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    any1 knows a good dungeon with many mobs or good spot in 1 of the maps lvl 46+ to train at with lots of mobs? lvl 46 turtle here and cant train in red pants HQ anymore.. i went to hoi poi mine but the center isnt that crowded with mobs and i dont like ud 3 exp.. was lvling alot faster in red pants HQ untill i went to lvl 46..

    Like I said humans on this cap are squishy as hell, I mean they are squishy on any cap but especially on lower caps.

    You can try wearing full con gear, dodge rate rings x2 and dex earrings if you really dislike using properties...

    You will keep well OK HP while getting some dodge that you fighters just want to use LOL.

    i dont dislke using props i just bought dex tought its better lol hah.. already bought good dex earrs so idk if i should switch

    alright.. about earrs got both on dex , about gear u say full con? or 2 con 1 dex is good as well?

    funny, say that to this guy misteryaya

    is that really that bad? it is actually, not for u maybe but for me and many others its illogical especially the second effect is trash compared to full RP balls it would have been understandable if the 2nd effect was of a more value, its just a game that we like to give our opinions about tell me if thats wrong?

    budo and ranked are why this is bad since the 2xRP ball pot is banned from these two, i dont think anyone would've considered this a big problem if we could use RP pots in the budokai and ranked anyway.

    it is dissapointing but whe can understand that if the effects are related to the db series by the genders.. im just frustrated that i tried so many ways to try to transfer my items here to the new female trtle im opening to not make my real money that much waisted.. just in resulting me waisting even more real money here for nothing..

    thanks Proxymime i sumbitted a ticket.. hoping for the best support

    lol i tought about purchasing a yardrat whareuse key , since i tried to put my dogi ball costumes in the WH and it worked, so i tought about opening a female turtle in the same account and buy a WH yardrat key to make a shared bank to transfer the dogi balled costumes , etc to my new char.. Bought it , and it doesnt work Lmao so many cash points waisted for no sense and reason.. just dissapointed and probaby i wont get any support/help either..

    It is like i wrote in the other thread..

    It actually is one of the best items in the old funny sence of DB. A tribute to DB if you want..

    If you want RP Points just use the "2xRP balls pot". Or play as a girl - is that really that bad? I mean it is just a game, it is not like your own d*ck is falling off in RL just because you play a girl char in a game.. again just my opinion..

    From budo it should be banned tho..

    dont mind playing a female but really sucks that i already opened a male before discovering this.. and invested money in dogi balls, good gear that is binded now.. more frustrated about losing all that for a new char then training a new char.. really dont mind playing a girl at all if i knew that from the beginnning i would open a female lol.. all i wanna know if theres gonna be a gender change item if theyr gonna keep the book that way

    just to state, i wouldnt mind in resulting of removing the turtle book at all, and even regardless of that i wouldnt mind " make turtle the most weakest class in the game" i like turtle the most and im playing what i like after all ofc, but cant stand the tought that i should have made a female and my turtle is screwed becouse i didnt knew female had this hugh advantage over male.. discovering suddenly in other posts ppls saying never make a male turtle, big mistake, etc..

    frustrating alot ruining all the game atleast for me..

    they better make the turtle book effect the same or get to choose which effect u want to apply and make it default the way its now is just stupid.

    i dont mind playing a female turtle if theyr not gonna change it ( even tho i belive that would simply be the best option ), but only if theres gonna be a gender change item.. after waisting time to get dbs and grind to 30 even tho its not much, its still frustrating and what frustrast me the most and probably gonna quit for this, is dogi balling all my gear with real money and not a small amount, just to Discover suddenly that female possesses a super advantage over male Turtles.. now ofc every1's goal is to be the best in theyr chosen class.. im simply not gonna play a male turtle if female is better.. and if i cant change my male to female ( or if its not gonna change ) sadly il quit i liked the game specially thats the open beta made the game " new " in terms of every1 starting all over again

    Please any of the staff members could make a quick reply regarding About this, just to clear curiosity minds here.. simply stating if the book will change or stay the same.. and if theres gonna be a gender change item soon/if at all


    there have been a hard debate about this subject in which i participated and failed sorry bro but i dont think turtle book will become equal,,

    so ur suggesting in opening a female turtle then? ( if the effect advantage really that high ) even tho it sucks thinking about opening a new class again, I already made a lvl 30 turtle , gathered Tier 2 dbs for ssj and Dogi balled all my gear ( waisted alot of balls to get good effects) ... thinking about it just makes me wanna quit.. dont like complaining and the game is real fun and im sure alot of work has been put to the game and i appriciate all that work ofcourse but opening a new gender while already waisted time,money and real money yah quit is a better/frustrated option

    after already creating a lv 30 turtle in the open beta , i just saw a turtle guide and discovered every1 simply said if u open a turtle , go for female simply becouse male Effect from the turtle book sucks , now creating a female all over again becouse of that really ruins the game for me , im highly suggesting to make one of the following:

    Make turtle book effect works the same for both genders and ovbiusly the female option for both ( this "gender game" over a class item isnt really balancing or anything it simply sucks that Becouse of a gender the class have more advantage becouse of an item specified class

    Or Remove turtle book? im not an old player to say/suggest that kind of a thing if its important in the game and balancing the turtle class compared to others but again, male turtle shouldnt be screwed up becouse he didnt wanted to open a female turtle ( cuz he likes male gender, or had no idea about that turtle book item like me and already opened that class and not going to open again, really ruins the fun )

    Or make a gender change item in game - i rather buy in cash points a gender change item instead of opening a turtle in female gender all over again

    Now i heard a gender change item will be released to the game, i just wanna hear a reply if its true or not, or if any of u liked 1 of the following suggestions to that subject

    Cheers guys