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    The amount of lapdogs and dck suckers still here is crazy. This game will never get better with the type of leaders you have and look up to. By the middle to end of 2019 this game will be gone and you all will look retarded for constantly supporting a scum bag.

    Do yourself a favour and leave the game, and actually do something productive instead of wasting your time defending a corrupt and selfish retard.

    you know very well that the picture you added is ment as provocation.

    And you thinking i can't take a loss, is simply your opinion.

    I could make topics about the team budokais we've won last 2 weeks in a row aswell, but you dont see me doing that right?

    This topic is about Paradise, quit crying. We are adults. It was a good fight, hope you come back stronger next week.

    The way I see it is, most ulti mains gonna cry and won't want this change. Yet they will always be a useful class every single cap..... as well as being strong every single cap.

    I don't see what the real problem is in reverting the change? You think your class be useless or something? That class is literally strong in any aspect in the game..... It's annoying having to rebuff every single time you enter a dungeon.... Dende is already a mandatory class, but you want to make ultis another mandatory class? That leaves room for 3 ppl... and most smart ppl want a karma and poko.... that then leaves one left which people usually would pick a turtle.

    That is what you call the meta now and its boring. There is no unique parties, just the same boring shit cuz you want your class to be needed in every single thing... This games boring af.

    Dbo always had flaming and accusations, that's something that will never change. It would not be dbo without any type of rivalries or hate. But if you feel hurt in any way about it, dbo may not be the game for you.

    It's too early to say which guild is the best, you both are doing fine with your guilds, just hope you fix your leadership issues Dreamer, as many are saying, maybe there are no problems but good luck to you.

    55 cap has only been here for less than a week. Lets wait a few weeks and see what changes.

    None the less, great job Paradise. I got many friends there, glad to see you boys doing well :)

    It did not work. The times are inaccurate this week.

    Wait till next maintenance for the times to be correct.

    All I see is a bunch of crying honestly. I get there are butthurt people that are crying they were nobodies in retail so of course they don't want to think of the past where they were nothing. But you can't take away those peoples achievements just cause you were irrelevant and were nothing. There were elite people in both versions of the game, and you can't just compare it, back then is different to it is now.

    Guilds like Paradise and Uprise changed the game, and thats why people hate on them both so much. Everyone else just wants to be them. To anyone that was nothing in retail, its okay if you didn't know how to play the game, some people were like that. Very few were good in TW and are good here too.

    But in all seriousness quit the chatter. It's cool if you need make threads like this over a win to boost your ego or your confidence that is just fine. You won one dojo war, thats all good. Congratulations. Take your win, but all this nonsense chatter just makes you look weak.

    We play this game to have fun, but its like it is life or death to some people. Hopefully people in this community can change cause it's honestly quite sad.

    The problem is that the items in the token shop are way too expensive to get with "actively" playing. You literally have to be actively playing 24/7 to even have a chance to get even close to any item.

    A lot of us have a job and work long hours, or are just doing other responsibilities to be actively playing. At that rate you may as well shut down the token shop all together.

    I don't think this was the correct solution to stop "afkers" Tons of people still have multiple clients open. Seems like a punishment if you have a good computer to me.

    This update really doesn't bother me too much. As each update you adapt even if it isn't great. But it just seems like more of a punishment to your player base, and you should at least see why.

    The current DBOG launcher definitely seemed like its rushed. Many don't like it, but there are also many that don't even care what it looks like. I do think it could look a lot better.

    Blaze you did a fantastic job, as a community it is nice to see that we are able to help even if it is small things.

    no, if a guild caught doing that they should ban masters and junior masters of the guild.

    You do realize it isn't only the master or jr that do this. It can be any player. At that rate should we just ban the whole guild? I disagree with that. Throwing out bans isn't gonna fix it.

    Automatic loss of the dojo would be viable to me at least. If you are constantly attempting to apply with an alt guild and I mean constantly, maybe then a punishment should be talked about.

    I just believe we need to bring back the fun of dojo wars.

    I agree.

    Applying with alt guilds has always been an issue ever since tw. You should always HAVE to defend it if you own a dojo, only makes it fair.

    You should lose the dojo automatically if you are caught using an alt guild to secure it.

    If a development team starts to listen to the community the game will be dead in less than a week. The majority of the community if not 90% of it are just guys that are not looking at the whole picture. They just want to have their fun / buff their favorite classes. If the dbog team does not listen to these "ideas" they will start flaming and crying.

    You do realize the "development team" is one guy aka Daneos. The rest of the staff have other duties as dealing with the forum, responding to tickets and testing bugs and reporting them.

    You say if Daneos listens to the community the game will be dead? Why isn't it like that with other games?

    For ex.

    Many people complain on the League of Legends subreddit, of things that are too strong, and Riot (The company) more times than not actually reads it and listens and nerfs or changes things to try and make the community happy.

    There are still veterans that do play this game, instead of bickering, if you see yourself as a veteran, you should offer your help, as I have.

    Go ahead and share your ideas, you barely say antyhing and 90% of times i support it especially from you, maybe you don't like to talk about in public but you still can make a ticket or send a private message.

    The community does not have the same preferences, there will be always someone who will feel ignored.

    Obviously you're not animals and we don't consider anyone as one, 1 of my top 5 dreams is to have a civil chat with you.

    The issue is a lot of the main problems of this game isn't even dbog's fault, they began in the original version of DBO. DBOG has done well in minimizing those faults

    Fo ex.

    Crashing was a huge problem we had, it isn't really an issue here. Autopot glitching was huge, many people in the community abused that in budo, but that isn't a problem here.

    The problems we have now we can fix. Many people are unhappy with this prop update which is understandable. But props is really a busted stat so its hard to make everyone happy with it. Many people also hated the bind update, but I was happy about it. People couldn't just borrow their friends gear anymore, it made the game feel more rewarding for people that worked hard to get their gear.

    If you ask me, stats are too high for level 70. That with huge amount of +15s that are around the game makes the game completely unplayable. Everyone just wants to be a fighter so they can one shot anyone, and thats fine. But it wasn't always like this. Fighters used to be known for dodging and their bleed on needles. When they started being able to just one shot at will, is when it became completely busted.

    Level 55 cap was the most fun in terms of PvP imo. It was the most balanced that i've seen it. This game can take a turn for the better, but the staff needs to really start listening to the community, because without us, there is no game. I understand it can be hard at times, but the veterans of this game should have a say.

    I do suggest that you guys do add some more people into the discussion of updates/balancing via discord, so that the conversation can be more civil. Create a channel with some experienced TW or even HK players that understand the game, and understand the direction the game should go in.

    You also know my discord, so if you would like that civil talk, you can dive right into the DM's.

    Don't get me wrong. I believe DBOG has done some things better than TW. You guys have done some things. I just believe you should allow experienced players that knew the TW version well to have some say.

    The community feels like we fund this server to stay up but get completely ignored which is honestly a fact. And they are not wrong. Instead of thinking the community is attacking you, you should realize we want to solve the problems.

    Instead of making a drastic change and that's it, saying its your decision and no changing it. Why can't we have a civil discussion on the forum so that we can get to the best possible solution? We aren't animals, we are here to help.

    The fact is that, the influence this version of the game has is from people who really didn't play the TW version much or didn't play at it all and didn't know how to play it well. I do not mean to offend the staff or volunteers at all, it is fine if you didn't play it, or didn't play it well. That's what the rest of the community is here for.

    The issue is, you don't listen to the community. All we ever get is the automated response of "We will consider your feedback" Which quite honestly is bullshit.

    There are tons of people here in the community that know the ins and outs of the game because of how successful they were in TW. But instead you choose to listen to the people who had no idea what TW is, was, and its quite sad. This version of the game is supposed to be as close as TW was or could be. But it is going in such a bad direction and the game is falling apart and dying.

    If you ask me, if you keep shutting the community down, you might as well shut the game down with all the problems it has. But you can continue making rash decisions and making the people that play unhappy, thats fine. But when you see the player base dropping as if you actually played the game you would see its dead. Just wonder what could of changed that.

    It's really sad. All the game needed was a server restart. Our guild has a lot of the top PvP prospects and we didn't get to compete in budokai this week at all. I'm sure dojo war for us will be bugged as well. 4 weeks away from OB and we still have game breaking bugs.

    The direction this game is going is seriously bad, and I hope it turns around. TW had its own bugs, but it was at least playable. With the amount of money hes getting, its honestly unproffesional.

    I was told the bug was actually fixed, that they just didnt want to restart the server. I'm just really dissapointed.