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    Hola man un gusto tenerte aca pero no vas a durar ni 1 semana :v

    Soy juan, Eternus, kakaroto008, Jugamos juntos en 2011, Yo era un turtle y tu un espadachin jeje, te tengo agregado a facebook un gusto conocerte amigo!, creo tu nombre era fran, espero te vaya bien.

    The game can be fun until a certain moment in which you face that everything is the same, and that there is nothing new.

    Daneos, moderators focus is to leave the game as in Taiwanese instead of implementing a new ideology that leads to the game to a story with more background and development.

    Although I must admit that I know that a game requires certain permissions to be modified, I do not know how much information has been revealed about the modifications it can make.
    There is something I am very sure, if the game changed its historical course towards the history of Dragon ball super, the popularity of the game would rise MANY

    Good Personal experiences of the game:

    I had fun with the Dark Warrior full energy critical, or full prop with focus.

    I had fun with the Swordman Full energy critical.

    An event that took place in west city.

    The budokais tournament

    Learn new lenguages

    Bad Personal Experiences of the game:

    The leveling system, the missions are VERY VERY BORING and your reward is crap, you spend too much time of life going up in level

    The nerf of the swordsman class in relation to the burn attack, in my last stays in the game was the only way to have fun (I no longer play)

    Ban VERY UNJUST just for joking around in the trade without even asking me

    The slow performance of daneos regarding errors of skills of some classes and when it was supposed already they were fixed followed with bugs

    The incomprehension on the part of the moderators / daneos to the community


    Daneos must make drastic changes in the game, (if possible redirect the story to the dragon ball super)

    You must implement new things, not clothes, wings, etc, you must implement new characters, races, skills, levels, by the way personally I consider that the nerf to the energy swordman was a mistake, since I used it in the taiwan , and it was the only fun class for a veteran in the game, sooner or later people will get bored, if the development of the game continues like this.

    I just took the time to do this post because I saw on Facebook that now they want to "restart the server" as if that would solve everything, just fewer people will play and reach the maximum level, then they will stagnate again and I felt that I should say that this game has potential, but not in the state that is now.

    I believe that the time that the founders used reporting bugs, etc., should be paid with a kind of aura equal to that of cc150, since this requires a lot of time, and is one of the things that the founders used, so that the server is what it is today

    if it doesn't give Stats , i don't see the matter ( to make it fair daneos need to put the founder packs again with higher / lower price ) purely estethic and this will give daneos new source of revenue ... instead of BrownBoxes or Stones , if he gain monney from this why not

    Don't do comparaison beteween the POB casher's and the Founder's pleas ! founder's gived monney when the game was still in devlopment ! Casher's Cashed to get item's in the game ...

    Excellent answer.I thinks daneos should give auras equal to those of ccdungeon 150 but with the respective colors, already mentioned above, or else of brown boxes, or dogi balls to the founders, which serve much.

    It would be great if the Pack founders had an in-game title and their respective auras, for example similar to those of the ccdungeon 150, the brown krillin, the gray goku, the yellow goku saiyan, this to show that these people supported the project when nobody gave a penny for it. Obviously these auras will not provide any attributes, or else they will do so but nothing out of the ordinary^^

    70% of the players in the game are fighter, 95% of these are critical physical, or speed atk, all with the same mechanics. Creating this post I want to give my point of view, and want the Buff FORTITUDE and PREPARED TO ROAR can be used at the same time so that a martial who wants to be able to use attacks like "big bang", "final flash" "burning attack" can use but not having very low damage. Recall that this game is based on dragon ball z, and surely many when they saw this series, idolized a vegueta or trunks, and would like to release these powers in the series were super powerful, but in this game less damage than a paralysis of dende