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    But he said I can get it on auction house.

    edit: he edited his comment nvm, lol

    Edit 2: Tutorial still doesn't drop.

    Same, it was always in the middle of the night, where you had school or work the next day. I got a lucky break with dragonballs, I got them out of a popo box (no lie) but I hope they change it.

    Ssj 2 would be pretty sweet. Anything more than that would be asking for too much, I think. Maybe a buff for the other races transformations, like a boost to Giant Namek dps, or full access to all skills while in pure Buu form. (Cosmetically, I WOULD like for female majins to retain their, shall we say, "feminine" characteristics while they are in pure form tho ;D)

    I remember you from DBOR, weren't thou banned or something???

    Anyway here's my idea

    Every race gets a second power up with a second transform wish that has a quest chain linked

    For humans, after the chain give them a one time limited SSG and then a SSB that drains a bit (1.3x?) faster
    For nameks, after the chain, that preferably contains absorbing someone, tap into their power
    For Majins after the chain they can tap into the power of a string enemy they absorbed/defeated?

    And technically speaking, it would also be a simple process: you just need to transfer the function of the Green Flying Scroll to the actual Flying skill, and everything would be fine. No scrolls, no nothing, just flying. Making it infinite, of course.
    Problem with that is, after level 30, you would start to see people flying everywhere, something that, to an extent could potentially be breaking the game, an example could be WoW, which removed the possibility to use Mounts everywhere; so it sounds easy yes, but should be a weighted decision.

    make some vehicles faster so they are also at least considered? I doubt it'll be THAT game breaking.

    • * Nameks Have less Hp
    • * Humans have More Hp
    • * Decrease the time on some Nameks Stuns
    • * Remove potions and auto pots in ranking / Pvp ( just have them disabled so if you go in with one on it does not work but when you leave you still have it
    • * Probably Nerf some of Cranes bleeds because i remember if a crane gets all his bleeds on you your basically screwed
    • * Make Turtles Sudden Stun only work if theres Targets in Range because getting it off in pvp was Really Hard because everyone else would just spam it and unless you had really good timing they got you
    • * Make Resetting Skills past lvl 30 Just available at the trainer
    • * Kid Clocks a Wish TO GET THE ITEM aka you wish for it and you can send it to other people or sell it
    • * Make Karma Majins Evasion masking skill a % based move so instead of increasing cast time by 23 seconds it would be 23%
    • * make Plasma majins Slowing Drum beat move a % bassed move as well so insead of a MINUTE extra cast time it would be 100%
    • * Keep Instant Transmission the way it is because its just the way the classes are and if you want it then roll a Dende or a Fighter
    • * Make Speed Cap Like 70%
    • * Give Dende Priests More attacks because They have 11 Attacks and They wont even Use all of them in a Build
    • * Decrease Karma Majins Hesitation Skills duration To like 5 Seconds max because not being able to use skils for 16 seconds is way too op
    • * Put a Warning up That Says You will LOSE ZENI if you accept this mail in mails that require money to take the item (Scam Mails)
    • * Nerf Fighters Dodge Pot because Lets be Honest that was a little Op
    • IN General Make any Stuns that last more then 10 seconds either like 6 seconds or make it where The stun is Broken if you attack the Mob / Player for instance on Sleep / Confusion Moves

    The heck man? Thats not fixing the game thats making it unfun!