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    Hi bobo,

    we are already talking with a company.

    It should be ready today in some hours.

    Thanks for your timely response! However, the new payment option is still complicated and inconvenient, and moreover, the price you cost in buying card 31 will be more higher than the one you directly buy with paymentwall. I hope there will be other payment options as good as Paymentwall in the future.

    I‘m upset to read Danoes's thread that paymentwall has become invalid, because in Mainland China, the most convenient way to obtain cashpoint or to donate is to use Alipay or Wechat which are both included in paymentwall. But now, it's gone, I think this will cause great inconvenience to the players in Mainland China who are eager to spent money in game to obtain cashpoint, in the meanwhile, to support the game's development. I guess it must be caused by some policy factors, right? Anyway, since paymentwall has been disabled, most Chinese players will find it hard to buy cp. At least for me, it is. So l'll not going to spent money further until I find another convenient way.

    May I ask why paymentwall has been disabled? Are there any other ways to get cp more conveniently? If no, the game will become truly non-P2W for Chinese players, I think.:sleeping:


    I meet some problems here, every time when I enter narak hideout zone , I will suffer big lags and get disconnected very soon , the lags only occur when I enter the narak hideout , in other places I dont suffer lags. so I am wondering whether the lags occur just because of my network or some other reasons , does anyone also have the same problem? and does anyone know the solution ?

    Below is the location ive mentioned above

    I feel really good after the update on September 21st. ^^^^^^ Though I dont know why, the game lag has gone and finally I can enjoy the game again! It feels really really goood! Thanks a lot! Daneos


    are you using a vpn? If yes, then change the location.


    Nope, I dont use vpn when I play this game, and it goes well so I dont think I need vpn, but now Im considering using vpn because of the lag.

    that might be because your pc is not good enough

    Im quite sure my pc is good enough for this game

    Since last update, Ive been suffering some terrible lag , not a bit but terrible lag. As I said before, charging become very slow , and when you notice your avatar is being attacked , your avatar is actually dead already. In the beginning I thought that is just my problem, but in the end , I realize it should be due to this update. and what I would like to point out is that I seldom suffer lag before this update. I know that you say the server has been moved to North America, and that is for the benefit of the majority. I totally understand it and appreciate it, but for now the terrible lagging has successfully prevent me from enjoying the game. Can you fix it in the next update? ;(

    You don't know DBO if u think it's not a good update.

    It is what old dbo was.

    Have you ever thought about what led the old dbo to the final failure? Imo, its in someway because of the inappropriate difficulty that unfit most of the players which made them feel struggling, I think this is something that daneos should consider about seriously , for most of the players play games for fun, not for frustration . what I want to say is, make this game easier a bit , it will surely bring more new players to join, and in the meantime , newbie players would be grateful in their way to pro.