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    I think people can misunderstand when you say "Every Saturday and SUNDAY at", it means the event is not twice a week, but 4 times. I just returned to the game from a couple months without playing and I though the event was on Sundays too xd.

    Lmao, I didn't even read everything there and I know you are NOT a developer, do you know what that means? He can use the term he wants, despite the fact that it exists or doesn't exist, I am currently studying this and I can't say that I know what development really is, but I can tell you are NOT a developer, just a hater, I'm sorry.

    Don't be rude on this guys, I get his point since he just wants to help people and the server to stabilize, but honestly it would be an horrible idea since a lot of people will stop playing because of thinking this game threats people with money better than those who can't donate or whatever.

    These problems we are experiencing are just temporarily, just give it a few days and I can guarantee Daneos will fix that, he just added a lot of updates so it is normal to have these kind of bugs, remember this is Pre-Open Beta and you will experience lag and those kind of shits.

    Since we are in Pre-Open beta, you will encounter a lot of bugs and problems, but Daneos is working hard to fix them! Welcome and hope you enjoy the community!

    Ah vale entonces si al 30 quiero cambiar de clase tendre que reiniciarlos antes de terminar la quest para empezar con la build.

    Exactamente, si no, se te jodera el personaje completamente ya que tampoco se puede donar para conseguir un libro de reset...

    Well, allow me to give you a cookie and thanks for participating, so let's keep waiting.

    All our characters will be removed anyway loli did too this mistake, but i don't care now, i'm lvl 35 and people can have master class at lvl 30, i have 5 skills reset books, lol
    some people are playing seriously like Nothing will happen to their character...but the real game starts after open beta

    I have a question for you @Kamekameman since you have nothing else to do than blame and dislike posts, let me play your game: Can you please explain me where the "Blame" part is? And should I give you an applause for knowing the obvious? Lol. Allow me to explain the main reason of this post (even tho it is there). I just want to know if we can wait for help or if we just need to keep moving on, a simple answer from a moderator would be enough. I'm not trying to disturb Daneos (And I loved the part where you are trying to be the perfect guy, as all other posts you commented) or any moderator, just want to make sure.

    @Dragozino Yes mate, I know all is going to be deleted :P, but honestly I couldn't reach max lvl in TW so I wanted to get as far as possible here to be prepared for Open Beta. I don't have a lot of time since I'm studying and working so my only hope is to wait for an answer and keep going with that answer xd.

    Well... First of all, I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong section.

    Now, the main topic; I though I was the only one who didn't see when Daneos edited the Global Thread Update saying only first class could reset their skills, I've been telling people (with /t) to NOT change class without resetting skills first, and there are a A LOT of them that didn't know they needed to reset them before changing class. I've seen a lot of people asking for reset books too because they are stuck like me trying to reset them since we have no choice than buying CP or farming to buy them with Zeni.

    I think the way that was used to communicate this case was inconvenient for a lot of people... Not everyone is always reading that thread, and believe me, not after some weeks. Honestly, I was one of they anxious guys who was reading the thread every day to see if I could find some new information, but after 2 weeks I got tired of this and also stopped visiting the forum as before, since I wanted to become Adult/Master class and continue with the game and didn't see anything new.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming anyone in the staff, it is OUR FAULT for not being completely informed about everything reading the forum, what I (Or we) just want to know if there is going to be any salvation for us, or we need to buy CP/create new characters to solve this problem.

    Thank you, and thank you Daneos for all your effort.

    I'm having the same problem here, and also, I heard adult/master class is having problems with TLQ, don't know if that's real. I don't think Daneos will force us to buy CP for a reset (It's our fault so if he decides that, it is ok IMO), but we will have to wait until he decides to help us. Oh Jesus, Been waiting for the update for weeks and when it finally arrives, this happens -.-

    And about the Global Thread Update, to calm my anxiety, I read the post A LOT of times and I'm ALMOST COMPLETELY SURE that he added the "Only first class" at the very end since I don't remember reading that, that's important info and that would have kept in my mind, and as I said, I have no memory of seeing that before.

    EDIT: Lol, here it is: An important message regarding skill reset, this post was on sunday.

    Last time I read the post, there was no info about only first class resetting skills, I stopped reading the post cuz I got AC Black Flag and entertained myself playing xd

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