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    While this idea would be cool in theory (especially since Xenoverse has it), I don't think the people here have the skill to program something like that. They would have to create new skills, new skill animations, new skill images, new character customization options, new animations for that, balance racial stats, create new classes and balance those, and many more things I'm probably not even aware of. Simply put, I don't think something like this is very plausible. My guess is most improvement focuses will be on balancing, adding something like night/day, minor yet important changes that aren't too complicated to set up yet improve overall gameplay.

    If ur talking after the official release then Ill have to say no! bad idea then that means theres not much reason for a skill reset book. The main reason people buy reset book is to reset the points they used pre master quest. but to make myself sound like a hippocrete I hope your idea gets implemented

    Incorrect. Something like this is fairly common in games. At certain points of improvement, games will often give skill resets either fairly cheaply or for free since you've learned better. Purchasing skill books is for people who want to change their builds at level 60 for example. There's nothing wrong with offering a free chance to change skills, in fact it's a fairly common practice. I would honestly be frustrated if skills weren't reset for us at some point, some classes barely survive pre-master without certain attack skills that become useless later (Namekian Fighter, for example). But it sounds like we will get that chance, so let's hope that's the case.

    So, I'm considering obtaining a Founder Pack, but I haven't played since closed Alpha, and while I've seen the updates, I'm not entirely aware of the state is the current game. Is it decently playable from levels 1-70? Do all the skills work properly again? I just want to get a better idea of what I'm getting into before I just throw money around. Thanks! :thumbup:

    While I admit SAO had it's flaws, I don't consider it quite as bad as many made it out to be, and as a whole enjoyed it. Season 3 might be silly, but eh, like most things I'm going to wait until it actually comes out before I judge it.

    Hey bros! I followed DBOG awhile back and stopped about half a year ago, but here I am again! What's been going on in the forums and game progress as of late? :thumbup:

    Guys, the entire point behind this idea isn't because DBO has problems, I was using that to explain that adding a dodge system wouldn't necessarily make things more broken. This was more an idea to make the game more fun as a whole, I'm sure the new addition would require balancing, I'm not implying it would make things more balanced. I just think it would make combat much more interesting.


    I wasn't exactly sure how much work that would be, so I did keep that as a possibility. That's why it's an idea, not a future update. As for the original DBO setup, part of this discussion was to see how attached people were to that playstyle. So far people seem pretty attached to the old one, so I'd say you're probably right about that.

    Ideally a more free movement combat based system, where dodging a blast in real time can save you from being hit by the skill, would be a perfect situation for any MMO. However I think that leads to much more complications, such as dodging skills not working as effectively as it should. Also some players being able to exploit gameplay in some manner to gain an unfair advantage over other players. I'm not sure how that could be done but with bugs and other skills being factored in I'm sure it would happen.
    Which is why I think it's just best to have skills be optimized to simulate a sort of turn based fighting style. And I believe that's where the restricted movement comes into play.

    I get the complications part, but wouldn't a simpler fighting style leave more room for abuse, as guaranteed win patterns would be more obvious? From what I've heard DBO was not exactly a perfect game, there were classes with definite advantages and builds over others. And it's not like I'm suggesting infinite dodge, there would definitely have to be limits.

    And keep in mind, this has been done before. As I said, there are games that have executed the "non-turn style MMO" and are very successful games, Elsword and GW2 come to mind. Guild Wars 2 in particular, because as I said before, there's a quite a few similarities between the games. Smite, despite being a MOBA, is also fairly similar and pulls it off fairly well. The main reason I bring this up for DBO is that it seems near setup for something along those lines, especially with how PvE and PvP focused the game is.

    Hey bros, watsup? Since we're still waiting for the next thing to release, I figured why not start a discussion about an idea I've been pondering lately?

    When playing the various Alphas of DBOG, I noticed that despite being essentially a click-based fighting game with button-based skills, most of the game revolved mainly around free movement as a whole. You can fly pretty much anywhere, parkour on mountains (yes, it can be done), and you have perfect 360 movement button-control...except when in combat. In combat beyond a few skills, you can't move around, or dodge whatsoever, you're just stuck in one spot.

    Before I explain keep in mind this is just an idea, so don't complain about giving the devs too much work. They don't have to do this, this is just an idea, and I'm not really expecting it to happen. Just something I've been thinking about.

    Anywho, I recently started playing GuildWars2, which actually has a pretty similar movement and combat system to DBO. However, the big difference was that there was completely free movement in combat. You could still lock-on to targets for certain skills, but you can walk back and forth, move to the side, or even dodge attacks. And not only are the skills buttons, but so are the basic attacks in the game, and it really makes combat fun.

    What I found particularly interesting though is how close to this DBO feels to me. Sure, not ALL the movement mechanics are the same, but being able to freely control how your character moves including jumping covers most of what is necessary for this. If there were a way to program movement, even if very basic for DBO's combat, I think that could drastically improve the battle system. I mean, it's Dragon Ball, it feels weird to be so restricted.

    However, this is just my idea, and I'm interested to hear what you guys think? Does something like this sound interesting, or is there a charm to the combat of DBO that I'm missing? Thanks! :thumbup: :thumbsup:

    After having spent decent time in the game, I would definitely say that combat should feel quicker. I can see why some people think grinding is slow, even the non-cast time attacks seem to move slowly. It feels like the speed of Runescape battling, and when you're talking freaking DBZ, I think it should be a bit faster paced. But that's just my opinion :thumbup:

    Thread topic: Best in game name you've seen.
    Results: Over 50% of names posted were the poster's own in-game names. XD

    Gotta go with my good ol' friend I3lackAura. Love the use of the "I" and "3". :thumbup:

    Other races beyond the base are a ways away yet, I wouldn't expect any additions until next year at the earliest.

    Namekians are mainly Healers (Dende, Poko) or Tanks (Dragon Warrior, Shadow Knight). They each perform their roles differently, but its essentially how they function.

    To summarize, Alpha is usually when the mainframe of the game is complete, but there's still stuff to add, while Beta is when the game is pretty much done, but there's still various bugs. I'm sure that's nowhere near the technical definition, but from my experience that's typically how it works in games. :thumbup:

    For those of you who don't know, Satoru Iwata, current President of Nintendo and someone who has brought us many wonderful gaming experience, passed on yesterday at 55 due to returning health issues. My heart goes out to the company of Nintendo, I'm sure many of them will be grieving this week. ;(

    Yeah, that would be so cool! Walking around in that awesome pink shirt like such a badass...


    Huh, what was that? Oh wait, you meant the original Vegeta Armor? NVM then...