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    I've seen that there is not much about amazing game developing by Tencent.

    It looks really amazing, i have tried to play this, but it requires newest apk available and singapore VPN. The apk can be retrieved with asian phone number, but i don't have any friends over there and i cannot retrieve new apk. Last apk ( is available for download, but it's not working anymore.

    BTW last update was a week ago with new version

    I am trying to blindly use chinese q-q app and trying to join official group to ask for a newest apk, but it's really difficult. Does anyone understand chinese "bushes" or have friends who does? Maybe some of You uses q-q and could join group?

    Q-Q group number: 863724270 (avatar is young cheerful goku)

    And look how this game changed, below some gameplay from this game, enjoy! :)



    %LP as an attribute is very good idea - it will help a lot in PvE and CC Dungeon.

    Hagane mentioned necklaces. Yeah so far they don't help so much, maybe You will think about changing them a little?

    And when we can buy cash? (Sorry my english is bad)

    You can buy it anytime. Just pay attention in your profile on official website.

    I suggest new event - who will guess correctly what kind of update it will be, he will get 5 boxes xD

    Actually I can't wait for it, because this week I was wondering about future of dbo global, and look, we have now cap 60 and with the story we are still on namek saga. I think we have to go further and put some story in near future. And I think that cell dungeon is missed. Freeza should be there :) with ssj skill it should fit perfectly (damn I must move this thread to suggestions xD). Good about is that next - android - saga could be finished without any special skill upgrade (like ssj2) to fit in the story (but ussj could be launched as second ssj (like kaioken).

    Thank you dbo staff for lots of amazing work!

    For anyone who wants to download, best mirror is or, rest is really shitty, a lot of ads and slow DL speed.

    Psykill mate - i am very grateful and proud of your work. You have changed and refreshed climate of this game, bringing back best sound effects and BGMs. I have original 3CD's BGM from Dragon Ball Z, if you want to check it i can upload it for you. Really big congratulations and big respect for amazing work!


    /edit: I've uploaded BGMs :)

    if pets can Tank,

    then it will no longer serve to carry a tank in the party....

    No no no, it would be amazing, but well calculated, of course that kind of pet could not be so hard so it can tank cc70 or 50, but it should have at least ability to support as a tank more like ultima - with taunt and aggro. Pets should have also a command to go where your pointer clicks (for example with shift and left click you can send your pet with mouse click) so it will be really helpful with farming (turtle style) or for example ud3 normal.

    You should always adjust your skills to what you do. If you play sword you have two nice aoe energy skills. Final barrage and Stronger energy barrage. For dbhunt you should reset skills and change weapon to energy (my recommendation is minimum +10 upgrade for one shot), then you should farm easily. If it's too much for you then make another account with for example turtle, farm balls with turtle then use party TP to pick up ball with your sword.

    Well, i think that everything is ok with db hunt. What channel do you use to drop? For me the best drop rate is on the most busy channel with good spot. I've got all 7 DB's in one hunt. You guys just need a lot of patience. And on tw there was something like increased drop rate after lvl40, i don't know if it exist here.

    Turtle Hermit : this is the hardest ever, you will just lose no matter what, well actually no, there is a way to win this matchup, but you are not as deadly as a SK, so your best bet would be to face him in a Best of 3 match and get the 1st round with Giant Namek at the end of the round (to stop Sleep, then confusion and senzu at last second); but after that, you don't really have any ways to beat him, so just hope that this will never happen, the Turtle book being so OP giving full RP make Turtle Hermits just invincible (on paper) against everything that isn't Fighter/Karma, but let's still try to get the victory, so it's simple, if he crits, there's HIGH chances that you will get one shot'd, BUT since they all wear cooldown earrings, you will be able to tank with that +49property, aswell as your crazy high LP & defense, (tho be sure that if you somehow get atleast +12 860 e.def top, 1040 e.def pant and 940 e.def boots, you will not die at all), so just do your best to survive, and try to stop his last second sleep and confuse him or if you can't do so then just senzu at the last second, this is only Luck based matchup.

    Hahahaha that was the best xDD

    You just have to try for yourself and start playing with good guild and start using TS or discord. I am sure, that a lot of players more easily will tell you all about it that write here. Anyway some classes are flexible and if you have powerful ultima buffer, it can also replace tank in team, because of it's taunt skill. Sometimes if you have a lot speed you don't need buffer inside tmq's, ud's and cc.

    There is a lot of flexibility in every class. So you have to decide what you want to do in team, check the skills, and decide.

    I understand your anger and disappoint. Thank you for saying thing, that we all think about. My turtle is also very weak, but i decided to wait until next thursday's update, then we will see. If damage will be still so low, i stop playing until it will be fixed.