the items to their respective other characters in a much faster time. For example, your a fighter and you know you will never go in CCBD. Then make a dende and find a group. Or we have it like now where people sit in front of CCBD all day waiting for the dende of their dreams to save the day. Its bad for the game. People will get fed up waiting. I could careless, but I saw this same problem in TW. Wait for end game cell dungeon. The few dendes on server will be decked out and no need to keep running them bye.

    What advantage bro? The whole point is to make dendes or buffers more available than they currently are.

    I don't mind taking my healer to CC, but I want to take my other characters too. The problem is there are not enough healers. Solution: make CC items tradeable or at least tradeable with your characters. I can go with my healer all day long if I can give those items to other characters.

    Easiest way to catch them. They sell like 5-7 purple 70 stones at the same time. How? I can rarely get 1. I got 2 once but haven't gotten one for a week or more. I farm an hour each day.

    It says their name on the market.

    Wo you guys need to chill out. This is alpha test server. Its not out yet. Go play xeno 2 it is so much fun. TW was not perfect but that is what everyone wants, so why are you complaining?

    Maybe Daneos had other more important things to do than fix the white stones then. Remember there will be a wipe.

    Stones drop often enough. You have to work to get 1 or 2. But I have never seen a purple or pink stone drop. Those must have the lowest drop rate in the game.

    Imo humans get shafted in armor, health, and energy. All we have is attack. At least make ssj transformation on par with other races. Ssj should be better than kaioken if it has 1 hr cooldown. If not, it makes no sense.