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    Is it possible for the devs to add dogi's that are created by modders to the game? Like lets say someone made a goku black dogi could they ask to use that file and create a dogi for the cash shop? I know the majority of the community dislike custom content, but adding new cosmetic items I feel like would be really cool.

    Yes I did my master class and people told me I can't do it anymore because of that!?
    In original DBO I could reset my skill tree even with master class. Please Daneos, someone, help me... :'(

    I wasted 2.5 days or so playing dbo for hours to get here. I was hyped and now my build is screwed. And I am in a pretty good mood and free to play DBO for a week or so, please...
    This is just so stupid, it was nowhere stated either that I wouldn't be able to reset my skill tree after doing master class quest. This is so unfair!!

    Life's unfair. Get over it.

    Is the exp rate how it was before the retail servers were or will there be an exp increase to like 5x,10x,20x etc...?