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    Yeah...but why is this so?

    I remember the time from the original game... why i never get easy borred. It was because i alltime want and need to improve my chars.

    Now, with all the buggers and bot user in the game, all have their +14/+15 max state equipment whitin 2 weeks.

    And what they doing later? ...They only can get borred.

    Yes, the updates lag right now, but this is not the only problem.

    You need to think, why you play this game...

    Fun, improve, challenges...

    And this all is missed right now.

    Just if a big update will be released,... in about 2-3 week its the same like now.

    Yes, this is why i suggess, that the Buffs did not get removed if the Buffer leaves only for the CC Battle Dungeon or TMQ's.

    In CC, you cant invite other Player if you have startet,... not like UD`s.

    Not all Player have +14,15 (now), so this Player have a disadvantaged if the Buffer got DC.

    I help much of these Player, so i know what i am talking about.

    Even if i cant understand this Change exaxtly… it`s the game now, and i have to live with that…

    But the reason you mention before, we cant applicable for TMQ and CC

    Hi Comunity

    I want so suggess something, because i think, that i am not alone with this.

    The change, that you lose all the buffs, if you enter a dungeon is...:/ ok, we no need speaking this topic, it is, like it is8o.

    I only want to suggess, that (i hope) you change this for the CC Battle Dungeon.

    If you enter the CC Dungeon, and all buffs are removed, that will be fine.

    But why got the buffs remove, if the Buffer leaves, or disconnect?

    Other player cant enter the CC Dungeon,...8| so it is other like Cell or Bacterian.

    As ist was for me, we 3 or 4 times now lose against a boss that we could beat:cursing:, becuase the buffer got disconnect.

    I hope that other player like this suggestion too, because there is no disadvantage for the buffer-player if this got chanced.

    You will need a buffer anyway :thumbup: (enter = Buffs got removed / Finish,DC or leave = Buffs stay [other player cant go inside the cc dungeon]).

    Thx a lot

    Also guys, remember old times....there was ONYL Speed, do dps or something else... ppls farm Bid and cc150 and i personaly think it take all the fun out of the game.... always the same Group, the same autohit etc.. where is the good old Strategie for beat a Boss or a floor in cc? For me, i hate the end time in dbo because it was all time the same. All ppl got the cool stuff becouse of 100 time run kraken (honest, how Long was the time with Speed to beat it? You beat it without Speed Party, than you know what i am talking about.)

    So this and many more reason i Keep my answer before: Speed yes but Limit to 100% so the bug will not Trigger.

    thx :D

    for my personaly sugestion in old dbo times the Looks a litte miss calculated the difference between 99% ans 101% was very, very big. more that go from 20% to 40%. :cursing: So i dont call it Speed-Party :huh: more Speed-bug :rolleyes: .

    I have testet Speed VS Player and Monster with 99% , 100% and 101% and only over 100% (101%) was Trigger this hell of Speed. So maybe all who love that, cant Play dbo with a other strategy 8|

    My opinion let the Speed like it was but correct that kind of wrong calculation, or set a Maximum Limit of 100%

    All Dungeon / Monster will be beatable whitout Speed ;)

    Hi all

    First of all, Keep up your really good work...many, many. thx
    About the Translation.txt you posted before, i found some Little mistakes (eg. Damage from Player is writen at systemchat with "Casting distange increased", Line breakes from Questtext....)

    I question me now:

    .) Are this well know mistakes and maybe allready fixed?
    .) Why not release some of your done work for test?
    .) My knowledge for encrypt and all the stuff isnt great but some corrections i can make maybe it help (resend file after)?

    Dear Shadow

    .For Transformation:
    Real nice Idea, the cooldown sound very good and i want to sugges for great namek should work like SSJ or Kid Boo with EP

    Personaly i dont like unlimited AP because each player could fly to every spot on the map without a risk. Maybe unlimited AP for high Level Char >60 above eg.


    in the old times, you mostly die after one hit from that skill...onyl the damage without the bleed was more than half of the LP down...and all his debuffs hit for sure (mabay we change them from debuff to attak state)

    Hi Guys

    All people wo played DBO before know what i am talking about.... its the Shadow Knight with his "Bold Strike"...
    Personaly i think it`s a little OP, so i hope wie can make it a little more balanced and decrease the damage or the bleed from that skill.
    What did you think about it?

    Hi Guys,

    Since die original DBO i like to see that, but now i think is it possible to change that ;)

    Well, i think it`s a nice idea and make sense if you can trade the "Deception" skill from Shadow Knight with the "Powerful Roar" skill from the Dark Warrior.
    As well the "Dragon`s Will" from SK with the "Dragon`s Pledge" from DW....

    Because the Shadow Knight ist more like single target class in contrast to a Dark Warrior with a much lower Agro-Skill...